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  1. Wow, how did you get down to 32 processes ? 🤔 With AO 3.0 and Fidelizer 8 on Win 10 Pro, I am just over 100 (I think somewhere around 104) with Roon server. My HPET is enabled as I always thought its useful for the timing accuracy. Need to disable and check. Thanks for the tip.
  2. This is correct. With Roon, whether the file is stored locally or in the network, it constantly fiddles with the I/O. You can test this with a simple USB hard drive which has an activity led or monitor the network activity - either way, they are constantly accessed during playback.
  3. If you are content with DAVE, then there is nothing like it. You have reached your end-game DAC and it totally makes sense to invest more on the source side of things. I can't say if this will hold true for you 5 yrs down the line but many have been caught with the vicious cycle in search of end-game DAC. For them, the question then becomes do we invest more on source or invest more on DAC ? This is why I said in my earlier post, its very use case specific. Whatever works in one situation, may or may not work for others. That is what I said earlier, which di
  4. Will give a pass...between, what DAC and source you own please ?
  5. the question wasn't so much about who can buy what. Some folks seems to just think that the source is more important than the DAC itself. Take a hypothetical example, if you have $40k for your digital rig, would you spend $30k for the Extreme and $10k for the DAC or vice-versa ? DAC manufacturer will tell you the later, while the source manufacturer will tell you the former. If it were me, my first instinct would be to spend most on the DAC first but in practice I have witnessed that improving the source improves the sound of the DAC as well. How much further you can go improving the sound of
  6. Agree. You can't buy an Extreme for a $500 DAC and expect a stellar performance. Similarly, an excellent DAC might perform even better with an excellent source or may not depending on the design of the DAC. Its very use case specific with no clear answer to which is more important.
  7. it will be very useful if a single rail DC4 (reg+recap+transformer) can fit inside the Taiko DIY chassis to power the JCAT XE, along with other unregulated power supply parts and DC-ATX. The JCAT has a molex connector which can be used to power it internally. Possible or is it too tight and can't handle the heat dissipation ?
  8. Its not a DC3 issue. Its a 10A rail on a dedicated tranny. I have been using it with my previous build which was 8-core Xeon with 2 Threads/core and Turbo to 5.0GHz. The i9-10900k has two more core, though it doesn't mean anything but I didn't think it was an issue. Yes, I solved it by ditching Euphony altogether 🙄 Long story - I tried a couple of different distro, including Arch linux, Ubuntu, Fedora and finally Roon Rock and they all worked fine. Both Rock and Arch sounded a lot better than Euphony. The sound is lot more relaxed compared to Euphony.
  9. I have spare NUC7i7DNBE that I am selling and can be used with a fanless case. If interested, PM me.
  10. Hum....strange. The Baltic3 also uses the JL Sound. Maybe its a different firmware. Yep, will do.
  11. Ok, thanks. Do you know if it uses Amanero or the JL Sound USB receiver ? I remember my Denafrips Terminator had the same issue and a firmware update resolved it.
  12. Did you try other sample rate, like 192K and 176.4K ? I will check with the DAC manufacturer (one being Lampizator in my case) and see what they have to say but I suspect they will point it as Linux issue.
  13. There is another issue with Euphony - pop sound with sample rate change. I tried two different DACs with different USB receiver (XMOS and JLSound). Both of them have the same issue. The pop is very prominent when you click on the next track which happens to be of a different sample rate than the one that is currently playing. For example, if I am playing 44.1K and I click next in the middle of it, if the next track is 48K, it would pop loudly. When transitioning to next track as a result of current track finishing, its not so evident. I filed a ticket but they left in hanging saying its a DAC
  14. I haven’t found an easy way to tinker with the Bios to set CPU frequency. There are loads of advance OC tweaks in the Bios through which it can probably be done but I need to wade through it. The motherboard manual does even talk about them :-)
  15. I am using a DIY SJ DC3 with a separate 12v rail for the CPU EPS. I should have written some more details - it boots fine from USB with both HT and Turbo enabled. As soon as I install it on the Optane drive and boot off it, I start seeing this issue. My previous build was a Xeon E-2278G which Turbos to 5Ghz and the same power supply works fine. Thinking it could be an Optane issue, I tried different Optane but landed up in the same issue. For experiment I installed Roon Rock on Optane and it works just fine. On a side note, I haven't tried Rock in a while an
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