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  1. The JCAT XE requires 5V/1.5A. The Optimo is maxed out at 3A and JS2 is guaranteed at 5A continuos at any output setting. I can take that they will sound different, maybe the Optimo will sound better with JCAT XE but don't think it will be underpowered with JS2. Something isn't adding up here....
  2. I agree that DC cables can make or break the sound. I have a JS2 sitting around but I haven't tried powering the JCAT XE with it yet. I am curious what DC cable worked for you ? Not sure I understand. JS2 slightly underpowered for JCAT XE ? That psu can crank [email protected] continuous.
  3. I am curious in this comparison. have you gotten a chance yet ?
  4. this one is 805. The 211 is the one I have been lurking around and would probably be my next SET :-)
  5. Depends on the motherboard design. In most of the Supermicro server motherboards and also Asus C621, you would have to - they are just wired in parallel. Most, if not all, gaming motherboards, they are independent rails for a reason and it would not boot if you don't connect the EPS since there is no power to CPU.
  6. Interesting. Still lot of unknowns with the Taiko but based on your experience I have a feeling that feed supply is equally important to bring out the best of this DC-ATX.
  7. My gut feeling is that the entire motherboard, including the Solarflare, is benefiting from the Taiko. With good power every small little things eventually adds up to provide a better sound.
  8. So the Taiko DC-ATX has been running continuously over a day and it has made a substantial improvement in my system. The level of realism has increased many folds. My sole purpose of getting the Taiko was to power the CPU and based on what I have read so far, it seemed that it would really shine with high power devices but the motherboard was indeed an eye opener. Never thought powering the motherboard (Asus ROG) to be as critical as powering the CPU. I suspect that clean and low ripple noise power to the chipset, mainboard clocks and vrm is helping immensely. I had a simila
  9. Doubled sided tape also works. I know some who has been using it for a while now but I rather prefer to mount it straight to the chassis for better heat dissipation as well. I have been running the server with Taiko for couple of hrs now and it does get warm (not hot) and mounting it to the bottom helps a bit. We also have to note that too much heat on the bottom plate of the hdplex chassis, which is quiet thin, is also not good since this might affect the motherboard performance. I was initially thinking of applying some thermal paste to the copper heat plate but then rejected it. The best wa
  10. I tapped 3xM3 and used an existing one for the 4th.
  11. Got the package only couple of minutes back. It was fairly straightforward to replace the Hdplex 800w in my current system. Just got one song to play before I had to leave the system. With what I heard, it sounded a bit more relaxed "I think". I wasn't expecting this since the CPU is not powered by Taiko at this time. Hdplex has a very slight buzz with PS_ON, no buzz with Taiko. More to follow....
  12. Drill or tap 4 m3 holes. The existing holes are not compatible with 800w.
  13. Really cool. Paul Pang offered audiophile grade sata based ssd drives with OCXO (or TCXO) based a while back. I never had a chance to try one but those who did definitely had to say good things about it. In current generation, the M.2 based NVME is a great performer for audio, especially the Optane drives for OS which has extremely low latency. This seems like a great solution. I am assuming both the NAND and OCXO is powered through the external power connector ? How is the latency compared to Optane ? Would love to try one in any case.
  14. I am not sure if Lampi operates in a NOS mode or if there is an SRC inside. There isn't enough information on this, I think. I will write to Lampi and see if they can provide any info on this. Thanks for the pointer. I have never tried upsampling with the Lampi before but the Denafrips Terminator, which I no longer own, did benefit slightly. I will run some tests tonight (and in couple of days) to see if HQP sinc-L/LNS15 does anything better.
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