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  1. When you are sourcing your files from a NAS, you are still streaming - it just that the file server happens to be in your local network instead of remote places, like Tidal or Qobuz. I am not streaming, either from NAS or Tidal. All my music files resides locally in the M.2 drive in the server itself. There is no "network" involved for the playback - the only network activity is for controlling Roon. I guess my best bet, before I disrupt my network, is to disconnect the ethernet while playing and see if that benefits. If it does, there is a chance that further optimizing upstream might help.
  2. If I get this correctly, you are saying that by introducing Sonore Optical module between the router and first Buffalo (which the music server gets connected to) did not help with the SQ with locally sourced files ? How did the Buffalo get connected to the router before ? And how is the music server connects to the Buffalo - fiber or copper ? I was more interested on the separating out the router/wifi combo into separate units and the benefits of SQ on local playback files.
  3. Did anyone find sound improvements by decoupling the Wifi from the router functionality for locally sourced playback files ? I currently have a simple home network where the Arris SB8200 modem connects to a Netgear Orbi Wifi router and from there all downstream devices are either connected to the wifi or wired through other switches. The music server also connects to the Orbi through a Buffalo switch using a Fiber connection. I don't stream Tidal or Qobuz and all music files reside in a 2x2Tb M.2 drive in the music server itself. I know a lot of folks are using EdgeRouter X for the router functionality and a separate wifi access point for sq improvements but are those done for streaming Tidal/Qobuz ? do you also hear improvements for locally (local to the music server itself) sourced files as well ? I have an EdgeRouter X SFP collecting dust and was thinking how to use it effectively.
  4. cpu core temps. I have 10 of them. vibration dampening of the heatsink so that the heat flows in a steady state without getting scattered by the vibration ? 🤪
  5. for hdplex h5 heatsink, it really helps to blow a couple external ones. it does reduce the temps as much as 20 deg in my case but they are also nasty for the sound.
  6. moreover, you really need a good amount of case fans to blow the heat off the fins. All fans, however good and quiet they are, is detrimental to sound quality.
  7. Truly amazing. You have an incredible DIY talent. I noticed you have a heat pipe for the chipset - not many will plan for this. I wish the community here could use your help in designing a dual Xeon passively cooled chassis. Many of us would be highly interested in it.
  8. On Aug 24th Taiko said this to me: " Last I heard about the transformers is that they are on their way here by boat. Having them shipped by air turned out to be way too expensive. So they have been on the boat for at least a couple of weeks now (I think like three weeks). We haven't heard anything since then. "
  9. So I received my Femto drive this week from @darkforce It was packaged well and arrived safely. Like many, I have been using a Optane 110Gb for the primary OS drive. The Asus ROG Z490 doesn't have a direct CPU M.2 slot and hence I am forced to use a PCIe to M.2 adapter to go CPU direct. I find it sounds slight better (but not much) and coherent than using the M.2 slots which connects to the Z490 chip (aka PCH). The music are on two 2Tb M.2 drives and they are connected to the onboard M.2 slots and this connects via Z490. Cloning Windows 10 was a pita and had few quirks with the boot that I was able to quickly resolve. Right now I am burning in and it has about 24hrs. Powering it via motherboard for the time being and then I will get into externally powering it with some LPS that I have in my arsenal. Initial impression is very positive - it seems to take out the digital hash. The problem is you never know it exist until its removed. The same thing happened when I installed the Taiko DC-ATX for the first time. As with everything, especially digital, it take a while for the components to settle down. Will update my findings when I have some running hrs on it...but so far, I am positive!
  10. Yeah, I have toyed with the idea but my server sits on the top rack. So hanging is not possible. Right now the fans sit on the bottom chassis and doesn't touch the H5 case (its hard to see from the picture). I don't hear any difference between the side fans running vs not. However, the difference for the top fans that rests on the H5 case is huge.
  11. In Windows 10 pro, I am using hwmonitor - not only it provides CPU temps but a host of other monitoring as well, like temps, volts, power, etc. Very informative. https://www.cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor.html
  12. The issue with Hdplex H5 case which most of us are using in our DIY server is heat dissipation. The side panel heat sink is designed for CPU rated at 65watts TDP. Most of us are running way higher (>= 95 watts TDP) and thus overloading the heat sink. I run i9-10900k and it’s rated 125watts TDP which is almost twice the rated limit. It’s not the fault of the case. We are using it beyond its spec. folks using it with 65 watts TDP and less don’t complain about this. The only way to make up for it is either use the left side heat sink in conjunction to the right or blow an external fan to the side heat sink. I am doing the later for now and the temps has been reasonably cool below 40deg C. I tried blowing additional pair of fans over the top of the case through the vents as well, though it further cooled down various parts of the system, the sound degradation due to vibration was just intolerable.
  13. Excellent job. I received my extra heat pipes from Aliexpress couple of weeks back but did not have time to install it yet. where does one buy Panzerholz in the US ?
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