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  1. Roon makes incredible filesystem I/O continuously, god knows for what reason. Earlier when I was running AL in Ramroot, I had a USB3.0 external storage drive powered by LPS directly connected to the server. The USB drive has a blue HDD access led and those were constantly blinking during playback indicating Roon constantly kept accessing the storage. I believe NAS access is no different. Any hint from anybody what it could be ? I believe Extreme uses Windows. Maybe (or maybe not) we could map the tweak in Linux.
  2. @Nenon looks like you depleted the US and Europe stock and now you are the sole distributor of that specific Buffalo switch to audiophiles 😝 I had to buy the 8-port version to play around.😊
  3. Fabulous and very professionally done again Elan 👍 Kudos!
  4. I have experimented with and without a thermal riser and with a thermal riser, the temps are couple degrees, like 2-4 degrees, lower. Not much but every little contributes. https://streacom.com/products/ht4-thermal-riser/ The other advantage of a riser is there are many motherboards (like Supermicro X11) that have RAM slots running perpendicular under the heat pipes. Clearance will be an issue without proper height. The higher the pipe sits above the motherboard, the better.
  5. Dev

    Innuos PhoenixUSB

    I believe its just for the handshake, just like many other DACs (ex. PS Audio DS). I don't think it will use the 5VBUS to power the chip.
  6. By the way, this one is what I was looking at earlier if I have to go single CPU, which is also my preference. I would have gotten it by now if H5 supported the 3647 mount. The design is very similar to the raved C621e but more expensive. The biggest benefit is its CEB (12" x 10.9"), so no worries about the DC-DC Atx convertor space inside (at least the smaller 400watt). Also many here uses Euphony and its unknown if further OS optimization would be needed for two socket'ed system (I bet it does) and without root access we are handicapped. Design a heatsink mount and many would be golden without going to expensive 2 CPU solution. https://www.asus.com/us/Commercial-Servers-Workstations/Pro-WS-C621-64L-SAGE
  7. If you want to design something that can accommodate most, if not all, nothing like it. Go for it then 👍
  8. The whole purpose of this thread is how do we manage a Asus Sage C621e motherboard and mount two Xeon scalable in a Hdplex H5 case. Can we all stick to LGA3647 socket mounts and Asus Sage C621e (or possibly another motherboard or two with 3647) on a HDplex H5 in this thread please ? Other sockets lga1200, lga2066, different types of motherboards, different types of CPUs and their benefits with HQP can be discussed outside this thread. There are endless suggestion and debates around these that will only confuse this thread further.
  9. The Xeon equivalent of 1200 is W480. 422 is still 2066.
  10. Wouldn’t it be good if HDplex themselves come up with a chassis with dual 3647 support ? In that way they will make sure that it supports many different use cases. As Peter said, these things aren’t hard to design, so they might be already working on it, I guess.
  11. if you can do all the CAD work for the back panel they will CNC/drill for you at an additional cost. It’s worth if you don’t have the proper tools. I have actually looked at that chassis for a different purpose. The internal depth is 360x400mm. Assuming that the Hdplex 800w would fit with the Asus Sage, IMO, it’s a great starting point - if we can start doing the CAD for all the back panel cut outs, PCI attachments and heatsink mounts, it would be a terrific option and cheaper even having them CNC it. Then a group buy can further reduce the price 🙂
  12. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Totally awesome Elan. Very professional work 👍
  13. Just designing a heat sink for LGA3647 won't work for practical reasons if we want to use the Asus Sage C621 motherboard. The motherboard is EEB form factor which is 12" x 13". This will fill up almost the entire chassis leaving no room for other things like a 800w DC-DC ATX convertor. This means we either need to have a way of supporting it externally via a 24-pin ATX attachment, or we need to go full linear which is again a costly proposition. I think for all practical purpose, if you want to use Asus Sage C621 motherboard with dual CPU populated, you really need to design a new chassis.
  14. This is yet again one of my favorite thread! One of the critical aspect of designing a heat sink is the target TDP. The 3647 CPU ranges from 85watts to over 200watts. Are we still targeting 65watts - 95watts as per current H5 specs ? It would be good to increase this capacity. The more the thermal capacity, the better the cooling even if you are running a low TDP cpu.
  15. @Nenon what is your base clock freq the Xeons are running at ? What TDP ? I would say you got a pretty good core temp with DIY - it's not easy feet. My 8 core Xeon hovers in their higher 40's in H5. The HDPlex (and Streacom) side panels _only_ acts like a heat sink. Not the whole chassis unlike Extreme and other professional servers. I got a H5 last week and to my surprise the core temp runs couple of degrees (higher 40's) higher than the Streacom FC9 (lower 40's) I was using earlier, though I have a bigger ATX motherboard but the processor is the same in both case and the same applications running Euphony/Roon. The FC9 has only 4 heat pipes, the H5 has 8 of them. Yes, the 3647 mounts directly on the socket, unlike the 115x but it should not be harder for HDplex (and others) to make the 3647 compatible mount. I forwarded the reference thermal design guide to Lary couple of days earlier and he will be looking into it. https://www.intel.com/content/dam/www/public/us/en/documents/guides/xeon-scalable-thermal-guide.pdf Also most of the 3647 boards are bigger than ATX (as you have also noted). Even though some will fit the H5, there is no space for a 400w or 800w DC-DC ATX. So there is a need for bigger chassis as well - more surface area, better cooling, etc.
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