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  1. Couldn’t agree more... This has been my day one wish list. Just imagine a clean audio rack without any of those trinkets and clutters. I would be the first one to buy such a DAC, off coarse priced within reasons.
  2. @lmitche & @Forehaven what motherboards are you using for the Ryzen 7 and how are you powering it ? I have been meaning to build a high performance server for sometime. Can you folks please list the parts used ? AL fully supported on Ryzen ?
  3. The original firmware that came with the new DSP board has some issues with certain DSD files and what appears to be some kind of minor distortion in between the songs. The update fixed them. I think the update also sounds a bit better than the original.
  4. The Apacer memory is something Marcin from Jplay has been suggesting for a very long time and definitely for good reasons. He is also a big fan of server class mobos. Its good to see that the NUC SQ is also benefiting from Apacer memory. Did you buy the industrial type ? Any links to the place you bought the memory from ?
  5. the only thing you are missing is respect for other manufacturers, no matter how you slice it. There is not a single opportunity you have left on taking a cheap pot shot at your competitors. Very sad!
  6. Doesn't really matter. What matters is how it sounds and to most that is the _only_ deciding factor why one would buy the Phoenix (assuming the price is digestible to them) over the ISORegen 😊
  7. Has anybody tried the M-scaler with the Termi yet ? The new DSP board's USB board sounds so good, I am starting to think that the performance of the DAC is probably being maxed out.
  8. You are probably missing a very important point - a quality standalone power supply (or even the standalone external clock) is always reusable and in computer audio there will always be a need for it. If the Phoenix didn’t float the bloat, you take a big hit selling it. Additionally, most of the folks don’t have the luxury of PH SR7, nor do they even use an external clock such as Ref10 - so it’s probably unfair to generalize the cost at the gross level. As I see it, the Phoenix is quiet a bit expensive for just being a re-clocker but time will tell, off coarse.
  9. Add to the price of one more quality power cord and another audiophile USB cable 😶
  10. Yes, you do 😶 That WBF thread is all about SGM servers and nothing else. One must be crazy to compare a $4k to a $65k component.
  11. Every NUC used in this forum is a custom NUC one way or other. Generally speaking, its hard to qualify it as a “custom NUC” just by changing the case or tweaking the Bios or s/w - they are meant to be fiddled around by the end user 😀
  12. I currently have the Singxer SU-1 and Matrix SPDIF2 but haven't tried with the new DSP board. With the old board, the Matrix sounded better with more resolution than the SU-1 but also sounded thinner than the direct USB. This could probably be due to power supply on the DDC but I did try what I had in hand (PH SR4, Mojo Illuminati v1, Uptone LSP1 & JS2). With all of them the I2S sounded a bit thinner and less musical than going USB direct. Irrespective of DDC, the new DSP board upgrade is a no brainier for this DAC. If you can manage to get a clean signal into the USB input, I would be hard pressed to use a DDC in between which adds one more high quality cable requirement along with its power supply.
  13. The new DSP board has many h/w changes/upgrades, like new usb receiver, etc, not just fpga firmware.
  14. I am going USB direct and it sounds excellent in my system.
  15. Update: Received the new DSP board. It was shipped on Thrusday and DHL delivered in 2 days. Fabulous service from Alvin! Installing the new board took 5mins - unscrew the two screws at the back, remove cover, wiggle the old board slightly then gently pull it up, gently push the new board in and put the top lid back. I will let the board burn-in for couple of days but initial impression is very positive.
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