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  1. Guess I've been living a sheltered life here in Europe. Niggardly?
  2. What? Where was this, and who was offended?
  3. For heavy metal music, an atmosphere rich in tungsten hexafluoride is recommended. If you can survive it.
  4. That's why I suggested a neon/argon mix.
  5. This is no joke. Air, as we know, consists of 78% nitrogen in the form of N2 molecules. A sound wave propagating through nitrogen gas will, due to the elongated shape of the molecules, lose some energy as it imparts a spin to the molecules, resulting in sonic jitter. For utmost quality in sound reproduction, it is thus recommended to replace the nitrogen in the listening room atmosphere with a blend of approximately 67% neon and 33% argon (to maintain the speed of sound). Ideally, the oxygen should also be removed, but doing so limits listening sessions to a minute or two. This practice is known as audiophilic asphyxiation. Needless to say, it should only be attempted under supervision.
  6. Imagine there's a difference It's easy if you try
  7. I sleep even better knowing that it doesn't.
  8. Sounds like a bow across the strings of a violin to me! Are you sure it wasn't a harpsichord?
  9. It is for the most part. You'll soon learn who to ignore.
  10. Not at all. J-B of Videolan says "This is boring, please make it more visible."
  11. Interesting anecdote about the reaction to a photo of a circuit board. Nothing I've published regarding MQA has received any response at all. Should I be jealous?
  12. Are you seriously suggesting that there exists a practical attack on RSA with a key length of 2048 bits or more? On a PC at that. You're either mistaken or trolling.
  13. That seems to require a quantum computer that doesn't exist.
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