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  1. Thanks blownsi, here's a little more background. I have some CD's on my desktop and I listen to some streaming already with my PC connected via a usb DAC to my Audio system. I don't like the dropouts on the streaming audio while my computer does something; I'm ready for a dedicated solution. I don't want to waste time downloading CD's on to my home desktop and then have to do it over when I have a 'proper' solution. I have a background in electronics and have done some software coding although not in this application and feel I can handle either a Rasp PI/Linux or NUC/Windows project. So, I'm ready to move on but need some direction.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I may be 6 years behind you but would like to jump in now and take advantage of what you (and others) have learned through three upgrades. I also feel the Rasp Pi solution will leave me wanting, even though I see many have taken that approach. My hesitation with Intel/Windows is that much needs to be done to optimize Windows.
  3. I have been reviewing this forum for some time now in hopes of building a music server to hold some 500 CD's and maybe 50 LP's. Does it still make sense to build one or should I just buy some reasonably priced unit in production. If so which one? If I build one do I take the Intel NUC route or Rasp PI route. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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