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  1. Thanks for clarifying - that makes perfect sense, given the current situation. Very interesting information, given that: 1) Germany is the largest market for almost everything (including audio) in Europe. 2) Not too long ago, Digital Audio Review relocated from Australia to Berlin, and that website has also been promoting MQA (although still in the English language. (www.digitalaudioreview.net).
  2. What country do you live in? MQA is trying to establish a European "beachhead" in the Netherlands, but I don't think they are making very much progress. I am unaware of either Pioneer or Onkyo making rebranded anythings. Can you please specify the model of portable player Pioneer/Onkyo is selling in Europe, and who the actual OEM manufacturer is? Another reason I dislike the internet. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what "PMP" stood for. I even looked on an internet slang dictionary and found "Peed My Pants", "Practice Makes Perfect", "Poor Man's
  3. Very true - and this even applies to so-called "inaudible" ultrasonic artifacts, which are actually audible via bone conduction (among other mechanisms). An increased level of "inaudible" ultrasonic sounds can also contribute to greater perceived loudness, which in turn is generally perceived as "sounding better". Exactly. Currently we don't have the knowledge to measure the types of distortions that are audible. Traditional measurements such as THD worse than useless - they delude people into believing incorrect thing such as "a component with 0.01% THD is more colored t
  4. Sorry Chris, but it looks like Mav52 beat you to the punch by a bit. If you read his post (ust above your post) you will see the answer you are chasing.
  5. Måns, you are an expert in your field. When you posted here, you did not suffer rude, insulting and arrogant attacks. When Brian Lucey (who is equally expert in his field) posted here, Chris let anybody and everybody take pot-shots at him, whether on-topic or completely off-topic. The result is we will likely never see Brian Lucey here again. If that is running "one of the best audiophile forums", then we are living in a world of hurt. Strictly my opinion. YMMV.
  6. That's rich - attacking my post about "breaking the rules" by breaking your own rules.
  7. Since you clearly have some "inside" information, why don't you share it rather than simply tease?
  8. I cannot believe that this concept is so hard for people to understand. The only reason Spotify exists is to make money. When they run a test (such as they did with the lossless streaming), they simply crunch the numbers and see if the added costs of both storage and streaming more data are higher or lower than the money they will make by adding a new feature. Since they have run the trial and not switched, it is 100% clear that streaming in lossless is currently a money-losing proposition compared with streaming in lossy. What is so hard about that to understand?
  9. Come on, Firedog. You are smarter than that. You are referring to musical dynamics, and Brian was talking about the "DR number". Two completely different things. Stop talking past each other, and please try to stay on topic. Thanks!
  10. Yes, but it's way, way worse than that. In the world of A/V receivers, everything is dominated by video. There are basically three organizations which control everything in the video industry - the DVD and Blu-ray Forum founding companies (about 7 mega-multi-national corporations), HDMI, and Dolby (arguably DTS also). When any of these changes anything or updates to a new standard, immediately the buying public has been trained to regard the old as "obsolete" and that they are now "missing out" on something. This is all a deliberate plot to create planned obsolescence, which in tur
  11. Just because Brian posted here does not mean that he suddenly owes you a complete tutorial on the music production workflow. If you want to learn about that, you can easily do so on this thing called "the internet". Just sayin'.
  12. Sorry ESL Dude, the rest of this post (which I deliberately deleted) was simply more off-topic opinions that should be on a different thread if there were actually a moderator around.
  13. Peter, Sorry to deflate you, but this is exactly why Brian comes across to many as "arrogant" or "rude". You simply have no idea of what you are talking about. Brian was the mastering engineer, not the mixing engineer. You have absolutely no idea of the workflow in music production, and you want to argue with someone who has been doing it for a living for decades. That is true arrogance.
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