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  1. I have the same issues. On my iPad, iPhone or Windows 10 laptop Qobuz works fine, but not with my FiiO M11 or M7. It is really bad. You start Qobuz and it will just no come up. You try to download an album and a simple album in 44.1 16 bit takes half an hour plus it always stops at the very last track, and although it has downloaded the last track it will just not end. So you have to kill the unresponsive Qobuz app and wait again ages until it will restart at the FiiO M11. I have just yesterday installed the latest FiiO M11 firmware 1.0.9 and it makes no difference. @David Craff an chance Qobuz will work on this?
  2. Installed the new Qobuz app (the one with the dark mode 5.6.2) on my FiiO M11, clearly in the hope that I finally could enjoy my Qobuz subscription on my FiiO M11. All my hopes are gone, if anything it is worse. After I pressed the icon for the first time, it took approx.10 minutes to start for the first time. Then it asked me if I wanted to use the new dark mode. After I confirmed that it went „dark“ and again we are back to 10 minutes for starting. It is just horrible. While streaming works downloads in simple 44.1 are still taking ages, compared to Amazon Music HD in Ultra HD or Spotify in the best quality. Very often they do not work at all and just stop. Don`t forget the German Qobuz team recommended the FiiO M11: https://www.qobuz.com/ch-de/info/Hi-Fi/Bancs-d-essai/Best-of-Hi-Fi-2019-Die-besten-Hi182629
  3. Hi, the link seems to be broken. Could you check? Thanks.
  4. Thanks. Love your playlist. We seem to share some favorite songs on our playlists. Please keep sharing.
  5. I fully agree. Especially when you have like me some longer playlists and suddenly the playlist stops because a title is no longer available.
  6. Some issues I run into with the Android app. Just wrote them. Hi, I am using the Qobuz App version 5.1.5 on my Samsung Galaxy A7. I have a Hi-Fi Sublime subscription. I have three problems with the app in its current form. First of all if I go to my “Offline Libary” it always shows me first a blank page with “no release imported” and it takes between 7 to 12 seconds to show me the files which are stored on my SD card. Also if I am importing at the same moment an album it always shows for a second the list of my localy stored albums and then vanishes again. If I compare that to the behavior of the app of an older Qobuz version 4.0.22 on my Fiio M9 (also Android based, white listed from Fiio) with the same SD card type the problem does not exist. It also does not exist on my Apple iPhone or iPad. The second problem I have is that I cannot find the possibility to delete albums I have locally stored. When I press on the three dots it only shows me “play”, “add to play queue”, “play next”, “remove from favorites”, “add to my playlist”.Only when I press on a single track it says “remove from offline library”. The third issue is, that when you add a track to a playlist in other versions of the app it tells you that it has added it to the selected playlist. Such a confirmation is unfortunately lacking in the Android version 5.1.5.Thank you for all the efforts to bring high-quality music to us. I hope you can fix these issues with the next release. Best, Reiner
  7. Qobuz 2019 Newcomer list. There are some gems. https://open.qobuz.com/playlist/1980865
  8. Here is another playlist I created. Still Pilates themed but a bit more upbeat. http://open.qobuz.com/playlist/1760486
  9. So happy you like it. No Pilates needed to listen to it. I am constantly working on the list, adding songs and deleting others. So please come back in some weeks to enjoy the newer version. I always play this list on shuffle, so there is no specific order to it.
  10. What a great thread. I hoped Qobuz would offer an function to find other fellow Qobuz playlists. But anyhow here comes a rather long one which I use for my Pilates training. So it is very smooth. Hope you like it. http://open.qobuz.com/playlist/863606
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