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  1. OMG, can it get any better. Endless pre-selected music. So joyful to go through this curated playlists. I do not want to be negative but Qobuz Germany are not good at creating playlists. Very seldom have I heard anything meaningful. I have given up on them. But the first Hifi Partner playlist section you shared had such gems in it. And I think it makes sense. Those who are showing off their hifi equipment have a natural interest to only present interesting song material. If Qobuz is lacking at the moment, it is that the playlists of Spotify are much better. I wonder why there is no function of a hitlist of playlists of Qobuz members on an international scale. I could see that we as Qobuz family could add so much value if you let us. Here is one of my slow playlists I use for Pilates: http://open.qobuz.com/playlist/863606
  2. Hi-Fi Audio Partners Qobuz lists shared by @David Craff in another thread for not US Accounts. Love them: - https://play.qobuz.com/playlist/3314272 - https://play.qobuz.com/playlist/3191147 - https://play.qobuz.com/playlist/2845368 - https://play.qobuz.com/playlist/2693054 - https://play.qobuz.com/playlist/2692987 - https://play.qobuz.com/playlist/2200244 - https://play.qobuz.com/playlist/2317112
  3. @David Craff You are truely the best. Thank you so much. Just importing them to listen to them the next days.
  4. I just learnt that in the US there is wonderful section called Hi-Fi Audio Partners with cool playlists from Bowers & Wilkins, Cambridge Audio etc. Any chance @David Craff to have these playlists also here in Germany?
  5. Fun fact.After todays update on the FiiO M11 and the Hiby R6 Pro there is dedicated screen and I can choose what kind of feeback I like to give. Now there is differentiation between UI Bug and Functional Bug. No idea when to use what? All since today, not before.
  6. 1. Yes, I will but I never thought of importing anything into my computer. Seemed unnecessary. But I am happy to do it if it helps. 2. Thank you. I am doing screenshots but there is no way of knowing if Instabug is sending anything.
  7. PS: I can also throw in a FiiO M9 and Sony NW-ZX2 (both Android) which did work with Qobuz but I have given it up since they are both too slow, and a iPhone 11 Pro Max which works perfectly with Qobuz, so I know it should work in theory.
  8. @David Craff and @dmackta, having now a FiiO M11 (Android 7) and a Hiby R6 Pro (Android 8.1 - only bought I can finally enjoy Qobuz with SPDIF digital to a DAC), I can compare side by side what is a Qobuz problem and what is a e.g. FiiO problem. 1. Not being able to import long playlists, clearly a Qobuz problem. E.g. http://open.qobuz.com/playlist/863606 or http://open.qobuz.com/playlist/1760486. Only approx half of the songs are imported before the whole app stops working. Asking the app nicely to import the rest often does not work. So you have to import the rest of the tracks one by one per hand. 2. Importing tracks in a way the playlist suddenly stops when playing back and being on Wifi. Qobuz problem again. If I shut of Wifi and play the same list with the same songs no interruptions. The inbetween checking on the Wifi from Qobuz is causing the problem 3. 1 second pauses with the lates beta software 5.9.0 on the FiiO M11 in almost any track - a FiiO issue. Never happened on the Hiby Thank you for being here with us and helping as a customer interface. The normal [email protected] or [email protected] channel just does not work as the customer service agents only wish to “solve” the email but not to help to develop the software to a point where Qobuz is future safe, even with Amazon HD, Spotify and Tidal. So please stay with us, take our request seriously and make them heard in your company. I just invested over 500 EUR in hardware just for the purpose of finally being a happy Qobuz customer.
  9. Love to @David Craff How and where to activate the instabug? Wrote to the [email protected] team about the persisting problems but no answer so far. BTW, I bought a Hiby R6 Pro in addition in the hope Qobuz would now work as expected. Since I used the same Google account I automatically got the Qobuz beta app. Exactly same problems. So it is not a FiiO M11 problem but a Qobuz problem.
  10. Thanks, but things like only half downloaded playlists and a non-working „import rest of playlist“ function plus a lot of stops in mid track and saying this track can not be played because of it‘s format (although perfectly fine, and after re-import will be played without a problem), how can they be transfered by the instabug module?
  11. Okay @David Craff, how does making a screenshot work in giving meaningful feedback. So how does the screenshot of my playlist conveys to the tech people that although the playlist is shown as completely downloaded there are many songs which are not and I have to download them by hand. And that the function download the rest of the playlist does not work at all? Or does sometimes the file is shown as downloaded in the playlist but it says it can not play thi s format (which CD quality) and I should try again with a different format and then I have do delete the local download and re-download. Or the strange pauses which sometimes occur in every song? This all is transmitted with the screenshot? Great. I send onen.
  12. Hi @David Craff, everything works- again a big thank you - with one small exception. I have quite often 1-second pauses in songs. Every 30 minutes or so. How do I send this to the tec team?
  13. @David Craff Got it. On the positive. This app starts quickly on the FiiO M11. On the negative - for a moment - all the music I downloaded yesterday (approx. 60 hours 44.1 16 bit) is gone after the update. Thank you so much for reaching out. Really hope this one is the charm.
  14. Okay I entered the Test program. How do I get the update? Do I have to update before via the Google Play Store to the not working version?
  15. Thanks! Will try. BTW I had reset my complete FiiO M11 and cleaned the SD card and still I had after several tries to version 5.3.1 before it worked.
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