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  1. After I installed AS the trustd process started using 100% CPU non stop. I fixed that by deleting 3 files in the Keychain folder which gets replaced immediately by the OS. After that AS won’t launch anymore. I don’t know if they’re related but oh well. 3.5 and all the other programs on this machine work no problem.
  2. Maybe I wasn’t clear before but AS did I run on this machine perfectly for a day. Now it won’t even launch so there is a problem somewhere. AS is able it run on High Sierra which this MBP natively supports so it’s got nothing to do with hardware.
  3. Multiple times. I’ll give it a rest for now and revisit it later. Currently enjoying AS on my Studio machine. Really liking all aspects of this new update I must say.
  4. I just put together a little video for my son with FinalCut Pro on this machine. Surely it can play some music. I have newer Macs but this is the machine that I use to play music and host my Plex server. It works with everything I need except AS which worked on absolutely fine for 1 day.
  5. Well at least you all can get AS to work. It won’t even launch for me after the first initial run with the track analysis. Codesigning error. I’m on a 2009 MBP with Catalina. 3.5 runs perfectly except for the Tidal glitch but that’s another story.
  6. Hi all. So Today AS won’t start at all. Says Code Signature Invalid under report. Termination Reason: Namespace Codesigning Code 0x1. Also trustd has been running at 100% CPU. I just deleted it and restarted so it could fix itself but it hasn’t. The joys of new software. It’s back to 3.5 for me.
  7. Heya bbosler, thanks for your suggestions. I hope there’s a change to this as I would like to just be able to open the app and start listening without having to do anything like going through an authorisation process and keying in usernames and passwords. Surely it’s not to much to expect to be able to have the software on 2 computers whilst only using 1 at a time. Anyway sorry for griping and I’ll stop right here.
  8. Indeed that is a pain. It seems I have to operate both computers as I have to disable one first then log in and enable the other. It can’t be done from just one machine.
  9. Exactly my sentiments. I’m a composer/sound designer and I use a lot of software. This is a first for me where I have to jump through this hoop.
  10. I have to say I'm loving the new look and the installation went without a hitch except for a whole day of analysing. One problem I do have is the inability to use more than 1 computer. I have AS installed on my listening system as well as in my studio where I use it to reference tracks. AS says I have to disable one to use the other. I never use them at the same time and for close to NZ$100 I hope this changes or its back to 3.5 for me.
  11. i've got a 2009 MBP running Catalina.Its pretty straightforward with a software programme that does it all for you.
  12. Well I cant speak of the Lynk Two but I have an Aes16e that I've got 2 Aurora 8s hooked up to. The card is in a 2012 Mac Pro. Its been serving me flawlessly for years.
  13. And the millions of music professionals who use it daily. Via USB, making the music we listen to with crazy gizmos that they laugh at.
  14. If you could stretch your budget a bit or wait for a sale i'd recommend checking out the Rme. Lots of threads here if you do a search. DAC Link. https://www.rme-audio.de/adi-2-dac.html
  15. RME have just updated this DAC with new converter chip and an upgraded remote. Details on their website. https://www.rme-audio.de/adi-2-dac.html I was holding off on purchasing this but it looks like I might have to give it a shot now.
  16. I really like the new look. I hope there’s no Windows version as that would mean less attention placed on the OSX version and slower updates.
  17. I had lots to say but esldude has pretty much said it all. My top priorities in finding a speaker are the Treble and Mid-Range presentation. These are the most important as far as the content of the music. I haven't come across any recording gear in my time whose frequency response exceedes 20kHz. I use Adam monitors at work that go up to 44kHz and this just enables a more stable response at 20kHz with no roll-off.
  18. Not true at all. If you have a Fusion drive you can’t take advantage of Apples new file management system but all the other new features are still available. As for incompatibility and bugs, the same has been for all Initial OS releases. I personally never update to the initial release as my computer runs my studio which pays the bills.
  19. Gonzbull

    EQ plugins

    https://www.plugin-alliance.com/ Another site to check out. I run a recording studio and own many plugins from here.
  20. Sorry to detract but the Hilo is DSD capable. Shouldn't the sample rate show 384kHz? Also I have no interest in networked audio but was wondering if there are any other reasons to update? Happily using V3.0.7. Cheers
  21. All fair points. I haven't heard the jil so can't make comparisons as far as audio quality but I've tried many converters. At this particular price point, they pretty much sound the same. Personally if I were in the market for a converter I'd go for something that had more features.
  22. Exactly. They could have added a phono preamp for some versatility though. And also the full sample rate spectrum instead of just multiples of 48kHz. Like I said there's lots of other units out there that already do what the jil does and more for the same price point.
  23. Yup I agree. The Source is a DAC as I mentioned. I use Lynx Aurora converters for recording.
  24. I own a Dangerous Music Source DAC that uses Burr Brown chips and it's an excellent piece of kit. The Jil seems to be a waste of resources as there are many ADCs on the market with way more features and at the same price point as mentioned above.
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