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  1. Update. It is solved. As correctly pointed out by Clipper, the issue was RDP (remote access). When I connected a local monitor, keyboard and mouse to the NUC and logged in as a local user, auto-rip started to work. My goal of a fully head-less music server is probably still attainable, but I will need to research more, maybe into a different OS like WS 2012 R2. Thanks to all for you kind and extensive assistance!
  2. Thanks, Nikhil. That was the first thing I did, having used JRiver since MC18. Everything appears to be set up correctly in the MC20, it seems like the NUC's OS (Windows 8.1 Pro) does not correctly enumerate that an audio CD is loaded in the ODD. When that happens on my other JRiver MC20, the application then takes over and rips the CD without doing anything to make the rip start. That is the missing piece now. A group policy change got it to where the disc reads as an audio CD. Now it needs to start the auto-rip, an does not.
  3. Clipper: Thanks, making progress! You were spot-on with that change! Now I can rip a CD by selecting that function in JRiver MC20 though the Remote Access function. It also auto-ejects when it is finished. Next thing is how to make the music server start the auto-rip process by simply placing a disc in the ODD, the same way it works on another music server I have running in a notebook computer. Is that possible?
  4. Thanks, Clipper. I will try that. The ODD is connected locally to the NUC. What I don't see is when a disc is loaded is anything, even a question of what to do. On the Surface, I can get it to auto play on windows media player. On the NUC, nothing happens no matter how I set auto-play or file associations. Does that make a difference?
  5. Thanks for responding, Pepsican. It is an optical drive (CD/DVD ROM RW). On a data disc it shows the top level file structure (CDFS), and when I double click on it from the "this PC" view, it will automatically run any executable file on the disc, like an .ini or .exe or .msi. They open and execute, and if I select "open" from right click, it will show the files. On a CD audio disc, a factory made CD (regular CDA and not SACD), same thing except that it only shows the track number (not name) in the file list, and the properties are only the meta-data for each track (a 2k file) and not the media files. it's looking at any disc as a data disc only and not media. I've set the file associations to JRiver, and turned auto-run on.
  6. I built a music server on the Intel NUC D54250WYK-H1, running Windows 8.1 Pro and JRiver MC20. It works very well. Recently I tried to add an external optical disc drive (via USB), and after much research, setting changes, registry hacks, cannot get it to read discs. Something is missing. The OS recognizes the ODD (it shows up in Device Manager), it simply does not read from discs (audio CD's). I access it from Remote Desktop to manage it. I tried the ODD itself on my Surface 3 Pro, and it worked as expected. The main difference (between the Surface and the NUC) I can see is the lack of Intel Serial IO DMA Controller on the NUC. Could that be it?
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