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    HDMI out vs USB out - Which sounds better

    Hi maelob, Yes, sounding pretty good as is without another link between the chain! Wouldn't you know I think the D2 will be disappearing soon though and I'll need to figure out my next plan of attach. :-) The one wonky thing about the HDMI is some weird handshaking issues, it seems to like the video source being on in order to pass the audio through
  2. Hey guys, Quick question for the crew. Trying some different configurations with our Mac Mini music server, looking for the best sounding one. Currently I have her running HDMI into our Anthem D2 processor. Is there any good reason for me to plug it into a USB DAC instead? Thanks! Kind regards, Todd @ AudioFlea
  3. Hey guys, Todd from AudioFlea here. We currently run the Mac Mini as our music server at the AudioFlea studio, with JRiver as software. In terms of the hardware, is there really any better quality to be had than a streamlined Mac Mini? If so, what is the best approach for a reference level music server? Hope you all have a good one! Pics: - Our trusty Mac Mini lookin' boss! - Closeup shot of the Lynx Hilo analog meter - he was getting jealous of all the action! Kind regards, Todd @ AudioFlea
  4. And here is a picture of the lovely ASR Mini Basis Exclusive, lookin' good with its top off!
  5. Hi there, This is Todd from AudioFlea. I'm about to get going on a project to rip all of my vinyl to digital! The idea is that I want to take my music with me when I travel (for playback with Shure SE846 headphones), use in my car with my McIntosh and Dynaudio based system, or listen to when I'm in the office. I understand that the folks over at Channel D strongly recommend using their own software-based RIAA correction, but I'm wondering if anyhere here has any anecdotal experience in comparing the Pure Vinyl RIAA with a good high-end, analog phono stage. In my case, I would be using the ASR Mini Basis Exclusive as a phono stage. My cartridge is the Rega Apheta which is a low output moving coil, so I will need to figure out my gain stage to put between the table and the software. For anyone who has walked this path before, how did you end up using your low output, moving-coil cartridge with the software based RIAA correction in Pure Vinyl?