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  1. There is no details if this does bit perfect D2D reclocking? Something similar to a Mutec Mc3.1 usb.
  2. Thanks Ari for your info. My dealer had a new replacement usb recovery stick sent by Aurender as the original one was dead, but still seems unable to restore the ssds OS (but working ssd). Just powering to show Aurender logo on the lcd. Just to gain a better understanding, does the recovery usb restore the ssd partially by looking for the the last working boot or does it / or can it reinstall the whole ssd OS. Also , in cases where the ssd does stop working, can the recovery work via just the usb recovery stick to boot it so that at least if the OS cannot be reinstalled, the unit can still boot so that Aurender support can remotely access and diagnose, reinstall or fix the os? How would the OS be best reinstalled? Should the old ssd ever die and a new blank one replaced. What would be the procedure to get things up and running? With the current Covid situation badly affecting the whole world, service seems to be very limited or even halted for some time as many business operations have not been allowed to operate as per normal due to governmental restrictions imposed to only allow essential services currently. Is having backups possible. Thanks
  3. Hi, does anyone have experienced a ssd failure/corruption and how it was fixed. If unit does not go into boot. Usb recovery thumbdrive was not functioning. How to resolve since it cannot boot and obtain Aurender support help from the menu?
  4. Hi Ari Does it not cache to the RAM? If it is the cached to the SSD, if i disconnect the network, will we be able to play the list songs (say 100 tracks) selected to be played since it is on the ssd by starting the 1st song and let it continue without network connected to the Aurender?
  5. Agree, but it is next to impossible to test it that way with the many different dacs. But in any case take it that any improvement in the phase noise of an external reference will result in the same improvement at the dac. What happens after the output of the reference master clock will require your own testing to determine if it was worthwhile. There will always certainly have losses. Maybe better PLL, FPGA etc that will be available in the future that has negligible losses
  6. What i meant is that using another unused bnc is not griunded directly with the next bnc output which the cable is connected to. Each bnc is isolated from each other. So meanimg not a true or best ground...
  7. How do you ground the Ref10? Have you tried chassis ground, from what i hve checked, the grounds of each output of the Ref10 checks to be isolated from my tests with a meter.
  8. Hi, Does not look right. 2nd column should also have the 2nd row, 10M also lighted. That is, if you have the ref10 connected to both units. 10M has not been selected. Let us know how it goes.
  9. Isquirell, How does USB connection in your comparisons with AES you were using previously with your Select and the clock connection? Any particular usb cable you demoed with? By any chance did you compare Tidal/Qobuz streaming quality? It would be expected that the especially high resolution music played from internal pcie drives would be superior. Thanks
  10. What the utilization without a playlist. I would have though Tidal stores only 1 track on the ram at a time.
  11. I personally also find without the 10Mhz clocking, the sound was fine and had more accuracy than ocxo clocked triple switches i used. With the 10mhz and double switch was just a tremendous, huge difference. In clocking, even the clock cables with makes alaso a rather imporrant part of the final sound. With your flavour of linear supplies, costs can add up up rather quickly, but the bottlenecks just keep vanishing no matter how good ones gear is after the switches. Of course, giid ethernet cables are critical. I have never had the evox cap, but have boutique film caps proves to be excellent. I believe the likes of Jupiter Copper foils, Duelund, Vcap teflon are just fantastic. Get one part wrong and the sound could collaspe, take it slow and hang in there to find the right synergy and the improvements with the Sotm will be very rewarding.
  12. There may be an option, please contact kenji on your Cybershaft op13 as they offer a clock 10M distributor with 3 outputs. This will allow more 10Mhz outputs. You can connect the op13 to the Mutec/Cybershaft clock distibutor to allow multiple 10Mhz outputs to connect to your MC3+ USB. A really simple way is to use a bnc T joint. Kenji does not recommend this as this put a strain on the op13 and can shorten the life and damage the output of the clock. This will add more equipment and cables and personally feel may not be the best solution. The Mutec Ref10 is the best option (equavalent to op16 and above). Cybershaft has Limited2 model with 3 outputs, but may not have stock currently. If you are not considering a lower phase noise clock, ask Kenji if he can use you can send your op13 to him and fit the existing ocxo in to his Limited2 model unit using your op13, this may be the cheapest and also a tidy option. From a performance perspective, a Ref10 just using 1 output to either the MC3+ usb or the Sotm will possibly provide even better results that having an op13 feeding both the mc3+usb and Sotm together. If you read Marks comments on his experience with OPn and Opn+1 or 2 may not bring improvements or may in fact sound worst. I had posted before that one has to take into consideration that the different brands of OCXO of the same OP level will still differ with very different Allen variances and deviances. Further, i might add, that the different make of OCXO will already sound different even if every parameter is the same. The circuits and transistors used inside different OCXOs will most definately have a different sonic presentation by itself.
  13. So the RAM is for the Operating system only? SSD for caching HDD. So where is the Streaming such as Tidal stord track temporarily buffered and stored to? as a single track does continue playing even with no network access.
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