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  1. I personally also find without the 10Mhz clocking, the sound was fine and had more accuracy than ocxo clocked triple switches i used. With the 10mhz and double switch was just a tremendous, huge difference. In clocking, even the clock cables with makes alaso a rather imporrant part of the final sound. With your flavour of linear supplies, costs can add up up rather quickly, but the bottlenecks just keep vanishing no matter how good ones gear is after the switches. Of course, giid ethernet cables are critical. I have never had the evox cap, but have boutique film caps proves to be excellent. I believe the likes of Jupiter Copper foils, Duelund, Vcap teflon are just fantastic. Get one part wrong and the sound could collaspe, take it slow and hang in there to find the right synergy and the improvements with the Sotm will be very rewarding.
  2. There may be an option, please contact kenji on your Cybershaft op13 as they offer a clock 10M distributor with 3 outputs. This will allow more 10Mhz outputs. You can connect the op13 to the Mutec/Cybershaft clock distibutor to allow multiple 10Mhz outputs to connect to your MC3+ USB. A really simple way is to use a bnc T joint. Kenji does not recommend this as this put a strain on the op13 and can shorten the life and damage the output of the clock. This will add more equipment and cables and personally feel may not be the best solution. The Mutec Ref10 is the best option (equavalent to op16 and above). Cybershaft has Limited2 model with 3 outputs, but may not have stock currently. If you are not considering a lower phase noise clock, ask Kenji if he can use you can send your op13 to him and fit the existing ocxo in to his Limited2 model unit using your op13, this may be the cheapest and also a tidy option. From a performance perspective, a Ref10 just using 1 output to either the MC3+ usb or the Sotm will possibly provide even better results that having an op13 feeding both the mc3+usb and Sotm together. If you read Marks comments on his experience with OPn and Opn+1 or 2 may not bring improvements or may in fact sound worst. I had posted before that one has to take into consideration that the different brands of OCXO of the same OP level will still differ with very different Allen variances and deviances. Further, i might add, that the different make of OCXO will already sound different even if every parameter is the same. The circuits and transistors used inside different OCXOs will most definately have a different sonic presentation by itself.
  3. So the RAM is for the Operating system only? SSD for caching HDD. So where is the Streaming such as Tidal stord track temporarily buffered and stored to? as a single track does continue playing even with no network access.
  4. Ari, thanks for clarifying. It was an article and interview with Aurender few years back and stated Tidal was cached to Ram and Aurender was working to cache to SSD once they had a work around it. I may be wrong, but Tidal did not want the tracks stored in a drive, which presumably could have been extracted back then. Things probably changes sometime ago. Just curious what the Ram is used for being that the new w20se boasts a larger RAM.
  5. Olaf, Yes it does not work! As MHL stated, your best option may be to buy a Mutec Ref 10. The Sotm devices all required to be fed a 10Mhz signal from the Ref10. MC3.1+USB does not output 10Mhz, Only audio clock frequencies, it has nothing to do with 50 or 75 ohms.
  6. It has been a few years satting that when implemented, Tidal and streaming services will be cached to the SSD instead of RAM. Does anyone have information on this especially after the recent updates and the major overhaul of the Conductor app? Is this a work in progress or it will never happen?
  7. Oh Thank you. I was playing with it and does not show the full playlist on my ipad. Subsequently, it deleted my current playlist on the ipad whilst still showing some songs on the Android. So it looks like development is still in progress for bugs.
  8. I cannot seem to choose any tidal streaming selections from the Android app at all. Most of the current playlist is from Tidal, but does not show up when i open the Android app. Wonder if it works for Tidal?
  9. I corresponded about the Hynes supply, there is a version of his psu module rated for up to 10A which would would be a useable.
  10. What is or does the extreme mode do? This was available with other Aurenders but not the W20?
  11. Hi Alex, Sorry for the mixup. Yes, i will check, but am quite sure the Mutecs ar3 common. It will possibly defeat the fibre isolation as it will still be grounded to the sitry network side. Ismthe grounds of the B side totally isolated from the A and power ground. Somehow, with a Mutec clock this may not work out so well form the total isololation point of view. There are clock like the new Cybershaft and Esoteric master clock which can have individual outputs ground lifted. The cchd 575 have excellent phase noise, but theres also the non techinal specs of clocks that no one understands affects the sonis largely as well. The reason is if the input master clock can be specified when ordering? This will allow also the use of say the Mutec mc3+ reclocker for those who have that piece to utilise together with the etherregen.
  12. Thanks John, Also is the masterclock input 50 or 75 ohm per Silabs specifications? Does the clock input accept any other frequency besides 10mhz. For example 5mhz, 25mhz? Having considered the technicals and purpose of the isolator between A and B ports, Is the 10m also isolated by the moat if the clock input is also linked to the dac, this might cause a common ground contamination.
  13. Sorry no. But i will try my best to describe in an easy for everyone to understand. My main router with wifi disabled ditributes 2 lan cables, one for streaming network through 2 sotm switches connected by fibre. My other line for wifi goes like this... Main router Asus router (sclk-ex with linear psu) ------Rj45 ----FMC (vcxo reclocked wirh linear psu)-------FMC -------hp switch (vcxo reclocked)------Netgear S8000 gaming switch ------- Netgear router for wifi and 1 lan line. Old 12v bricks were used for the rest. To note that the reclocked fmc and switch including the Nighthawk S8000 clearly made a nice improvement and the 1st fmc was tested with the same stock model which makes an improvement but the reclocked one aound smoother. I just placed the Nighthawk which was unsuccesfully ocxo clocked left from a year back replaced a atock linksys 5 port model. The Nighthawk in this position just sound better. I know it is strange why should all this matter and because i had these switches and fmc left over from unused serial implementation and as spqres for my main streaming line. It did make a worthy difference but until i replace the 1st clocked fmc and the Nighthhawk switch did i really appreciate that the difference it contibutes was clear and wanted to contribute my findings back to this forum which started me on a long network implementation for streaming tidal a few years back. It has taken this long for me through this process with many failed attempts and a truly rewarding journey, sonically. I have at least went through to ocxo clock about 20 switches which some were used in series and fmcs to date and a lot to expenditure with failures and especially fmc which just stopped working .... Countless hours and sweat included.
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