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  1. My personal favorite for now - apart from the new, higher tap length - is the user-selectable output voltage available in 1, 2 and 3V RMS
  2. 9th January 2018, CES, Las Vegas: Chord Electronics has launched the most advanced compact DAC on the planet: Qutest. A highly accomplished standalone device, the new Qutest is based on the latest proprietary Rob Watts’ FPGA technology developed for the class-leading Hugo 2 DAC/headphone amp. Qutest uses an all-new precision-machined aluminium chassis and includes several new features, including fascia controls. Qutest uses the same award-winning internal DAC architecture and proprietary software coding as the Hugo 2, giving it proven class-leading technical and sonic performance. Qutest als
  3. https://www.speakershack.co.uk/articleResult.php?subject=2&record=2439
  4. For the Pi2, the old Volumio 1.55 hands down. It's been stable as a rock for me on two Pi2's and sound quality is second to none.
  5. Could you try and describe the difference?
  6. Update on the test with the 2Qute directly driving the speakers. I first tested it with female vocals which sound good and very open but with more complex music the 2Qute on its own simply lacks control over the speakers. Went back to 2Qute > Cyrus2+PSX > LS3/5A
  7. I actually spend some time today to make two RCA to banana cables. I am at my normal listening level with the Rogers LS3/5a's directly connected to the 2Qute at 30% attenuation (70% volume level) and the sound is very, very open. Don't notice any lack of weight either.
  8. Yes, passive. The old BBC monitors, in this case by Rogers
  9. I know they are not efficient speakers but do you think the 2Qute would drive LS3/5a's to low volume levels without amplfication? Would I risk damaging anything if I tried?
  10. I listen a lot at low volume. From what I've read this is not what the ATC's excel at.
  11. I don't know... these larger Harbeths will probably just go lower with the risk of overwhelming the midband on lesser recordings. I must say I can live happily without any deep bass as long as the midband and treble is as good as the Harbeth P3ESR or the LS3/5a has to offer.
  12. That's interesting because a few months ago I bought a secondhand set of Harbeth P3ESR's for the very favourable reviews I found online. And because it is considered a more modern and improved LS3/5A. The P3ESR's are magnificent speakers and have a far cleaner and deeper bottom end than the LS3/5A's of which I own a Rogers and a Harbeth pair. However, I did miss that last bit of presence and reality of voices that the LS3/5A's offer in the P3ESR. I must add that I have yet to hear an affordable speaker that matches the ancient LS3/5A's for voices, including the Kef LS50 passives. The LS3/
  13. I'd be interested to hear your latest findings dmormerod!
  14. Sorry, thought the Digi+ was the DAC. But no, I am using the Pi2's USB to the DAC. The Pi3 does not have a toslink output of its own does it? I'd like to hear your findings. I don't think you will be disappointed either way. I very much like the idea of doing just one thing, rendering, on the renderer. Isolating that machine from the browsing and file retrieval tasks of the server and control point can only be beneficial to the sound quality, I think.
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