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  1. For sale is a pair of the excellent sounding Nuforce Reference 9 v2 monoblock power amplifiers, in excellent condition (9/10). I am the original owner and I had them factory upgraded to full 9V2 status with the V2 faceplate. They come in the original boxes, packaging materials, and manual. The Nuforce Reference 9 v2 amps are 300 watts per channel and have both RCA or balanced XLR inputs, featuring WBT RCN Connectors and Eichmann speaker binding posts. The V2 upgraded is a significant upgrade over the original Reference 9s. Sound quality is superb. Excellent resolution of fine detail, superb bass and a very extended and controlled treble range. Great transient detail as well. The Nuforce Reference 9V2s are very powerful (190W per channel in 8ohm, 300W in 4 ohm and stable to 2 ohm) and can drive pretty much every speaker with total control. Bass control and definition is second to none, extraordinary detail retrieval and attack on leading edges, very fast and dynamic, and bass that is deep, tight and fast. Specifications: Power: 300W @ 4 Ohms Damping Factor: Greater than 4000 Input Impedance: 45 Ohms Gain: 27 dB Signal to Noise Ratio: 120dB at 100W Finish: Silver “The V2 amps stand up to any amplifier I've had in my system, irrespective of technology or price and I wouldn't be surprised if they did the same in yours.” – Edgar Kramer, 6moons Retail price was $3,500 USD for the pair. Now only $1,495 $1,195 USD including FREE shipping and PayPal Fees. Will ship anywhere within the continental U.S. They will ship in the original boxes and packaging and will be double boxed for safe shipping.
  2. When I disabled ramroot from the menu, then rebooted then changed to acpi - it worked. Piero told me "To check that you have disabled intel pstate driver you should have intel_pstate=disable in /boot/loader/entries/audiolinux.conf" I confirmed on mine after I disabling ramroot, rebooting, changing to acpi, rebooting again.
  3. @hifi25nl I'm having trouble getting the selection to acpi to stick. I have tried it several times but it keeps rebooting as intel_pstate.
  4. Okay I will try this @hifi25nl I have trouble using File editor, but I will try again. Thanks!
  5. Good point! I've been attempting to connect as user: audiolinux
  6. Okay thanks! I will try the secure file transfer program again. If SMB is off by default in AL, that would explain why it hasn't been working 😂
  7. Sorry - I'm trying to add music to my Roon music library HDD that is attached to my Intel NUC running AL. I'm on a Mac and I tried the "Connect to Server" method using SMB and I can't get it to work. So I tried the method @mriguy recommended, which is not exactly what I originally wanted to achieve (being able to see the remote HDD on my Mac), but it should allow me to add music to Roon music library which is all I really want to do - if I could get it to work.
  8. Yes I can connect via SSH. Do you mean using the scp command to copy a local file to the Intel NUC? I suppose I can try that. I used to be able to "see" my connected music library on my Mac (under Locations) when I was using a SonicTransporter, so there must be a way to accomplish a similar thing with AL using Connect to Server.
  9. Wow! Thank you for the detailed instructions. I am using AL on my Intel NUC and I had read about a similar method using SMB in Roon to connect to a shared folder on my Mac. I tried your instructions and I must still be doing something wrong because it's not working for me. My computer name ends in .local - do you include that when you add this to Roon? I tried it with and without and I can't get it to work. Also, regarding the path to my shared folder, do I include the full path to the shared file - ex. \Users\garygil\Downloads\music_downloads ? In the past I used a SonicTransporter and I was able to see the attached music library from my Mac, so I could add music to the HDD by simply dragging and dropping music to the drive. There must be a similar way to do this connecting to the Intel NUC. Thanks again for your help!
  10. Hi Alan, Thank you for the tip. I tried connecting on a Mac FTP client that does a lot of what WINSCP does with no luck. Cheers! Gary
  11. Does anyone have any advice on adding music to a Roon music library that's attached to an Intel NUC? I use a Mac and I tried the Connect to Server utility using smb://IP.ADDRESS.OF.NUC - but that did not work. I can ping my NUC IP address from terminal on my Mac, but I can't seem to reach it trying to connect to the server. Can someone help me with this?
  12. Never mind... I was able to get it working after a few more attempts. Thanks @jcn3 for the tip!
  13. Well I was able to backup my roon db on my music drive, but when I tried to restore it, it seemed like it finished the restore, but now it's giving me a screen that says "There was an issue loading your database" Don't worry. Roon staff... etc. etc. I quit Roon and restarted and now it's at the Choose your Roon Core screen and it shows audiolinux, but it seems to be stuck at Initializing... Has anyone had this issue before?
  14. That sounds like an easy way to do it. When you back up your db in Roon, where do store it? I’m wondering if I can store it on my music library on an external drive.
  15. I finally updated the latest version of AL and I am configuring the Optane stick to store my Roon DB. Thank you Piero for the awesome work on updating and improving this and for the amazing customer support! Newbie question: My old USB stick contains my Roon DB. While booted from the updated USB stick, I want to plug in my old USB stick and copy the Roon DB from the old one to the new one. What is the Linux command to do this? Once I've copied the DB to the new USB stick, I will use the "Transfer Roon database to another drive" feature in AL to move it to the Optane memory.
  16. Thank you! I'll check mine.
  17. Thanks for sharing this. Mine definitely has the ELNA caps but not sure about the earth ground connection. Can you share a photo of what I should be looking for? Thanks!
  18. I swapped out the charging PSU to the LPS-1 with an Uptone branded SMPS. Previously I was using an El Cheapo LPSU. I will see if that was the issue. Thanks the suggestion.
  19. Hi John - It just happened again and the LED on the LPS-1 goes red, then amber then green. But when it went red, all of the lights on the ultraRendu went out. Gary
  20. I'm experiencing a problem that I've isolated to my ultraRendu and I'm hoping someone can offer some advice or suggestion on the easiest way to troubleshoot this. I am using an Intel NUC as a Roon server and ultraRendu as the endpoint. The ultraRendu is powered by an Uptone Audio LPS 1. I am losing signal to my DAC intermittently. The signal drops for about a minute then comes back. When the signal drops, I can still ping the NUC but I cannot ping the ultraRendu. So that leads me to believe the issue is either with the ultraRendu or the LPS 1 PSU.... or perhaps something else I'm not considering? Anyone have any advice on the easiest way to troubleshoot this? Is there a way to look at error logs in the ultraRendu that might indicate what is happening? Or is there something else that might give me some insight into what's going on? I plan to swap out the LPS 1 with another PSU for testing to narrow down the problem even further. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Gary
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