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  1. Mitch- this is fantastic! I've got to get serious and give you a call.
  2. When my cat was a kitten she would crawl in the ports of my subs and I had to use cat wand to coax her out. Bass heads for sure!
  3. Where are you crossing these over? Looks like it's all passive? Are you biamping? What is the f3 of the Audio Tech driver? Sorry for all the questions but diy speakers and class A amps are my thing. You made a lot of good choices, well done!
  4. RickyV- care to share more details about your diy speakers? They look fantastic and great choice of drivers!
  5. Wow, what a fantastic review Josh! Tears for Fears is one of the few groups everyone in my house will listen to. I hope you do more these. thank you
  6. I forgot to mention these can be diy'd for around $400. https://meniscusaudio.com/product/continuum-ii-full-kit-pair/
  7. I use these for desktop use and love them, nice warm sound and not too bass heavy despite being on the desk and close to rear wall. http://www.salksound.com/model.php?model=Bagby Continuum
  8. Seems about right, most of the smart people I know listen to shitty music. Somebody should do this for sense of humor, most of the funny people I know are of average intelligence, the super smart ones- not so funny.
  9. I'm not blaming anyone in particular, but I'm not sure there is anything that can be done. How do you creatively engage with the MQA trolls? It will be nice when all this MQA nonsense is in the rear view mirror.
  10. Most of the people who are against MQA don't participate much or at all in this thread because it is boring and repetitive.
  11. Don't call yourself a journalist, good journalist are skeptical and want to search for the facts. A real journalist would seek out critical analysis not parrot the party line. Real journalism is an often adversarial job.
  12. I wasn't trying to prove anything, just a data point. Why so aggressive?
  13. hmm.. just tried it and it worked fine.
  14. Ralf- sounds like he used the same "good" outboard DAC for both cd and laptop. I'd stick with the laptop, money is best spent on speakers and room setup.
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