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Audio System


My digital system is wired ethernet (RedNet/Dante) but strictly offline. I don't download or stream music from the internet.

Multiple iFi AC iPurifiers and IsoTek Isoplug applied selectively to local mains

IsoTek Titan [2 outlets]


    Topaz 91001-31 [Digital]
        IsoTek Mini Mira then IsoTek Sirius [trial-and-error permutation inc. IsoTek Isoplug]
            Paul Hynes SR7T [Rail #1 19V/10A] + HDPLEX 800W DC-ATX Converter + PC*
            > Sablon 2020 Ethernet Cable 0.5 m >
            Paul Hynes SR7T [Rail #2 12V/12A] + Uptone EtherRegen**
            > AfterDark Constellation Network Cable Special Edition for EtherRegen B-Side 0.75 m with ground wire >
            Focusrite RedNet D16 AES [Brooklyn II board supports 176.4 kHz]
            > AES [Neotech NEMOI-1220 Rectangular OCC Silver] >
            Mutec MC3+ USB** as Re-Clocker and WC [RedNet D16 AES & DAC]
            > AES [Neotech NEMOI-1220 Rectangular OCC Silver] >
            Dangerous Convert-2 >>


    Topaz 91018-31 [Analogue]
        IsoTek GII Mini Sub [trial-and-error IsoTek Isoplugs]
            >> 2 x Linn Silver XLR [Bal.] interconnects [1.2m] >
            Linn Klimax Kontrol/1 with pre-out RCA Splitter
            > 4 x Linn Silver RCA [SE] interconnects [1.2m] >
            2 x Quad 909 stereo with identical DADA and other revisions vertically bi-amp
            > Linn LK400 speaker cable [c. 2.5m] >
            Snell Type A III [maintained as befits cherished]
*Streacom F12C; NOFAN CR-80EH Copper IcePipe; Asus Z270-WS; i7-6700 3.4 GHz; 16Gb Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 2400MHz RAM (CAS 10-12-12-28); Intel Optane SSD 900P 480Gb AIC in CPU-direct slot PCIEX16_1; Intel Converged Network Adapter X540-T2 in no-switch slot PCIEX16_3

Software: Win 10 Pro 1507_Threshold 1 custom stripped + misc. third party Windows taming inc. Process Lasso + HQPlayer 4.12.2 upsampling Red Book flac PCM to 176.4 kHz [sinc-S/Gauss1/-3] + Dante Virtual Soundcard [ASIO]


**AfterDark Triple Emperor Double Crown 75Ω Square Wave 10 MHz Clock


AC power cables made by me using Transparent PowerLink XL 8N or Belden 19364/83803 with MS HD POWER MS938/G and custom C19, C15, C13

DC/ATX cables made by me using Mundorf Silver/Gold

AES cables made by me using Neotech NEMOI-1220 Rectangular OCC Silver + Neutrik XX-14 connectors

All clock cables Belden 4694R courtesy D3 Video Studio


Library management and distillation-copy to Optane courtesy of foobar2000

PC controlled HQPlayer Client (single wire network) from listening position

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