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  1. Only You (And You Alone) [Buck Ram] Platters [voc. Tony Williams] (1955) Timi Yuro ('What's The Matter Baby', 1963)
  2. I was thinking also - usually a CD will tell you whether it's a year xxxx remaster by who etc. If Qobuz provided equiv. info for comparison it would be a leg up for comparative testing across multiple Albums. I have no idea how Qobuz works. I shall retire!
  3. No Album specified. Looks like a generic observation. Duck & Cebolla's preferred (and utterly plausible) explanation is tested/confirmed easily enough. Is local always better? Mostly better? Depends? Can you get info confirming whether you are comparing like with like? Does Qobuz provide such detail?
  4. Love Joe Maphis Larry C's double neck is imitation of his hero Joe Maphis who's playing more a Paul McC-style bass here. Talk about precocious - Larry C not even 14 going on 40!
  5. Night Train - James Brown And The Famous Flames (1962)
  6. Addendum: Much of the conversation, liveliness and energy on this and other Audio Forums roots in the fact that not all things can be explained - at least to everyone's satisfaction. I am only one user/person/member/audiophile - but I stay local and away from online streaming for all sorts of reasons. One advantage of local only is that you have to deal with a much reduced set of vagaries. Anyway - good luck with the topic and whatever you choose to do for yourself.
  7. Big Train - Honeyboy Hickling (1994) Hickling was associated with Steve Marriott (Humble Pie/Small Faces) for about 3 yrs late 1980s before Marriott's death - I found this article a fascinating read. From Wiki: Steve Marriott was among hundreds of artists whose material was destroyed in the 2008 Universal fire.
  8. Madness - The Rhythm Rockers (1960)
  9. Twang - The Rhythm Rockers (1961)
  10. The Midnight Line - Bob Riley (1957)
  11. Chicken Wolf - Steppenwolf (1969)
  12. Tomorrow We Will Ride (The Cowgirl's Prayer) - Ruthie & The Wranglers (2018)
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