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  1. Hi there, I’m thinking about upgrading from 7.10 pro (audiophile level) to version 8 pro (need auto startup), but I’m a bit confused. I read that version 8 users have to switch back from audiophile level to consumer level because of degredation of sound. Does this apply for version 7.10 pro as well and is it a temporary “glitch”? Hope to hear from you! Regards
  2. Thanks for your feedback. The plan is gone, the ECI-6D seller proved to be a scam artist. Next step is buying the Audio-gd Singularity 19. Good plan?
  3. Hi there, I need your advice: at the moment I listen music through my HTPC (JRiver wdm ASIO, Jcat usb card with linear power supply) to a Yellowtec PUC2 converter, AES input Musical Fidelity M1 DAC. The next link is my Sphinx Project Ten amplifier (balanced input) to my Xanadu HRS33 speakers. I want to upgrade the Musical Fidelity DAC to a Metrum Musette or the new Audio-gd Singularity 19. Another option is buying an Electrocompaniet ECI-6D with build in DAC as an all in one solution and sell my Sphinx Project Ten amp. What's the best option you think? Greetings, Bas The Netherlands
  4. I use the Yellowtec Puc2 converter (aes) to my dac (MF M1) because I need the ASIO driver in my JRiver WDM setup. Next to this need it sounds better than without. Pitty, because the extra station shouldn't be necessary.... Any solution for this?
  5. My advice for you is the JCAT usb card. I switched from the Elfidelity AXF-100 to the JCAT last week and it changed my system like night and day! Pitch black, glare gone, huge stage, micro details, best upgrade ever!
  6. My pleasure! The M1 has balanced out too, as well as rca. I totally agree with your usb powered statement, the only thing you can do is feed it clean usb power like I do.
  7. I compared the dac part of my PUC2 with my Musical Fidelity M1 dac, but it disappointed me. Grainy, les clean. As a converter it's fabalous though. The setup is an Elfidelity AXF100 usb card in my HTPC (JRiver Asio) with a linear power supply with a pure silver usb cable to the PUC2 and than pure silver balanced to the M1 dac.
  8. Would the Isolater be an improvement if I already use the Elfidelity AXF-100 pro USB card with a linear power supply?
  9. I totally agree with you Jud, I removed the JB as well after a couple of weeks. The filtering subdues/drains the music in my perception.
  10. It works!!! Easyriser sent me a different driver and now it works! So happy guys, you are fantastic!
  11. I tried, nothing there... I really think it's the driver and hope Earlyriser can send me the other version.
  12. I tried, a couple of times even.....thanks for trying. A real pain in the A it is....
  13. So sad, the problem remains... The moment I touch asio, jriver crashes. Buffers, bitdeph/rate, no difference... When the crash happens, the bar shows 'buffering', thats all I can say. Large buffers don't work. I'm getting used to kernel streaming...
  14. Thanks for the input guys, I'm in the middle of a clean install of Win 10 pro 64bit with the threshold 2 update. Fingers crossed that it's gonna work out with the asio driver. I will keep you updated with my settings etc. when it fails...
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