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  1. ECM. I hate it to be able to find the albums, only to see all tracks marked with "unavailable".
  2. I'd really like to be no. 116 and listen to the Debussy Préludes. Thank you for this offer, it's very much appreciated.
  3. Thanks for sharing. I really do like these old standards played without too many bells and whistles.
  4. New to this thread, I hope this hasn't been mentioned yet: Tarek Yamani Trio - Ashur (Piano Trio with a tuba instead of a double base) Anne Guus Teerhuis Trio - Tarhouse Tales. Both bands feature the same drummer, btw. This isn't available on HD Tracks or qobuz as of yet but you can stream it via tidal.
  5. Same issue for me using roon / tidal. But I can find the album in the tidal app just fine. The titles do show up in the app.
  6. Today, Tidal is particularly shaky for me. Lots of dropouts, some songs don't even start.
  7. Just to be clear: you can reliably play back music via your dac using usb audio player pro but you can't using the tidal app? Do you have by any chance access to a phone running android 5.1 or a cyanogen-mod-based rom of android 5.0.x, so you could try out different android builds to rule out it's not android related? AFAIK, USB audio player pro has its own usb driver that other apps don't use, so it could be an android issue. Does audio via usb work in other apps besides USB audio player pro?
  8. Could you please elaborate on the exact steps of how to do it?
  9. Tidal Support is probably right about it. Streaming from my android device directly into my DAC works for me (using a Fiio E17k). So it really may depend on your DAC or Android version or combination of them. Same with USB Audio player pro btw, it doesn't work with all phones / DAC - combinations.
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