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  1. So a bit of a follow up here......... I previously was using the cheap Chinese HDMI to I2S converter box between my OPPO 205 and Topping D90 MQA After internally matching I2S settings via the D90's Menu I was able to pass DSD externally via the OPPO's HDMI and have the Topping D90 receive it via it's I2S (HDMI) input. I had "DSD 2.8MHz" showing on the D90's screen and my SACD's sounded great. I then bought a Gustard X26PRO MQA and ran into an issue. Apparently the Gustard's I2S input works in "slave mode" which means potential compatibilty issues with my
  2. This is the Ebay box I bought. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Digital-Interface-Separate-Extract-Audio-I2S-Optic-Fiber-Coaxial-HDMI-ToI2S-IIS/124522696807?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 L/R channels are reversed via its I2S HDMI output. I was able to negate this via I2S settings adjustments in my Topping D90's menu. My newly acquired Gustard X16 however does not offer I2S pin settings adjustments in its menu so I simply reverse the XLR output leads. Anyone using the I2S HDMI output of this particular box with a D
  3. Did you read the linked article in Post #1 ?. You need to adjust the I2S settings in your Pontus to match these........
  4. Any luck getting it working yourself? If so........what are your settings?
  5. Hi Guys, Just a short post which hopefully is not too much OT. Received my Curious USB 3.0 280mm cable the other night. I run it from a Samsung SSD T1 into one of my Oppo 105 BDP's type A ports. The improvement is SQ is quite substantial and I highly recommend it for this task. I reckon Rob is really onto something here as the sound was clearly better in several areas.....especially the bass. Cheers, John
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