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  1. Just a suggestion. Why don't you add an option to chose just one interface. In my case I have dual nics, but just one is connected to NAA. 2021/01/19 12:05:55 Enable UPnP Renderer functionality for interface: auto 2021/01/19 12:05:55 Adding interface 'eno1' for UPnP Renderer 2021/01/19 12:05:55 Adding interface 'enp0s20f0u3' for UPnP Renderer
  2. As far as I know. The Roon Extension Manager is installed at the endpoint (Roon Bridge). Seems that is was available before :: https://github.com/TheAppgineer/roon-extension-manager/wiki/Installation#sonictransporter-sonicorbiter-os--27 And ...... https://community.roonlabs.com/t/roon-extension-manager-on-sonictransporter/69933 Since I can't have the option to SSH my OpticalRendu.... the only way to install it is thru the App interface :-(
  3. Does anybody know why Roon Extension Manager is not available in the OpticalRendu Available Apps interface?
  4. the iFi is USB3.0.. and the Startech is USB-C... will have to add another adapter aff.. but thanks will try that.
  5. vortecjr, nice! Btw, i'm using a Startech USB-C to Fiber-Optic Converter connected on my Intel NUC (Roon Server). Honestly do you think would be better replacing the startech converter with the opticalModule ? or i'm good with that?
  6. vortecjr, you are correct. Just tested with an iFi iDefender3.0 (it's a nice way to inject clean 5V) ... with no success because after some hours ... switching sample rates etc ... it looses the connection with the DAC / handshake.... don't know why. So plugged back with Uptone JS-2 7VDC feeding the OR. Hope that superdad comes with a new LPS-1.3 soon with 500mA more current. 🙂
  7. My opticalRendu (OR) has arrived and I just set up in my system replacing my NanoPi as RoonBridge. I remember that I took long 48 hours to learn how to recompile kernel to allow NativeDSD playback of the NanoPi to my Mola Mola DAC.. because it was not recognized by default.. and then installing dietpi, roonbridge etc.. aff tough work done. But now OR is dealing with it. Playing NativeDSD and PCM up to 384khz without any drop outs. Simply amazing, you guys did a great job!!! 👏👏👏 My OR is connected straight to my Intel NUC i7 (Roon Server) using fiber. Before buying
  8. Can I make an order or it's sold out?
  9. Can I assign a fixed IP address as and no gateway on opticalRendu ?
  10. Great. So opticalRendu does not need to be connected to the internet right? I will need to setup a fixed IP address. (no DHCP)
  11. Yes my Intel NUC is running Rock (Roon Server).
  12. Very excited to try opticalRendu. I'm currently running an Intel NUC with ROCK connected on the internet via ethernet (Roon requires internet) and using an USB-C fiber converter point to point to a FMC connected to a NanoPI with RoonBridge and then connected to my DAC. This network topology makes the NanoPi completely isolated from my network. That's by far the best network setup I ever tried. I hope that opticalRedu can replace my FMC + NanoPi. My question is : Can I run opticalRendu (in Roonbridge mode) isolated from my network ? BTW, this is
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