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  1. @Doak Could you express what more Into a USB isolator is doing? It is advertised on webpage as isolator.
  2. First one is too slow for hi-res audio. Second one has correct speed. Reviews are available on the webpage. Should work the same way to "audiophile" isolator.
  3. Any news about possibility to play MQA files without Tidal desktop? My configuration: - PC with music files - Raspberry Pi with Moode audio - renderer - BubbleUPnP android app connected to TIDAL In this configuration I can't see MQA files. As I got rid of direct connection between PC and DAC years ago I'm not willing to go back to be able to run Tidal desktop app. Any solution or plans from Tidal side to stream MQA files on the same principle as all the other flac files?
  4. Tim, On my side: Raspberry Pi 2B to USB DAC, Advanced Linux Kernel enabled, HDMI shut off, MPD Sheduller - FiFo, CPU governor - On demand. Audio from Radio, Samba mount, PCM, DSD. Everything works (including search on DSD 64, 128 files). Great! It would be good to read more details about: Advanced Linux Kernel, MPD Sheduller, CPU governor. I was looking on google but without success. Maybe someone from the forum will prepare more detailed description? Just to help Tim when he is working with new release!
  5. Hi Tim, Thank you for next update of Moode. This project is progressing fast and helps to deliver stunning sound to my system. I promise to test 3.0 today. I went through release notes. “HDMI port on/off” – this is great. I thought to propose this option. Please explain why do you recommend to leave volume control in “Software” mode? I always disable volume control. 2. AUDIO DEVICE SETUP - USB DEVICE b) leave Volume control set to "Software" Moode case looks great. I think you could add empty rear panel because some of us use USB out to external DAC. Of course it’s possible to order DAC version and not connect anything to RCA out.
  6. Thank you Tim for confirmation and your work on Moode. I hope you will find some time to incorporate DSD 256 and 512 in the future releases.
  7. Hello Tim. We are waiting for 3.0 release. I hope everything is going smooth. Thank you!
  8. Hi, Could also add support for DSD 256 and DSD 512 to the 3.x version? There are more and more DAC's that can suport such resolution. I wouldlike to ask about power supply that you are using with Rasperry Pi. Is it linear power supply or switching version? I can't wait for 3.0 version. I'm checking webpage every day... Tribon
  9. Didn't wrote for long time on this thread but I'm reading every post. When we can expect moOde 3.0? In the mean time I updated from 2.6 to 2.7. Where can I find update button? I would like to try advanced kernel discussed on previous page. Good work Tim!
  10. Hello Tim! Thank you for new release! I'm just installing new version on SD card. What is the purpose of AP in new 2.6 version. I was reading above posts but have difficulties to understand scenarios when this option has some use.
  11. Tim, Could you share a little bit more info about MoodeOS and it's purpose? Is it going to replace Moode? You were asking for ideas: It would be good to introduce resampling to DSD but I'm not sure if Raspberry 2 or 3 processor can handle it...
  12. Tribon


    Hi Fryderyk. Are you going to add Raspberry Pi distribution or this is PC software similar fo Daphile?
  13. Hi Tim. Im not sure if you are talking about new version of Moode or completely new project but it would be good to add DSD256 native play. Best regards, Maciej
  14. I'm on 2.5 TR1... I think problem is on the other side because moode radio is working but it seams that moode can not see the tracks on SMB mount. Best regards, Tri
  15. Hello, In my configuration moode with raspberry pi2 is always ON. I'm turning OFF DAC and from time to time, also computer with shared music files (OFF or hibernate). After turning on DAC and computer I can play moOde radio without problems. But I can't play anything from computer shared files (SMB/CIFS). I can browse files, choose album, hit "play" and hear silence. Then moode is non responding. I have to OFF and ON RPI2 and then everything is working (radio and files). What can be the problem? Do you think that moode is loosing connection to computer files? Do you think that NAS can help to solve such problems? It's annoying when I would like to listen to the music and instead have to troubleshot...
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