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  1. @lamode Thoughts on Bliss? I have an embarrassing large, sloppily-named and duplicate-saturated music collection I dream of having automagically fixed. I'm looking for a reasonably accurate, stable, multiformat, multi-genre capable fixer for someone too impatient or stupid to master the other commercial organizers. I suspect my problems relate to size, but dividing my collection from entire to artist in size hasn't helped.
  2. The DS411… My first NAS. I learned of it here on CA in 2011 when Mr. Connaker wrote: https://www.computeraudiophile.com/ca/reviews/Synology-DS411-Slim-Network-Attached-Storage-NAS-Review/. It made the “C.A.S.H.” list (“Computer Audiophile Suggested Hardware”) and I bought it new in 2012. In 2014 or so I moved to a custom-built NAS and put the Synology away. In anticipation of finally selling it I updated the firmware and added a couple 1 TB HDD’s (when used I never had more than the 2 WD’s ‘Blues’ I purchased with the unit in 2012). So currently the device has 4 TB capacity. Be advised
  3. I see the identical item recently sold on this forum for the rock bottom price of $150!! One might infer, therefore, I am open to negotiation. Furthermore, I also own the JCAT USB 3.0 card. JCAT sold the Bakoon to power this card. FYI: http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/0115/JCAT_USB_Card_Battery_Power_Supply_USB_Cable.htm (I never bought the JCAT cable, but I DO own the RAL USB cable which coincidentally is also for sale on this very site!) I might be willing to sell the JCAT + Bakoon if anyone is interested. Note that my JCA
  4. STILL available. Price lowered to $225.00 Hurrah, hurrah. Get it while it's hot - or in this case cold! Walker
  5. I purchased this BP30 from an ad on CA in 2015 or 2016.. I’ve not really used it as I bought it, tested it and packed it in a home with more toys than time to play. The Alpha-Core BP30 is a balanced symmetrical power supply specifically designed to eliminate the noise and hum caused by unbalanced AC power lines. Unbalanced AC power contains noise and hum generated by every electrical device connected to the power line. The problem is caused not only by fluorescent lighting, light dimmers, air conditioners, refrigerators and other appliances, but also audio and video equipment.
  6. The Bakoon BPS-02 is a zero-ripple pure DC 5V power source. It runs off two internal 2200mAh Li-ion batteries, one automatically taking over when the other runs out, while the depleted cell is simultaneously charged. The BPS-02 completely cuts off all the noises generated from SMPS and AC wall adaptors. Some computer audiophiles write of sonic improvements when employing separate DC power to SSD's and/or audio USB cards (e.g. JCAT). Replacement batteries if ever needed are inexpensive. The BPS measures 4.7" square and 1.2 inches high. 6moons did a review: http://www.bakoon.com/pres
  7. With respect, thoughts at large: 4 RJ45 connectors/plate X 6? Whatever for? Is your wireman suggesting he pull a separate cable for each connection or is he suggesting a hub/switch (i.e. splitting each wire 4 ways) at each switch plate? One trunked line (+/- POE) per location should suffice. One 4 to 8 port VLAN-aware (‘easy managed’ is the retail term) switch per room would suffice. If WAF is a concern (and when isn’t it?) the switch could be hidden and interface a switch plate for aesthetics. Such switches cost $40/non-POE and $100 /POE currently. Also consider we live in
  8. Dear fas42, Perhaps I should clarify: When shopping/comparing TV's (or audio components/systems) the focus is on evaluating DIFFERENCE(S) which are frequently subtle. Ultimately, the enjoyment of the TV (or sound system) is predicated on WHAT the TV (or sound system) is playing. I still have analog TV's (long story). When viewing excellent, involving programming (e.g. The Godfather), I'm lost in the programming and never, ever think "This really needs more resolution!". As I scribe this seems a ridiculous, obvious point. Doesn't 'audiophilia' take quality content as a given an
  9. Sorry for my absence ("Life is what happens to you when you're busy planning for something else."). Teresa: Many drug trials concern psychotropic medicines. A patient taking an antidepressant (or placebo) must decide whether he or she "feels better". Certainly this at least approaches (far surpasses IMO) the difficulty in choosing whether an audio component "sounds better". Can we agree that a transistor radio will never be mistaken for a quality mono system playing the identical, familiar, volume-compensated audio example? IMO this is fact. Given this, aren't we r
  10. And you, ralf11 - I VERY much enjoy your posts and your humor. Thanks most kindly! Bill Walker
  11. jabbr's "list" is about a differently designed experiment than the OP detailed, designed to eliminate the propensity for error owing to experimental design rather than true difference between variables studied. Do you not see? Bill Walker PS I have no dog in this race. As a physician however, I submit that if randomized, double blind testing were not embraced in medicine we might still be studying voodoo and astrology as vectors in human disease.
  12. Ha! I found your recommendation worthy and your analysis sound. I concur with your conclusions and have no second thoughts on this no-brainer purchase. I, too, would go with BJC over eBay were it not for the very significant savings of 300% on eBay in this instance as well as the free shipping. Thanks again! Bill Walker
  13. WXY - Thanks for the tip! This is a great deal IMO. Bill Walker
  14. Dear Piotr, Because of 2 previous frustrating and time consuming experiences with overseas shipping from the US I will not ship outside the CONUS. I'm very sorry and apologize for the tardiness of this reply. Bill Walker
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