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  1. great machine the wavelight, I got to listen to it from the distributor. It should soon be available on its server / streamer.
  2. what did you take ? and on which dac do you use it?
  3. is it possible to see the measurements you have taken? can I ask how it manages the DSD?
  4. an oddity is that it manages in 1024 to usb and not i2s ....
  5. the A-18 has only one ak4499 chip it is the A-22 that mounts the double ak 4499 ....at least it seems so ....
  6. oh yes ...... interesting product at a very good price next month it should be marketed.
  7. the a-18 is not yet on the market ...... it is difficult at the moment to make a comparison ....
  8. giordy60

    HQ Player

    if you want to transit Qobuz in HQP I think the only way is with roon..... ....or maybe with embedded .... but I never used it I don't know ....
  9. giordy60

    HQ Player

    yes of course, it works very well!
  10. giordy60

    HQ Player

    if I use Ec with asdm5 .... "stutters" .....🙄 I should use another filter ......
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