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  1. sì ... è il controllo del volume, mi dispiace ... il circuito elettrico spl viene utilizzato solo per evitare variazioni di impedenze tipiche nei controlli passivi. Volume2 spl è un semplice controllo di volume analogico
  2. for some years now use the volume control of the DAC to send the audio signal to the monitor, I do not feel the lack of pre. if the dac does not have the volume I have a passive attenuator (SPL volume2).
  3. He could not say otherwise ....😉
  4. this is the image of the card that circulated on the net ...
  5. Nicolae Jitariu sent me two photos of the final card that will be on board the vox ..... I suppose the commercialization will start soon.
  6. giordy60

    HQ Player

    Hi Miska qobuz or tidal to go through HQP only with embedded? other options ?
  7. giordy60

    HQ Player

    Hi Miska a question : HQP may support the wavpack format
  8. giordy60

    HQ Player

    what should be the max image size ?
  9. giordy60

    HQ Player

    I also tried the closed form 16m on sdm (I stop at 128) but I prefer the poly-sinc-xtr-mp -2s filter, with DSD7 256 + fs has a bit more detail.
  10. Hi Miska
    do you know the denafrips ares?
    is it possible that the management of the dsd is similar to your DSC1 value?
    thank you



  11. Interesting ....... I would like to know the opinion of Miska (since he has developed the DSC1) ..... ( if he has had an ares in his hands ) or in denafrips would explain better what the little jewel of the house ?
  12. .....you wondered why?.... ....is not your dac resampling everything to a single resolution?.... if so, it is difficult to perceive differences ..... one of the unclear things is precisely this .... the ares has its oversampling, we know that brings everything to 768khz with a series of filters that you can not select ....... and I suppose (at least that Alvin tells us otherwise) that the signal dsd that accepts input does the same thing .... that is all at 768khz. .....of course I may be wrong ?
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