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  1. I don't remember north star developing osx drivers .... but maybe I'm wrong
  2. the result you got is only for stopped processes or you also use A.O. ?
  3. giordy60

    HQ Player

    on naa I use both gentoo (on usb stick) and the image of Miska 411 for windows .... no problem reproducing the pcm 1536mhz. on the server the s.o. it's windows server2016
  4. so it works, has no micro-interruptions?
  5. a question is there any user who with a mac mini M1 (+ NAA) and a dac holo audio or denefrips has tried the upsampling in pcm 1.411-1.536 mhz? thank you
  6. I didn't know this young musician ...👏👏 his "style" is very close to that of Antonio Forcione
  7. giordy60

    HQ Player

    Jussi, thanks for the explanation.
  8. giordy60

    HQ Player

    can you explain this step better? I use a server with 2 network ports .... one on naa and one on switch for roon / tidal ... am I wrong something maybe?
  9. . hi Devil a question .... which server do you use to upsampling to DSD 1024? thanks
  10. you have synchronized the library on the app ?
  11. giordy60

    HQ Player

    Jussi, I know you have 2 holo audio ..... have you tried with your mac mini M1?
  12. giordy60

    HQ Player

    question for owners of the new mac mini M1: has anyone tried upsampling to 1.4 - 1.5mhz with the new mac mini and a Denafrips dac?
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