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  1. great thread 👍 soon I would also like to install ubuntu 20.4 and here I could find the necessary info
  2. giordy60

    HQ Player

    it can be ....🤷‍♂️
  3. giordy60

    HQ Player

    hi Luca my experience with enbedded is different from yours ..... usb key on windows server with cpu i7 6700 .... with embedded I can do both ext2 and gauss with ASDM7EC 48X256 .... with the same settings it was not possible to do it with windows server 2016 .... don't ask me why 🙄 (I haven't tried other filters yet)
  4. well, we did a step forward ..... the music disc is an exFAT filesystem so I have to deduce that it might not work well or I insert an incorrect path ....
  5. Jussi a question can I mount the external music disc on the bootable stick where there is HQP E? if so what command should I use? Thank you.
  6. no message ...... does not load it right ...... that's why I ask for the path
  7. who tells me how is the path of embedded hqplayer? ..... I can't load the library ..
  8. update.... I put the usb stick on Fitlet mini-pc .... and everything works perfectly. 🤷‍♂️...😁
  9. done.... but hqp does not see the device ...🤷‍♂️
  10. I normally use the naa with the nad image of miska where the dac drivers are obviously installed ..... and it works perfectly. today I wanted to try the naa image on a usb stick ....
  11. even after restarting HPQ ... nothing happens ..... asks me to login ....
  12. server 2016 and usually with your nad, a network port connected via switch
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