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  1. Soon I will travel to Australia for vacation and want to take some series with me, to make my long road trip more enjoyable. I'm an Amazon Prime member and could download my favorite series to take with me. To make it clear, I will not have any internet connection on my way. The point is, that I would like to watch via laptop, which device is unfortunately not compatible with the offline-mode. Smartphone screen is defintiley too small and tablet.. I'm not the owner of such device. Maybe anybody could give me advice how I could solve this problem?
  2. For music and movie streaming, Im using Amazon Prime normally. Since longer Im searching for possibilities to extract mp3-files out of this streaming plattform, that I don`t have to rely on the application always, expacially in order to listen to music via devices without internet connection. Anybody knows, if there is a legal way to do so? Do you have some recommendations regarding to specific software programs? Thanks for advice in advance!
  3. Landlord

    Capture movies from Netflix

    Hey guys, I was wondering if s.o knows a way to capture movies from Netfliy on my laptop? Do they provide such a service? Well i guess not, but is there another way to do this? I'm travelling a lot and i would love to watch series or movies on my way but i really don't want to buy everything. I'm happy for every advice!
  4. Landlord

    Record webradios with software

    Hey I am looking for a software that allows me to record from several webradio streams. This software should save the music in a good format and should name and tagg the songs. A easy user interface would be nice too! Background is that I was using some free software that does its job but is just unhandy to use and I have to rework the recordings. As I am heavily using the software I am not really happy with the process. Do you know any good alternative? Experiences? Thank you so very much!