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  1. LOL, not a guess or inside info. It has to get better and it will... it makes no sense (for them) not to invest in it, when their hardware is so popular - and their rivals are improving their software. ;-)
  2. ^^^ What he said... IMHO you are in potential danger of cutting your nose to spite your face. The Aurender app will get better... the Aurender sound is already better (than most). ;-)
  3. Agree, but I obviously got the wrong end of the stick with my 1st response. FWIW, I wasted a small fortune on Naim gear many years ago, it was overpriced and average compared to what I use today. Even though DCS is big dollar (not the Bridge, that's good value) IMHO I'd place my faith in DCS over Naim any day of the week.
  4. Doh, LOL... I should really learn to read. Sound like a reasonable comparison then.
  5. Well you've got an interconnect and 2 SPDIF (out and in) interfaces in the way vs the direct path inside the NAIM. The Bridge is known to sound best on AES-EBU. If you had a separate system and compared only the digital portions of each unit via a DAC input, IMHO that would be apples vs apples.
  6. This is not meant to be rude (so please don't read it that way) but how have you managed to compare what is essentially a digital to digital converter with a streaming DAC & Preamp? Did you just plug the Bridge into one of the DAC inputs on the NAIM? If so, I'm not sure you could learn much about the Bridge's max capability from the result.
  7. Success! emergency USB stick saves the day... music is flowing again, thanks Aurender for great service! ;-)
  8. ... Would just like to add that Aurender's support has been 1st class - it was a case of auto detection code that apprehended the old case number. For future reference in general, don't reply to old email conversations, always create a new support ticket. ;-)
  9. Sorry forgot to update... I initially replied to an old conversation and their system caught the old case number and archived it. After two attempts I worked that out and sent a new clean email which was replied to very quickly. They are sending me a new emergency USB drive (there is one inside) which houses the code to rebuild the SSD. If that doesn't work then it has to be sent to the factory.
  10. They haven't answered yet so I'm stuck here without music. Hope they do soon
  11. Anyone had an Aurender freeze at startup on the logo? I had this before on my N100 and rebooted without USB and LAN connected to fix it, but no joy this time. I've done the factory reset (about 10 times) also. Sent them a support ticket. Hopefully they can give me a file to re-flash the OS? (a power-cut caused it, not damaged as on HQ surge protection)
  12. OK great... will it remember the last volume setting for each individual input?, otherwise volume would have to be set to max every time HT input is selected and then when another input is selected afterwards the speakers could be blown.
  13. Will the new G2 DAC have HT bypass and flawless volume control, so the preamp can finally be ditched? That's the deal breaker for me.
  14. Lovely system that would trounce many at multiples of coin, great suggestion. ;-)
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