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  1. WOW awesome article. It reminded me to look for my DVD-A from 2002, been meaning to rip into my drives to listen through my ROON system. It might be interesting to see how the streaming Qobuz sounds verse my ripped DVD-A ??? HMMM
  2. Can we assume the 1994 Joe Gastwirt version of Deja Vu is just as good ?
  3. I had all the major vinyl releases of this which are now sold, but also have the MoFi SACD. But after reading this, I found the "Irwin" mixed in some new CD's that I never listened to ! I am going to rip it, the it will be in Roon with my SACD backup of the MoFi !
  4. Thank you. So right now I have a PC with an SSD with ROON and Win 10 on it, along with a second standard drive with Music files. This is all I use this PC for. This is hooked to my network where a Lumin DAC/Streamer that is ROON ready feeds my amps balanced analog in. Considering that this integrated has an excellent built in USB DAC, I was thinking about removing the Lumin and using the Built in DSD USB DAC, but wanted to stay in the network, and keep the USB away from the PC.. But on what you said, don't I need to have the PC on to use ROON to the USB Bridge Sig which is ROON rea
  5. Thanks bamyasi, for the info. On the 4th one down I meant to say I do not use the USB on my dedicated PC ?
  6. So currently I use a Lumin DAC/Streamer. If I wanted to switch to another DAC that is USB and not ROON capable, what would I do ? Would the USB Signature player, with shanti and one of the proper software be a way to go ? If so now what. I am totally confused about these products. I am assuming the USB Signature player connects to your network, and is the ROON end point ? Then a short USB into the DAC ? I do not use the DAC on the dedicated PC I am using ?It looks like you can also HDMI into some kind of a monitor to work on the software ? Lost, but look
  7. Is there any current concerns about Sony sending out new firmware, that would prevent using these various units to backup my SACD's ? Are there any settings to prevent this ? Thanks, Wayne
  8. Hello all, I am not savvy enough on the subject to be of much use overall. But I just wanted to say if you are reading through all this and confused like I was , on how to accomplish your SACD backups, I would suggest the following. 1) Get a Sony machine from Amazon or somewhere, used or refurbished. I bought a refurbished S590 with a warranty for about $70 on Amazon. 2)Read through pages 176 and 177 for all the basic info needed to get up running and backing up in a short time using the awake server method. All my questions were answered there for the Sony's.
  9. I see MikeyFresh sent you a PM, hopefully you are on your way ? I just got my Sony S590 going last week in a few minutes with help from these guys. The last 3 or 4 posts on page 177 takes you to the script for the USB thumbdrive for Sony, if that is all you need. I'd be glad to share the info I received, but these guys are a lot smarter than me !
  10. Ok , I just used the existing ISO2DSD Folder and files that have been on my PC since I experimented with my Modwright modified OPPO last year. On the USB Thumb drive, I deleted the Autoscript files and folder from the OPPO use, Then I added Sony script from MikeyFresh above. Followed the instructions from Phthalocyanine, and it went off without a hitch. You were right as I had to add the enclosing AutoScript folder. I backed up 2 last night, they sound wonderful. The Sony BDP-S590 from Amazon certified refurbished @70 bucks was a pretty good deal I thought
  11. Embarrassed to say I am lost. I wanted to try this tonight. I have the USB that worked with the OPPO. Do I need to delete those few files that were put on for the OPPO ? Where do I get the correct file to put on the drive ? I did not see that anywhere. Also, I have a folder on my PC call SACD, with some items in it, I cannot remember where I got that also ? This is where the OPPO rips ended up ? I got the Sony server method instructions from Phthalocyanine, but understand most of the instructions, but am stuck on what and where I have to load some initial f
  12. This Certified Refurbished S590 showed up today all ready, looks like brand new, with 30 day warranty, and for $4.00 a 2 year warranty from Amazon, not bad for $70.00, I will check it out over the next few days, and read thru some of the Sony ripping process I printed off from here.
  13. So here is one question, will the USB thumb drive I used successfully with my OPPO 105D, work for the Sony S590 ?
  14. OK thanks again, decided on the S590 certified refurbished from Amazon, I find the easiest to deal with if there is a problem. Like I said I probably will end up with a few questions. Wayne
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