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  1. AIFF 16/44.1. So many great jazz piano trio recordings to get to,
  2. Well, I don’t get to pick the album covers, just the music. this is him a few years ago.
  3. Congrats rt66inderock. Due for shot 2 in three weeks, wife in 2 and my 91 year old mon had both with the only side effect being a little tired for a day or two, now back to MQA.
  4. Hey, I am not living their lives in their skins. I have no basis or reason to criticize them. If they are happy, who cares.
  5. Being born and raised in Philly, I saw Hall & Oates quite a few times. Always put on great shows. They always give you your money’s worth.
  6. Lovely way to start the afternoon. AIFF 24/192.
  7. I can imagine that the demand is crazy. We purchased one that was more than we needed at the time but we had been thinking of enlarging the house in the future which we did. So, we we’re set. Having the entire house work rather than a few key circuits is something I would not want to be without anymore. Plus, it doesn’t exactly hurt the resale value of the house.
  8. We bought a gasoline generator too after Sandy. Filling it every few hours with gas in the rain and wind and running cords through open windows was a PITA. Doing that in winter with a snow or ice storm, no way. Yes the whole house generator was expensive but it has worked like a charm and it operates instantaneously and I don’t have to get off the couch. Worth every penny.
  9. How about piss on vinyl, will that work too? Asking for a friend.
  10. Chris invited me out to his winter place for tea. Nice!
  11. Listening to the new 24/192 transfers of Chet and Chet Baker in New York, I could swear I was listening to a R2R machine. Wow.
  12. It is not done violently. Now, other than asking you to leave for not wearing a mask, they hit you in the head with a Billy club until you do, that would be violent enforcement. Stop the hyperbole.
  13. DSD64 converted to 24/176.4 for playback. Nice.
  14. Not to get political but Van Morrison has no idea what a police state is like. He should visit one and see what they are really like.
  15. John H, I will be listening to Stacy after this fantastic sounding CD.
  16. I do not know. But, if the natural gas stops flowing around here, we are all in big trouble. That has never occurred here in the northeast US.
  17. Natural gas, the line out of the meter was split, one to the inside and one to the generator. You can hear it in the audio room but it is not very loud with the windows closed. It is two levels above the ground level of the house. The space is fully insulated and is 4 years old now.
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