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  1. AIFF 16/44.1 Volumes 1 and 2. Voice, guitar and bass. Superb sound.
  2. Bassist Gary Peacock has passed away at age 85. He played with some of the greats in jazz. RIP.
  3. Indeed. Did Rexp even watch the video? Then attacks me as a a troll. Really?
  4. The old scratchy copy sounds wonderful. Sure. 🤨
  5. I now listen exclusively to digital. The LPs I really want to listen to we do needle drops at 24/96. My digital sounds fantastic. Open, smooth, three dimensional, meaty, you name it. Macbook right into an Yggy via Unison. You do not need a Taiko to get incredible digital sound. My point is that vinyl and digital can both sound great. This has been discussed over and over. Just try another DAC.
  6. Do we need another thread like this? Listen to whatever the hell you like.
  7. Hi Peter, we did. The other companies agreed with Tesla’s assessment. However, they were more than willing to sell us an expensive system that would give us virtually no power for 4 months of the year and still not enough during the summer to run the house without taking from the grid. One of the Tesla engineers called me from Nevada and told me, given the cost of power here that he wouldn’t do it if he was me. I will revisit it again as the solar roof tech continues to improve. Oh, our family has 3 Teslas and I would love to charge them all with solar. I don’t have time for a 50 year ROI. BT
  8. Actually, we already have a 27kw generator that runs the entire house in the event of a power outage. Runs off the natural gas line to the house. Of course, we never needed to use it for the first three years. The last couple of years, we were without power for a couple of days in a row a few times. Looked into solar but due to the fact that we live on the side of a hill that has tons of trees on it, Tesla told us not to bother as in the winter months we would get nothing. We would have solar in a minute if it made any financial sense. Now back to the fun and games.
  9. This is still a wonderful preamp even though it is so old. I bought it used in the early 90’s from a Spectral dealer. He tried to sell me the latest Spectral at the time so we hooked them up to the Spectral amp If the day and into Vandersteen speakers, as I recall, the big old Model 4. Listened to CD and tape through the line stage and neither of us could tell the difference between the two. The new pre amp had an obviously better phono stage but that wasn’t worth the extra $6,000.00 to me so I grabbed the used pre amp. I have had it cleaned and tweaked by a very competent friend who has worke
  10. Not the Ford Pinto? How about the AMC Gremlin?
  11. Chris needs bathroom breaks just like rest of us!
  12. Having had the privilege of seeing the restored and cleaned up Sistine Chapel, it gets my vote over The Dark Side of the Moon. The advantage the latter has though is accessibility. I do have to go to Rome to see the Sistine Chapel in all of its stick it in the eye of the Pope beauty where as the former, just need to go to Qobuz. As for Picasso, I have been to the Picasso Museums in Barcelona and Paris. Saw quite a few of his paintings at the Hermitage also. The cubist art doesn’t move me at all and most of it is too duplicative. However, his work as a young painter that I have seen, mostly por
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