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  1. I refuse to stream as it screws the artists who should be making more of the money.
  2. Let’s assume for the sake of argument that scaler waves are a fact. Has anyone done any testing on them to see if long term exposure to them is safe? Why the hell would I want to expose my brain to these waves? Insane stuff, but then again, it is Audio.....
  3. Money spent does not ensure quality or lack thereof, at either end of the spectrum. I have heard very modest systems that sound great, I have heard systems costing several hundred thousand dollars that were, shall I say, underwhelming. Not every home or apartment can support a big system. I am fortunate to have a dedicated room away from our home’s more public space for 2 channel. Neither my wife nor I want to have big speakers and a bunch of boxes and wires dominate a living room or family room. Our choice, it is ok if you do. Most people just aren’t obsessive about Audio. Never have been. You can be a music lover and not obsess over audio. As long as what you are using to play music conveys the power of music, all is good. That can be an iPhone with earbuds, a computer feeding a pair of Vanatoos or a monster rig. People spend what they can afford or what they feel is reasonable. As much as I have enjoyed high end audio over these many years, I have limits on what I will spend. I would rather spend money on music, live shows, great food and world travel, than a $250,000 system. But that is just me.
  4. I chime in sparingly on these threads Lee. What else have I taken out of context?
  5. Reading Lee’s comments over at SHF, I must say as far as I am concerned, that once you trot out you can’t hear the improvement because your system is not resolving enough, you’ve lost the argument. It’s like arguing my system is better because it costs more. That attitude just turns me off in this hobby. While there is occasionally some good stuff in Stereophile and TAS, most of the other on line only sites are not worth reading. Ever notice how their show reports read like ad copy? I learn far more on forums than any of these sites. No wonder this hobby is shrinking.
  6. I own a v1 with usb 5. Have had it for a year. Will I upgrade. Yep. A no brainer.
  7. From HDTracks or their record label? I know a few millionaires. Not impressed.
  8. I have to wonder how successful HDTracks really is. High rez is such a small segment of music sales.
  9. While I have issues with the whole idea of MQA, I do find the overall antagonism of the debate to be off putting. We could do with. A bit more civility. With that said, I have to Ask Lee, is not defending the MQA business model the same thing as defending MQA. Cheers.
  10. I had the chance to see Adele in Auckland in March. I enjoy her Blu Ray concert at RAH but hate going to large venues and this was a 25,000+ venue. Jazz clubs have spoiled me. I always thought I could see her another time but given her continued vocal chord issues, I can see her never touring again and just recordings. Should have gone.
  11. What are the settings for Sox to send the signal untouched to the DAC. I have an Yggy and would rather just rely on its filter.
  12. He built this system for South Australia with tech that actually exists TODAY. If you can do better, by all means do so.
  13. I was wondering for those that have gone from some variant of 3.1, such as my current 3.1.4, to 3.2, what increase in SQ, if any, are you hearing. Thanks.
  14. Schiit Yiggy with usb5. Awesome improvement with usb sources.
  15. The Canjam rooms are always packed. It is really where the action is in this hobby, at least with those under 40.
  16. Probably because the market for audiophiles is so small that it is just not worth it to the record companies. I have cut down on my purchases of high res files because of the compression and loudness. The artists want their recordings loud in the pop world no doubt about it. If the loudness isn’t there the tracks get lost on services like Spotify. I know from experience. I see it even in jazz the new John Pizzarelli release coming to mind. Loud all the time, Bossa Nova to boot. Totally misses the point. I would love to see new pop and rock given audiophile mastering. Not going to happen though. SAD.
  17. I agree, it sounds great. My Yggy usb is much better in all ways since installing the usb 5 card. Lower noise, better bass, smoother sound.
  18. I will be there on Friday. Yes the parking is free.
  19. In regards to the analogy with 4K video, while the increase in resolution is not all that significant, the use of HDR is. It is something that greatly improves the viewing experience, when used properly. It us a real advance in the presentation if video. I watched Wonder Woman in 4K the other day in an OLED and it was mikes better than the SDR version because of the use of HDR. So the actual benefits of 4K are obvious even from across the room. MQA, not so much.
  20. No, I think the new DSP chip you received contains the new software update to "fix" the glitch as your DAC is older. Schiit does not send the chip out normally as they do it in house when the unit is sent back for updating or repairs. It has nothing to do with the new USB board. MM has stated that the new software does not change the sound of the Yggy, just removes the glitch from showing up in measurements.
  21. I have a new non glitch Yggy and a friend an older Yggy. Can't say I have ever heard the glitch.
  22. Certainty a cheaper and more versatile tone control than most audiophile cables! ?
  23. If the DAC has the USB 5 board in it, it will have a sticker on the back. I did a self install of the new board on my Yggy and it came with the small sticker to place over the old one. The USB 5 board is absolutely sensational.
  24. It will make a ton of things useless, including expensive USB cables. I look forward to getting the new card for the Yggy.
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