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  1. I agree Kal. For me, this is long overdue. I have purchased quite a few of their DSD downloads and convert them to 24/176.4 for playback. This now saves me the trouble.
  2. Somebody has decided that they want to sell more downloads.
  3. Sorry, it so sorry, it is the Satin Doll Club. Close but no cigar.
  4. Right now I am sitting in the Cottontail Club in Toyko listening to Monty Alexander, Herb Elłis and Ray Brown playing their butts off. That is what I want from a home system. Loving every minute of it.
  5. New from Sound Liaison recorded on 2 inch tape and transferred to DXD. This mornings album.
  6. Yes a friend did it to his. I think he has since removed it. If you use a SR fuse, be sure you get the right one as some people have had bad luck with them blowing too easily.
  7. I am too dumb to be able to figure out HQP. Need a more powerful laptop to use it anyway, I use the newest Audirvana with my Yggy which I have set up to bit perfect and I let the Yggy do its thing. Sounds marvelous, even converting DSD to 24/176.4.
  8. On a color wheel, the opposite of teal is orange. That is why skin tones have a bit of an orange tinge in films where the color balance has that teal shift. I hate films that do that but that has been all the rage for years, especially sci fi.
  9. I have a recording which shall not be named which is a straight transfer of the session master. When I play the commercial master file, I want to weep. Happens far too often,
  10. Well, if you did that here in the US and it started a fire, bye bye insurance. I would not recommend bypassing fuses. Some modded Fuses on Yggys by wraping the fuse with copper foil. I would not recommend that either.
  11. I will take one to watch the Sixers win the NBA Championship to start.
  12. Racerxnet, Yes they can. I am too old to to learn new tricks. Don’t mind paying guys who I have known for years to do that for me. Some were involved in the development of Calman.
  13. That’s why we have vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, even rocky road. Choices are good.
  14. Not sure, will have to check. If not, the best sets get damn close. So much so that you will need a calibration camera to tell. Rec 2020,not so much.
  15. Yes Jud, LG Display makes all of the OLED panels used in LG, Sony and Panasonic OLEDs. Each manufacturer has their own electronics driving them though. It is too bad you can’t get the Panasonic’s in the US. Love them.
  16. I have some friends that travel the US and over to Korea doing calibrations, amazing what can be done today. With Blu ray and 4K Blu dying, I am glad I wired my HT closet,
  17. The current generations of OLED and LEDs such as QLED are phenomenal. And wait for micro led which I hope to get in here, once I take care of a cataract and can properly see the damn thing. I am finished with the 2 channel room. Next is the HT room. 4K and Atmos .
  18. I have seen the Sony OLED used by mastering houses during a Blu ray mastering process side by side with a consumer tv. Amazingly close. $30,000 for a 30’ set and a few grand for the consumer set. You can be very confident that with a properly calibrated set that you getting the right video fidelity at home in the proper lighting conditions. Not aware of a similar thing in home audio. The video calibration removes many of the variables for home video, especially with 4K, HDR and DC3 color gamut.
  19. what sounds natural and transparent to you with your system and room may not to someone else with a different processor between his or her ears. But, that being said, as long as you are satisfied and happy, that is all that really matters.
  20. Video is a whole other can of worms. I have been in a mastering house. An friend masters for DVD and Blu ray. They master to a standard to reference calibrated monitors that are extremely accurate. If you calibrate your set at home to these standards, You get to see what the director and cinematographer wants you to see. It is really amazing these days how close a consumer tv can get to a professional monitor. Nothing gets this close in audio, too many variables.
  21. Depending on how the whole Covid thing works out, I hope to attend a recording session of a well known jazz artist. I will make a point of listening in the room and the control room and taking notes to compare with the final product. Of course, it will form the basis of an article here if all goes well.
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