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  1. For what it is worth... http://www.sa-cd.net/showtitle/6491
  2. No there was not. I do believe that Russell Malone was the guitarist on the piano guitar piece, Marc Ribot on the Dylan Tune. Not sure what track Christian McBride is on, perhaps How Deep is the Ocean. I also think Kareem Riggins is the drummer on How Deep is the Ocean as that drum part doesn’t sound like Jeff.
  3. Agreed Kal, although my Spectral DMC 5 Is a close second.
  4. I have met her. Amazing what can be done with photography angles with figures. I am not a fan of the way the record company has tried to sell her. The music speaks for itself.
  5. I actually have the Glad Rag Doll LP. The photography on the gate fold is even better. Keep it closed to keep away from the kiddies, like the paper rappers on Playboy back in the day at the newsstand.
  6. SMc Audio does not have much of a website. Not sure why as it was better awhile back. Just send them an email and they will respond quickly. Give them your number and Pat will call you. BTW, the revised amps have a three year warranty.
  7. No such thing as objectivity in music reviews. Don’t see how there can be. It is all a matter of taste.
  8. I loved it and posted my thoughts. For once great minds don’t think alike! 😀
  9. Well, I guess you will have to strip me of my audiophile card for sure after this piece. I downloaded this new album today and just finished my first listen. This is the best album DK has released in a long time. The album features her best backing band IMHO, namely Jeff Hamilton, John Clayton and Anthony Wilson. The arrangements are all over the map, with the quartet, the quartet backed by strings, solo piano and vocals, piano and guitar and piano and bass. There is traditional jazz, a tinge of country and an homage to the Nat Cole album After Midnight with Stuff Smith on violin on the track
  10. I am sure that any audiophile who knows me will confirm that if most audiophiles changed their equipment as often as I do, there would be a lot less audio manufacturers around. My audio philosophy has really not changed since I entered this hobby upon graduation from law school in the 1980’s. I have always looked for what I consider the most natural sounding components that also give the best value for the money. With loans to pay off, a mortgage and then kids, I was not in a position to spend tons of money on audio components. I would never stretch our family finances just to buy audio equipm
  11. Speaking of Sound Liaison, listening to this fantastic recording.
  12. Well, that was quick. Jason confirmed it will use a drawer. No top loader and no slot load. I would prefer the top load but no big deal.
  13. This is one album that I don’t have. Getting it to round out my collection.
  14. My guess is that it will be a top loader give what I was told about the drive.
  15. Good question. I will have to check on the drive to see. That will require some digging. I know it is the same one in a very expensive transport so will have to find it.
  16. The transport, according to Jason (who should know) is the same size as the Freya, without the tubes of course. So, the box is 16”x8”x2”, which is just a tad smaller than the Gumby which is 16”x8.75”x2.25”.
  17. No pics yet that I am aware of. As far as I know, the metal is in and I assume the actual disc spinner which is of very high quality. This product won’t be cheap, not Yggy expensive but not Bifrost Level pricing either.
  18. We saw this artist a few years ago in Amsterdam and were blown away with the performance. Bought this disc from him afterwards. Superb.
  19. The last I heard was that the Schiit Transport may be released by the end of this year. They are having issues with the firmware for the Unison USB out. It will work fine with Schiit DACs with Unison USB in but not reliably with other DACs. Schiit does not want to put out a transport that only works with a few of their own DACs. Work on that firmware issue is going on now so hopefully there will be an announcement by December. As Jason said yesterday, they are in firmware hell right now. Fingers crossed.
  20. I was underwhelmed with the snippets I heard. Will have to stream it before I would buy it.
  21. As someone who has been blessed to have visited all 7 continents, it is time we got off fossil fuels. I have seen the changes in the climate and the planet first hand. It is really depressing. As a family, do what we can. We drive Teslas and try to charge them with the cleanest possible sources of electricity. Hopefully one day we can go full solar here but not with current tech given our terrain. Millions of jobs can be created building out renewables. I saw an interesting video on line about a company in the UK that created solar tiles using a cement base that work very well and can be used
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