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  1. Jud, you don’t have to accept everything Mark says as gospel. I agree with a lot he says, but not all. I love my wife but we don’t agree on everything. I respect his positions and have always found him to be a man of integrity, even if we disagree on a particular issue.
  2. I agree, let’s get back to the ridiculous treatment if Mark by the LAOCAS. I have known Mark for a few years and find him to be of the utmost integrity. It is a shame that so many in the high end audio press lack Mark’s courage.
  3. Kudos to the members here for this unmasking. Well done.
  4. It is laurel as it comes from vocabulary.com according to a new article. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/yanny-laurel-debate-explanation-real-answer_us_5afc7463e4b0779345d54ad9 so, I guess if you hear yanni...........
  5. Where on the east coast do you anticipate doing such a test?
  6. Too bad as I enjoyed doing my occasional music features, even if it was gratis.
  7. I have to agree with Andrew, who is a very nice bloke btw. Focus on the actual BS that MQA is and lay off the name calling.
  8. For that purpose I would use Vanatoos for a fraction of the cost. Just that and my laptop. Plug and play.
  9. If you do replace a fuse with a non certified fuse and the product catches fire and damages your home, good luck with that insurance claim as you won’t be covered.
  10. Well engineered recordings sound great at both 44.1 and 48. The quality of the original engineering is what matters, much so than the format. So, I would have no problems if you “lower your standard”, not that I think the end result won’t be fantastic.
  11. I cringe at every SR demo. I avoid their demo rooms completely now as well as their dealers and reviewers that love them.
  12. I went to a room twice the size as my old room over a year ago with the same equipment. Vandersteen 3A speakers. Had bass issues as well that I didn’t have in the old room. Weak bass. Thought it was the size of the room, until we tested the room with test signals. We repositioned the speakers ever so slightly and I mean slightly and bingo. Deep, tuneful and impactful bass with great imaging. Best sound I have ever had in our home. In short, it may just be your speaker placement. I would examine that before anything else.
  13. I feel the same way. I am getting fantastic results with my Mac book air using A+ straight into my Yggy. I recently had some fellow audio nerds in that have more elaborate computer systems and they couldn’t believe the results I was getting. I have had a couple expensive renderers in to check out and was not impressed with what I heard. So, I will continue to keep it as simple as possible. KISS.
  14. Fortunately, I have no interest in either roon or MQA .
  15. Gee, how do you turn MQA entirely off so MQA can’t fuss with the data steam? Not a roon user but find the roon labs explanations very confusing.
  16. Yes, they can be both. There is a fascinating study published in this topic.
  17. To gmgraves, the reason you could have conversations with your grandfather was that times were much simpler then. Things moved much slower, both socially as well as with technology. Things move much faster today. Things change much more quickly. The differences between generations is expanding much quicker than before and shows no sign of slowing down. This has good aspects as well as bad. I have two kids in their early 20’s. They are so much ahead of where kids were in my day on so many issues. On the downside, there is a shallowness to society as a result as well. Too much reliance on gadgets and not on social interaction. Real, personal interaction, not Twitter or god forbid, Facebook. The other stuff is a matter of taste. I can recall the hub bub when I was a kid about long hair on males. It was just dumb. More to the point, I enjoy interacting with people with different viewpoints, trying to learn why they may think that way. We have been fortunate to travel all over. Despite all the differences between people of different countries and ages, cultures, religions and the like, it is amazing to realize when you sit down and talk, how much we really all have common. I would explore more people to venture outside their small social circle and meet people who are not just like you. You may find it to be eye opening. Now, time to get off my soapbox and listen to some tunes.
  18. Some in this thread clearly want to return not to the 1950’s but the stone age. I would suggest to Chris that he close and remove this thread.
  19. Yep, just because you had a bad experience, we all must have too. Geez, what is this doing on CA?
  20. John, was your keynote videoed? If so, will it be on line? Thanks.
  21. Don’t feed the...... you get the point.
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