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  1. Definitely not enough boxes on the floor in that room! 🤠
  2. Love Johnny Hartman. Agree about Frank. No contest.
  3. I agree. I got the new Scott Hamilton Fone release last week. Sounds great but expensive for DSD64 which I convert to PCM anyway for playback.
  4. Have the CD and it sounds great as one would expect with Jim Anderson. I get that the DXD will not be cheap as that is the master. But DSD 512 priced $10 more? I would rather have the master or a PCM derivative of it.
  5. Indeed. Have this on MoFi Gold CD ripped to my drive. Will give it a listen tonight.
  6. Joey Alexander is amazing. However, even though he is so young, he is actually a star in the jazz world already. I was trying to highlight guys more under the radar. I look forward to seeing Joey perform in person one day, whenever that will be possible.
  7. Love Ahmad Jamal. He will be on the next one, if I ever get around to it. The article was about my favorites. I also wanted to highlight some younger extremely talented doods who really deserve a more wider audience.
  8. Nailed it Audiobomber. I acknowledge that Art Tatum was a giant and a hero of OP. I just think OP took the art form to another level. Frankly, I should have also included Nat Cole in the piece but wanted to address his piano prowess in a piece about my favorite male jazz singers. I really need to get to work. Having too much fun listening to get analytical.
  9. If it makes some types of music sound better to you and others worse, what is the point? Doesn’t seem to me that it is adding to fidelity and is just a tone control.
  10. I have commented on this before but these are favorites of mine. I have quite a few Keith Jarrett Recordings and enjoy them even with those sounds he makes. Just not enough to be in my top 10. Frankly, at times he gets out there for me. I really love the two Charlie Haden albums he recorded In his home studio up near Easton, PA. A little dry acoustically but just wonderful melodic music. He is in the second 10 for sure as is Herbie, who I had the pleasure of meeting and who is just a wonderful guy. Not the biggest fan of Chick Corea though. Diana Krall is a fantastic piano player . Definitely
  11. Computers are just a tool. The music industry murdered music.
  12. At least they have given up the ghost that it is actually lossless. Kind of like a flat earther saying that yeah, while the earth is flat, space is actually real. One step at a time grasshopper.
  13. As a songwriter, you know you have made it when your song gets the Muzak treatment.😝
  14. Last one for the evening before my wife pulls the plug. This is a great album. Joe Williams at 69 and at his peak. Mastered on the low side so crank it up. Love the version of Too Marvelous For Words, All Blues and Dollar For a Dime.
  15. Not a terribly adventurous album, just well played and arranged relaxing jazz that is very well recorded.
  16. And one the jazz scribes overlook. I had the honor to see him live in NY in the 90’s. He never lost a step.
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