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  1. I was not at the show were the recording was made but did see the band 2 times in the past year, Once at Chris' Jazz cafe in PHilly and the other at The Jazz Standard in NYC. This recording captures what I heard both night beautifully. Love it!
  2. I have many hours of listening with the Yggy at a friend's place. I also have had the Gumby for a few weeks. Both are superb DACS. I find that Yggy to be an overall better DAC, but in my system, the Gumby sounds sensational, with a very low noise floor and an incredible level of detail. You may want to relisten to that track through the Gumby. Interestingly, I find that the Jitterbug has less of an effect than with the DS Gungnir. Even weirder, with the Jitterbug in line with the DAC, my computer will not see the DAC unless it is hooked up through the Wyrd (I don't have a Regen) Take the Jitte
  3. Glad you enjoyed it. I have seen this trio 2 times in the past year, once in Philly at Chris' (Christian is one of Philly's own) and at The Jazz Standard in NYC. This release really captures the trio. yes, they are great fun and great players. I checked out your blog and can recommend all of the oscar Peterson tril recordings with Ray Brown and Ed Thigpen. They are great and sound excellent as well.
  4. I agree, she is superb as are all her recordings on Channel Classics. Saw her in London a few years ago. Incredible concert.
  5. Christian McBride Trio Live at the Village Vanguard 24/96. Superb!
  6. I saw John perform this material at Birdland just awhile back. My Valentine done in the bossanova style was superb!
  7. I group of us in our local audio group will be doing a shoot between one member's Yggy and my Gumby. It should prove interesting. I upgraded my Gungnir to the Gumby and I am certainly glad I did. The Gumby is a significant improvement with better dynamics, low level detail and a better sense of space. While I believe it is possible that the soundstage width may be a tad, and I am not sure about it, I will have to listen some more, narrower, the front to back depth of the Gumby is noticeably better. The liveliness of a drum kit is also much more realistic without being harsh. The Gumby is more
  8. But it is OK for others, even a few here, to beat the drum for DSD and bash PCM? I have no issue at all with people expressing their opinions. I know Mark a bit and have met John and they honestly believe what they are saying. Others differ. So be it. I just want the best sounding stuff I can get regardless of format. It is great that we are no longer tied to physical media and we can download what we want and play it back anyway we want. While there are more releases coming out in DSD, they are mainly classical music and the same stuff over and over. Bruckner, Dvorak, Mozart, etc. As much as
  9. The Salk room sounded very nice, too nice, way too smooth though to these ears. I had it as my third best room. In hindsight, it should have been my 4th. I would put the Volti roo ahead of it. I can see why it would appeal to many. As for the OLED, Once Panasonic gets around to delivering a flat one, I will grab one. They will be announcing a flat 65" at CES that will cost as much as the Lampi. I expect a 77" to be over $20k, hence I will not be buying any expensive 2 channel stuff anytime soon. All that spare cash goes into the kitty for a new TV to replace my Kuro in a year or 2. Probably 2!
  10. Ted, it seems that every thread on PCM vs. DSD gets down to vitriol as you describe it. DSD vs. PCM is another of those debates in this hobby which take on almost religious fervor, the old my god is better than your god debate which is soooooo tiresome. We see it in solid state vs. tubes, analog v. digital, vinyl vs. digital. I have my opinions but think that whatever floats your boat is good too. Choices! While I prefer PCM and prefer the PCM track on this release ( I was offered the ability to sample the same tracks when this title was released before I bought the album), I have bought quite
  11. I used to work in Center City Philadelphia at the time and used to stop in a chat with Jack once a week and listen to some tunes and what he had new that had come in which is how I met Mike. I ended up staying all afternoon and into the evening that day. I have remained friends with Jack ever since even with all his travels. He was a member of our area audio group until he moved to Florida to be closer to his son. Jack is one of the nicest people I have met in this hobby.
  12. First met Mike back in the good old days a couple of time he stopped by Chestnut Hill Audio in Philly. It is nice to see he hasn't changed much! I had his DS Pro Basic which I upgraded to mark III status (when the red light was replaced with the cobalt blue one) for years in my system; I still have it it is just not in the system. When I got into computer based audio I grabbed the Gungnir based on my experience with him and Theta. I found it to be an excellent upgrade from my Basic. Until a friend got the Yggy I was a happy camper but the Yggy sounded sensational. I just could not get the pric
  13. Yes, but the underlying SQ didn't really change much more than a smidge
  14. Some of the venom in this thread is ridiculous. Geez, it is audio not life and death. Mark isn't some kid in his PJs in his mom's basement commenting on the internet. Give him some credit for what he has accomplished in the industry. You find the Regen makes a big improvement in your system. Great. By all means yell from the mountaintops. But there is no need to denigrate someone who doesn't or doesn't think that the improvement is as great as you do. As for the Regen, I have yet to hear it so can't comment on it. I do have the Wyrd which I bought, not to improve the sound, but to eliminate dr
  15. You are correct. I hope things are well in Switzerland. I will be at the show in NYC. I am sure someone will have a Lampi there. The Big 7 is too rich for my blood. I am saving my pennies for a 77 inch flat Panasonic OLED TV.
  16. Wisnon, greetings. I heard the Lampi Big 7 at the recent Capital Audio Fest. I was not blown away. The Bricasti next door sounded much better on PCM and even DSD. I don't use an Oppo for DSD. BTW, my Schiit Multibit sounds superb in my system. I have no need for a new DAC at this point. And the upgrade was $500 bucks! When Mike M. gets around to upgrading the Loki to do at least double DSD, I will grab one.
  17. I didn't calibrate or build the room. The tuning was done by a professional. I will have to ask what software was used. Again, the great thing about computer audio is that you can buy whatever format you want. You can buy PCM and convert to DSD and visa versa. Whatever floats your boat. I doubt that DSD will ever supplant PCM in the recording industry as a whole and will remain a niche, in acoustic folk type stuff and of course classical.
  18. While we will have to agree to disagree on how high to rank this album, the interplay between Coltrane and Hartman is as good as it gets in a jazz vocal album and what jazz all about. For me, it is the finest jazz vocal album ever.
  19. You need to include what IMHO is the best jazz vocal album of all time, John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman. For me, it belongs in any top 10.
  20. Personally I find the Oppos to be too bright for SACD and CD out of the box. What we used was a modified Oppo 105 with fully damped output boards. Makes a huge difference. I was so impressed with the improvements that I will have the MC analog out boards in the 95 in my HT room modded to. It is a very cheap mod, no tubes, etc. just damping. Sounds better than that ModWright stuff I have heard that costs $2,500. I bought a SACD player years ago, the Sony 555ES. Playing SACD layers through that never sounded as good as using the same player as a transport into my old Theta DAC. Now with the Gung
  21. I agree that is is important to listen to what you like. I will have to respectfully disagree with the rest of your post. The room was not calibrated with PCM but with calibration equipment. The room was built from the ground up with audio in mind. It is a very neutral room and reveals what is on the recording. Simply put, detail is missing in the DSD presentation that is present in the PCM. Low level information, the opening of a singer's lips, the falsetto in the voice. All were there with the PCM but not with the DSD. I don't find DSD to be more neutral, more rounded off is more like it. I
  22. We ran the same tests with a modified Oppo 105. We listened to several SACDs that were hybrid discs into a rather expensive system in a specially built room just for audio and had the same results as accwai. With the exception of one disc which was a mono Sarah Vaughn disc, the redbook layers all sounded better to our ears. The SACD layers all sounded smoothed over compared to the redbook which may help in a bright system but in one calibrated to the nth degree like this one, it lost a good bit of detail. Live recordings totally lacked the spark of a live venue. High hats and cymbals didn't so
  23. And guess what, the Yggy and Gumby sound sensational. I have spent many hours with the Yggy and have upgraded my Gungnir to Gumby status. I couldn't be happier.
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