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  1. This is Melody at her best, without all the theatrics, plus she is from Philly. 😎
  2. Melody Gardot Sunset in the Blue AIFF 24/96. Lovely.
  3. I am working on an article on this recording as Frans has provided me with a 24/192 file. It is scheduled for release on 11/13 on SL.
  4. Nothing firm. The metal work for the box is in as they showed it as are the mechanisms. They are waiting for some brackets for the box. Reading between the lines, it would appear they are out or just about out of firmware hell. They want to do a robust beta which should take a couple of months, so I would expect that they could start selling the transport in December depending on the results of the beta but more likely in January. However, I am not a psychic.
  5. I believe that it will as it will be a Unison in like on the Yggy, Gumby and BiFrost and that sure improves the sound along with the Unison out. Time will tell. Hopefully I will have one soon.
  6. Yes it is, indeed, but it beats the alternative.
  7. I am working on a full article. The sound is killer.
  8. A similar thing happened to Oscar Peterson and he had to retrain himself to play the piano again. He did and beautifully. Hopefully KJ can as well.
  9. Well that solves that. Two new cables it is. Maybe I can get Jason to reconsider!
  10. For those interested in the Eitr, the upcoming transport will act as a new Unison usb based Eitr. Expensive ($1299) for that to be sure with the added issue of being usb c.
  11. The usb c was a bit of a curveball for me. I have found a nice usb c to b cable from the Oyaide DJ line for about $40 but can’t find a usb b to c adapter to use with my current usb a to b cable, also from the Oyaide DJ line. By the way, for those interested, the transport will act as a Unison usb Eitr as well. Usb in and spdif and AES out.
  12. I will have the album tomorrow and will post my findings. I would be shocked if it didn’t sound fantastic. The bowing of the bass goes down to 27 hz. Should be interesting.
  13. For those interested, the new Carmen Gomes Inc. Recording is available On their bandcamp page. The DXD and Other PCM resolutions and DSD will be released by Sound Liaison on November 13th. Hope to have it soon and will comment here.
  14. What if the pizza sucks but the music is great like Pizza Express In London?
  15. I still have my Theta Pro Basic which I use when the Yggy goes in for an update. The Theta is louder.
  16. The Yggy and Gumby actually upsample everything to DXD resolution internally but do not accept native DXD input. So, if you feed the DAC 16/44.1, the megaburrito filter does it’s processing at 352.8. Sending it multiples of 24/48 results in processing at 384. The Yggy front has lights for 1x, 2x, 4x and 8x with the 8x being for DXD input. Maybe one day it will accept native DXD. That would also require an update to Unison which is Limited to 24/192.
  17. This morning it is all about that bass.
  18. Love the Hot Sardines. Grabbed this release a few years ago. Also check out Alex Mendham and Orchestra and the release the Fat Babies Thumpin and Bumpin at High Def Tape Transfers.
  19. I was very impressed with what I heard from the Acora speakers at CAF 2019. Not enough to change my speakers but still very impressed, especially the stand mounted ones.
  20. At most 10 for me out of the bunch and I wouldn’t necessarily agree that the releases are all sonic spectaculars.
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