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  1. It is the soprano sax on track 2 that is fatiguing. I find the same to be true on the latest Emmet Cohen release even with a tenor. The tracks without the sax sound fantastic, but the ones with the sax are annoying. Must be those new horns. They are nowhere as good as the old ones. Too bright.
  2. Let me know where it is so I can visit it the next time I am in Antartica. Maybe through here? I hope I didn’t reveal too much!
  3. I am beginning to think that the bloom is off the rose for Amir at ASR. The MQA has provoked some real vitriol towards Amir, some of which was over the top. More interesting is some of the blowback he got for the JBL speaker review which found, shall we say, less than stellar measurements. Nonetheless, he recommended them after actually listening to them and liking them. Almost like a subjectivist reviewer saying don’t mind the measurements, it sounds good. Fascinating.
  4. Indeed, I have seen him many times live. He is fantastic. Saw Ray Brown live once in the 90’s. They are very similar live, which is really saying something.
  5. I am using the latest version of A on my MacBook Air. No issues at all. Sounds fantastic.
  6. I understand that one of the great recording engineers passed away. A real loss.
  7. Team up to help the planet?.........hum.
  8. Considering that the guys who started Roon were from Meridian, I am not surprised if this were the case.
  9. Beautifully played serene solo piano from the great Fred Hersch. Recorded at home with great piano sound. Second time through this album in two days.AIFF 16/44.1.
  10. Yes, there will be two new analog boards released this year, probably the second half. Not much is really known yet. Mike did say that he likes one better than the other and Dave likes the other one better. Mike claims that if you like classical and jazz, you will like his favorite better and classic rock to grunge, you will like Dave’s favorite better. My guess is that there will be three boards available, the current “classic” one and the two new flavors. Until I hear myself, I will probably just stick with classic coke.
  11. Just played that file. Shows up as 32/176.4 DAC on my app.
  12. Weird, but if you are getting sound out of the Yggy it is getting fed pcm. Check the lights on the front. Which are on when playing DSD files. If the 44.1 light is on and the 4x light then you are getting 24/176.4. May want to reboot the Yggy too.
  13. Not sure you understood my point JA. It is that I can use filters and settings in software like Sox etc. to end up with the same sonic signature on a given mqa file. Hence, we do not need Mqa.
  14. I will have to check but I use my iPad to control Audirvana and on the app, when I play any DSD into my Yggy, it will show that it is playing it as 24/176.4.
  15. John, do you not think that the differences you heard could be created in settings in playback software? That is one of my beefs with MQA. I want to hear the original file. If I want something that sounds better to my ears, I can do that with software or even a graphic equalizer or something like the Schiit Loki.
  16. As a fellow trial lawyer albeit retired now, this is so true. When I wanted to hire an expert I had to meet with him first so I could judge how juries would react to them as best I could. It doesn’t matter what level of expertise you have if you cannot communicate it in a way that people will accept. That was one of the problems with the posters who left AS. Being overly snarky or argumentative only serves to have people question or reject your expertise, even if what you are saying has merit.
  17. Yes the Wilson feet are expensive. I have no experience with them so won’t comment on them other than to say I trust Chris. I did get some Critical Mass System .8 footers for my Yggy from a friend who is a dealer. Much to my surprise they did make a noticeable improvement in the sound. I am not sure the improvement was worth the grief from the finance committee once she found out what they cost, but...... I have since found footers from an acquaintance DIYer that work just as well for way less money that I have placed under other components. The CMS footers stay under the Yggy. The short story
  18. It really isn’t odd at all Goldenone. Amir is all about clicks and supporting his site which is really an echo chamber. Since JA now chimes in and has in video chats with audio groups complemented Amir, Amir is swayed by the flattery and will side with JA regardless of Amir’s ideology. Flattery...... reminds me of someone else........
  19. Time for some Philly horn arrangements, 24/44.1
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