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  1. Having had the opportunity to hear what is on some masters from the major labels vs. what is released to the masses, it is a shame we are getting bamboozled with MQA. Just give us the masters please.
  2. Considering I use CCC for backups, I will pass on this update.
  3. Love thus Hawkins album and the sound is superb too.
  4. DACs, like our choices in so many things is very personal. I think you can get a trial of this DAC and if it does not float your boat, can send it back. A friend did just that but I haven’t heard it with COVID. If you can afford it, with the return policy, go for it.
  5. Completely different album than the subject of this piece. I have the Sings the Blues in both 24/192 and a special request 24/176.4 recording and do not hear what you are describing.
  6. This recording was released today in all high res options on Sound Liaison.
  7. Back in June 2019, I penned an article extolling the virtues of the superb One Mic Recordings released by Dutch audiophile label Sound Liaison. For those not familiar with that article, the link is here. The special nature of these recordings was made possible by the Josephson C700S microphone and the skillful use and placement of that mic by the recording engineer, Frans De Rond. In the piece, I discussed the four albums that were recorded using the one mic technique, noting that with each successive recording the sound improved as Frans continued to experiment with the placement of the mic i
  8. It is OK if you don’t like it as much as I do. It really is ok,😎
  9. Make sure you get the gravity base upgrade. Well worth it!
  10. The labeling is a non issue for me. The button on the left changes polarity. The button in the middle toggles between inputs. If the Yggy senses a signal on any input you know. Seems easy to me and keeps down the cost.
  11. Thanks George. I hear the same things. I had the Analog 2 board for quite awhile before adding the Unison USB. The Unison just adds more of what the new board added, deeper bass, depth both front to back and left to right, a fuller richer sound and a lower noise floor. The Unison sounds superior to spdif to me. I have not used AES here but will check it out with the new Transport as it will act as an Eitr, usb in and AES out. Mike claims that Unison even beats the AES input. Will be interesting to see. Thanks again for the review.
  12. I have a full piece on this recording featuring info from Frans De Rond. Hopefully it will be up relatively soon. The DXD and PCM versions are scheduled for release on 11/13. Probably DSD as well.
  13. I have started a new topic thread for this download released yesterday in 24/96. It is available also on CD and vinyl. Simply put, this is a beautiful album. The singing is superb, very sensual, romantic but without pretense. Beautiful arrangements with strings featuring the Royal Philharmonic recorded with Ms. Gardot at Abbey Road Studios. The string sound is smooth and dare I say it warm. Just the right touch and not overpowering or syrupy. The sound quality on this release is as good as the music. I have listened to the full album 4 times already. Just love the music and the sound. This is
  14. Not an awful song, depends on who does it and the arrangement. Done by Lawrence Welk, awful. I enjoyed this version. It seems to be making it on set lists. Tierney Sutton covered it on her last release. I am old enough to remember when it was a hit. Andy Williams, yuck. I also hated Feelings as a kid. Hated it. My Dad’s band had to cover it back in the day. Man, did he hate playing it or hearing it. But, when I played the Monty Alexander cover on Montreux Alexander, he saw it in a whole new light and enjoyed it. Me too.
  15. It may be a first world problem, but I would be pissed too.
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