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  1. Fans of Patricia Barber’s Nightclub may want to check out the weekend exclusive of her forthcoming Clique release which is set to drop in early August. It is available on NativeDSD for US customers this weekend only in 24/352.8 DXD and all flavors of DSD. Fantastic recording all around.
  2. When you can’t attack the data, you attack the messenger. This is right out of the L. Ron Hubbard playbook. The reason the mQa folks want names revealed is so they can attack them personally, make life miserable for them, contact their employers, business and academic associates, threaten lawsuits, get them to lawyer up. This is so utterly transparent, otherwise, they would simply attack the data. The fact that they do not indicates to me that they can’t. This is really all very sad.
  3. Simple appeal to authority.
  4. Good to hear. When the app is available, I will give it a try.
  5. I have known Amir for a long time, back to the HD DVD days and the early days of WBF. Can’t take him seriously. Perhaps this will be the first dent in the cult like thinking over there at ASR.
  6. mQa, the Scientology of audio. You have been declared an SP MikeyFresh. Wear it proudly!
  7. If you have that LP, see if someone can do a needledrop for you at 24/96 and then compare the two. You may be very surprised. When I see remastered, I normally run for the hills. Far too often it means the music is squashed to hell.
  8. Mansr has not posted here since the whole Objectivist thing.
  9. Gee, I just saw that Mansr has received a one week ban at ASR for his anti mQa posts and his not too complimentary posts about Amir. He is angling for a permanent ban. So much for the pure objectivists not being into banning people for contrary opinions.
  10. Amir is now bringing the old line about Archimago not using his real identity. Attack the messenger not the data. So sick of this BS. Irony is truly dead with his appeal to authority with Mr. BS. Imagine if I posted on there defending let’s say Audioquest by saying that if Bill Low says so, it is good enough for me.
  11. Agreed, but the second movement sure sounds like 16 or 17. Goes from a whisper to a bang with space and dimensionality. Effortless sound.
  12. When I listen to the Pittsburg Symphony’s rendition of Bruckner’s Symphony Number 9, I hear excellent dynamics, especially the second movements. I have it in AIFF 24/192. The the CD on dynamic range database has the three movements as 11 9 and 13. Sounds a lot more dynamic than that for me.
  13. Fantastic newish album. AIFF 24/44.1.
  14. How do I give BS the bird, virtually?
  15. Gee, I thought that was obvious....and brilliant. I use it now wherever I post about mQa.
  16. Long time Mac user. I never use ALAC, just WAV, FLAC and AIFF. Most of my files and all of my rips are AIFF, Apple’s version of WAV.
  17. Not a huge fan of mono when there is a stereo version, but this mono version blows away the stereo version. For the mono, the mics were placed on the floor near the band which gives a much more immediate sound with great drums and bass. The stereo was recorded with mics hung from the ceiling giving a distant sound with little bass. AIFF 16/44.1.
  18. Beautiful album and recording. AIFF 16/44.1.
  19. Gee, while music is a matter of personal taste, boycotting 2L is not a hardship for me as I have no interest in their stuff, mQa or not.
  20. Personally, I have no issue with the subscription model. It really isn’t that much. I have been using A+ since about 2013 and have really enjoyed it. I really don’t stream much and use it to play my local files. I will check out the trial version for a month. If it sounds better, I am in. The SQ is all that interests me.
  21. When someone who disagrees with me tells me to do your own research, I am OUT.
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