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  1. 1 hour ago, hopkins said:

    Perhaps some people who claim all this is a matter of taste can explain in detail how they evaluate components or various tweaks they implement in their systems?  


    Also, if it's all a matter of taste, do you follow others' recommendations and if so based on what you think their tastes are? How does all this work in practice? 

    Well, I generally pay little head to reviewers in the major mags. I have been in too many rooms with some to know that they listen for different things than me. I guess that is the polite way to say it. I look for who the manufacturer is as part of the decision making process, generally for reliability. Don’t want to purchase from what could be a here today gone tomorrow company. Take Schiit for example. Back in the ‘90s I had some in person conversations with Mike M. and owned some Theta products, one of which still works quite well. Made it easier to decide to try one of his new DACs. I use previous experiences with designers like Richard Vandersteen and Steve McCormack in the process. But in the end, once I am satisfied with reliability and such, it is listening to the product either here on in systems that I have familiarity. Being in an audio group brings in all kinds of options for listening and experiencing numerous products. I have extensive joint listening sessions with a small group whose opinions I value, but I do not always agree. I have to make the ultimate purchasing decisions using my ears. If the company has a30 day return policy, that helps too.  Once I do extensive listening, I take the product out and listen again to try to make sure I am not fooling myself. It is amazing how many times I thought I was hearing a difference but wasn’t. I did not buy those products. On the other hand, there are times, like the ESP cords that I couldn’t put them back in the system fast enough. It is products like that which are keepers. Finally, if I have to think I hear a difference or an improvement, I really am not, so I never purchase those products.

  2. I am out after this. Listening to music and audio is entirely a subjective experience. When I say something is more accurate or real, it is so to ME, maybe not you. By all means, if you don’t like what people write, don’t read it. Doesn’t matter to me. Bickering here is like arguing about the shape of the earth, pointless, although I do enough of that in one of my other “jobs”.

  3. Musk, chocolate , black current leaves are not flavors? We  use language to describe what we hear, at times, inartfully. A wine reviewer does the same thing to describe what they taste. I compare what I hear to what I have experienced, like the sound of a piano. A wine reviewer knows what chocolate tastes like, at least to him, no? Same damn thing. This isn’t hard friends.

  4. Well, condescending at least. Of course it is a matter of taste. We use language in an attempt to describe what we hear. Same with food and wine reviews. I don’t see hard and fast objective truths in audio as they go through our unique filters. Which is why I see no point in arguing about tubes v. SS etc. pointless.

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