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  1. Sorry Mr. Veth, but listening to a world class orchestra live in person is orders of magnitude better than the best audio system I have ever heard. Gee, does eating a picture of a pizza taste better than the real thing too? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. I would say to my friend Andy that just because you may be paranoid doesn’t mean that there isn’t someone out to get you. I would point out that the anti MQAers here have been right about a few things in their predictions. The fact that Warners is now removing their non MQA catalogue from Tidal being one. Frankly, I have more than enough quality music to last me a lifetime as I know you do as well. The push to MQA only will just increase the sharing of the non MQA stuff among those that care and cut into Warner’s and others bottom line. If they want to make MQA more readily available, I am fine with that too. Just don’t cut off the other stuff as well. I have no time for streaming anyway as the artist only gets screwed. I have personal experience with this. I would rather the artist get my money.

  3. What they want to do is take the original Mona Lisa off the wall and replace it with an infrared scan that shows all the covered up mistakes and changes underneath in fake color and tell you that, trust us, you will like it better than the original.then, every few years, they will bring the original out, place it in a special room and charge you extra to see it.

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