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  1. I have some experience with the Dolby Atmos up mixer, a few years ago though. You can get some interesting results with 2 channel to 5.1, 5.4.1 etc. if I want to fool around with 2 channel, just let me use the software myself rather than cutting me off from the traditional content. Just another money grab. 




    On 6/8/2021 at 4:28 PM, ted_b said:

    I am pleased to announce that, on Aug 6 (the actual release date of the album) NativeDSD will offer this album in full 32/352.8k that Jim Anderson sent us (label sent MTFFs of course).  Also we'll offer what I think is the first stereo DSD1024 album version, as well as a 32 bit DXD multichannel version, as well.  This goes along with the other DXD and DSD versions we often sell. 


    Sorry for the promo.  😎

    Ted, the 32/352.8 file is huge. I can’t imagine how big a DSD 1024 file will be.

  3. 5 hours ago, MarkusBarkus said:

    ...I have only heard a couple such recordings, and it is really fascinating to me. They really are so very different from what you typically receive later in the processing chain. If more folks ever heard such recordings, the discussions about recreating at home what was in the studio would be very different. Keep digging out the gems for us, @JoeWhip

    I only wish I could talk about them. Don’t want to get myself or anyone else into trouble.

  4. 12 hours ago, One and a half said:

    I like the intimacy of the small group for this release. As with most Patricia Barber albums, it needs for me to listen to a few times to absorb the details and nuances. From a creative performance perspective, just right for night time listening.


    For the DSD128 download, technically I've heard better sound staging from 48/24 or even Redbook releases. After all these years of 8' pianos, we still have them. After the first two tracks the hi hat appears in the left, and doesn't travel from centre to the left for example. Percussion is too hard right speaker, why not half way centre to right or behind Patricia.

    Difficult to find any depth to this recording. Tonally quite good to excellent, with a slip of sibilance here and there. I thought there was something wrong, so played tracks I know have good sound stage and the instruments are all in the right places as I remember them, that includes other DSD128, 96, 48 & Redbook releases. 

    This release was recorded at the same time as the Higher release and is a pure studio recording. Hence, I did not expect to hear tons of the room. I was provided with the studio master which I didn’t expect would have a bunch of EQ or compression added or reverb. I now have a few flat transfers from tape and digital recorded in a typical studio prior to the addition of those effects. That type of sound isn’t to everyone’s liking but I just love the pure tone of the instruments and voices. I have seen PB in clubs and she does have some sibilance when she sings. There is a plug in for that but I will have to ask Jim if he uses it. Hope you enjoyed the music!

  5. Fans of Patricia Barber’s Nightclub may want to check out the weekend exclusive of her forthcoming Clique release which is set to drop in early August. It is available on NativeDSD for US customers this weekend only in 24/352.8 DXD and all flavors of DSD. Fantastic recording all around.

  6. 1 hour ago, lucretius said:

    No reason we couldn't have 16 or 17.

    Agreed, but the second movement sure sounds like 16 or 17. Goes from a whisper to a bang with space and dimensionality. Effortless sound.

  7. When I listen to the Pittsburg Symphony’s rendition of Bruckner’s Symphony Number 9, I hear excellent dynamics, especially the second movements. I have it in AIFF 24/192. The the CD on dynamic range database has the three movements as 11 9 and 13. Sounds a lot more dynamic than that for me.

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