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  1. I will be at The Capital Audio Fest Friday. There is a presentation scheduled for that afternoon my Mytek digital that includes MQA. Interestingly, it is right after Mark Waldrep’s presentation. I will keep an ear out for any MQA discussions as I visit the various rooms,

  2. 41 minutes ago, ted_b said:

    Agree on whole.  There are some real nuggets, though, that can be mined from the boutique labels like Barry's (Soundkeeper), Todd's (MA Recordings) and the Mapleshade label started by Pierre Sprey.  Back on topic, I find a few of Sound Liaison's recordings to resonate with me, but as with anything, need to be in the mood.


    Net/net, great article.  I'd love for Joe to do this with other boutique labels.

    I do not have any of Barry’s recordings. I have a couple of the Mapleshade CDs and 4 of Todd’s recordings, one jazz trio, both Será Una Noche  releases and one solo classical piano recording. I will put it on the list of things to think about. 

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