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  1. I used to participate there and left for this very reason. Amir would measure something, say the measurements showed a flawed design and dismissed the product without ever listening to it. Then the pile on began. I am an objectivist at heart but man, listen too and stop the piling on. It is like dismissing an otherwise beautiful woman with a warm and sweet personality because her nose was a tad too big and out of spec. I just got tired of it and it hasn’t gotten better.

  2. 1 hour ago, The Computer Audiophile said:

    Yeah, not cheap for sure. They are made by hand in ultra low quantities in northern California. The chassis is quite utilitarian and modest. At least one isn't paying for jewelry if he doesn't want it. 

    Imagine what they could get for them with some blingy boxes. Don’t give them any ideas. 😎

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