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  1. As someone who has been lucky to spend a good bit of time in the UK over the years, that is so true. I will say though that I love the way the English use the language vs. us Americans. As an example is football ie soccer, instead of a dirty play, it is a cynical play. I could cite examples all night. Love that and love spending time there. Hopefully again soon. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.
  2. Obviously, cables are way more important than shoes!
  3. The accordion was my Dad’s instrument until we got him into keyboards in the 80’s with Roland and Korg. His Cordovox with a Leslie cabinet sure did have a sweet sound. He had a successful band in the Philly area for 40 years. If I had to do it all again, I would have stuck with the piano like my son, who is a better vocalist and songwriter than I could ever be.
  4. Download the free sampler. It is redbook but there are some stunning tracks On it, like Gears. Unreal bass.
  5. The only other I have is the ito ema Goldberg Variations, which was recorded on tape and transferred to 24/176.4 , side A and B. I got it from Todd at the Capital Audio Fest a few years ago. Another wonderful recording. Todd is definitely the king of space. I will have to look into the Peter Epstein and the Nama. Todd ‘s stuff is pretty pricey though.
  6. I have Openings and it sounds superb. I have La Segunda on CD but not a fan of the music. I much prefer the Sera Una Noche release musically which I have at 24/96. Both are superb sonically. You can’t go wrong sonically with any of Todd’s releases but the music can be a bit, shall I say, challenging. Enjoy Them down under.
  7. I use a Macbook straight into my Yggy and get phenomenal results, especially with the new Unison USB. Before the pandemic, I had some audio group members in the room and they were floored that I was just going straight from the laptop. When I still had the Gen 5 card installed, I still had a jitterbug in line, that is gone since I installed Unison, as the jitterbug was chocking the sound off a bit. So, yes, you can get great results, with a DAC with good USB implementation.
  8. In remembrance of Jimmy Cobb, Boss Guitar with Wes Montgomery.
  9. Used to subscribe to both. Dropped AS a couple of years ago and still get Stereophile. I just page through it now and never read it cover to cover like I did years ago. Kind of bored by the whole magazine thing these days. Much prefer forums like AS.
  10. I have been advised by Emmett Cohen that the legendary jazz drummer Jimmy Cobb passed away last night. RIP.
  11. I love the storm in the teacup reference in the UK. I hadn’t heard that one yet in my travels there. In the US, it is tempest in a tea pot. My favorite though is in the UK you get a second bite of the cherry instead of the Apple. For football fans, I am still looking for the “a” in derby, all these years later.
  12. Gee I never saw the grocery cart. Getting old.
  13. Yes I saw that but when I click on download the album, I see nowhere else to go. Will keep at it.
  14. can't seem to figure out how to download. where is the cart to pay?
  15. Thanks Joel. I forgot about this site and will have to get busy!
  16. At least RMAF is offering refunds to their exhibitors unlike Axpona. As a result, I will support RMAF going forward.
  17. Can’t wait for the USB transport. Hopefully it has usb pass through.
  18. I noticed that too. Deal breaker for me.
  19. The question I have is how using this straight from my laptop and then to my DAC would compare to the signature Optical Rendu system from Sonore. Certainly cheaper and less boxes. I know Rajiv didn’t test this but would be interesting.
  20. I was fortunate to see him in Detroit on his last US tour. Completely blown away by the power of his voice. Truly awe inspiring.
  21. I have enjoyed your videos as well Currawong. I am having a hard time imagining getting tired of living in Sydney though . Loved visiting there three years ago. I could just sit on a park bench looking down at that beautiful harbor for hours.
  22. Amazing that you never see album covers with men slumped down on chairs man spreading and in sexually suggestive poses like you see with female musicians. I guess that doesn’t help sales.
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