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  1. There are a couple of great tunes on this album but it is not my favorite. My go to album for her is and has always been Nightclub. She will be recording a follow up to Nightclub in 2021. Jim Anderson will be addressing our audio group in December and he will be asked about this!
  2. Joel, don’t be an enabler! Chris’ family will thank you,🤪
  3. Don’t smoke or drink, but do need glasses!
  4. Hey, I can already download DXD and DSD256 files already and can stream high res too. I must have been hallucinating.
  5. Been busy testing power cords believe it or not. This is the new one from Sound Liaison. Love this album. Funky New Orleans jazz. No audiophile stuff here. B3, drums, trumpet and tenor sax. These guys swing. Stellar musicianship, music and sound.
  6. Sorry Mr. Veth, but listening to a world class orchestra live in person is orders of magnitude better than the best audio system I have ever heard. Gee, does eating a picture of a pizza taste better than the real thing too? Inquiring minds want to know.
  7. the ignore button is your friend. Sure is mine.
  8. Wow, I have heard this kind of stuff from flat earthers. Mr. Veth needs some help. Talk about echo chambers.
  9. I would say to my friend Andy that just because you may be paranoid doesn’t mean that there isn’t someone out to get you. I would point out that the anti MQAers here have been right about a few things in their predictions. The fact that Warners is now removing their non MQA catalogue from Tidal being one. Frankly, I have more than enough quality music to last me a lifetime as I know you do as well. The push to MQA only will just increase the sharing of the non MQA stuff among those that care and cut into Warner’s and others bottom line. If they want to make MQA more readily available, I am fin
  10. Alex comes in and starts right in on the MQA thread and then bolts. Interesting.........
  11. Is Mr. Veth some sort of audio luminary or just a paid shill?
  12. Rather than Kaffir, the MQA folks think of us as chaff.
  13. What they want to do is take the original Mona Lisa off the wall and replace it with an infrared scan that shows all the covered up mistakes and changes underneath in fake color and tell you that, trust us, you will like it better than the original.then, every few years, they will bring the original out, place it in a special room and charge you extra to see it.
  14. Just another reason for me to not stream and to not use Roon. Call me a Luddite. I am not on social media either.
  15. It is time to start hoarding non MQA material like toilet paper or toilet roll for my friends in the UK. 😎
  16. With all due respect, Peter Veth sounds like a flat earther. Only trust your senses. I can hear the flat earther now, When I look out my window all I see is flat, so the earth must be flat. The math behind the globe earth calculator is wrong, it is pseudoscience based on the faulty assumption that the earth is a sphere, trust your senses, the world is flat. All those pictures, CGI, all the naysayers are shills for NASA and the global elite. It is really hard to read anything he says.
  17. Just another reason why I don’t stream. Frankly, I have more than enough music that I enjoy without ever having to buy another thing. So, no MQA. I guess I will finally have to hand in my audiophile card.
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