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  1. The LIM arrived today. Right out of the box it sounded fantastic. Will be listening here for a few days and then will put it in a SOTA system for a listen as well. Formal review thereafter.
  2. Chris, I think this just means that you have a few screws loose, no worries, I am sure your family still loves you.
  3. Well, I generally pay little head to reviewers in the major mags. I have been in too many rooms with some to know that they listen for different things than me. I guess that is the polite way to say it. I look for who the manufacturer is as part of the decision making process, generally for reliability. Don’t want to purchase from what could be a here today gone tomorrow company. Take Schiit for example. Back in the ‘90s I had some in person conversations with Mike M. and owned some Theta products, one of which still works quite well. Made it easier to decide to try one of his new DACs. I use
  4. I will have the LIM on Friday and will be doing a ton of listening. I doubt that Schiit is scamming their customers. They are telling you exactly what they are doing with the three dacs. Scamming is taking an Oppo Blu ray player and putting it in a fancy box and tripling the price without telling the customer.
  5. Hopkins, please stop calling people here with different opinions than you on this subject dishonest. You also made similar assertions against Schiit for having three flavors of Yggy.
  6. Someday Markus. Btw, I love the debate idea as I have done it on other even more contentious topics. Cameras on though!
  7. I have the same speakers Jud. You are correct of course!😀
  8. I am out after this. Listening to music and audio is entirely a subjective experience. When I say something is more accurate or real, it is so to ME, maybe not you. By all means, if you don’t like what people write, don’t read it. Doesn’t matter to me. Bickering here is like arguing about the shape of the earth, pointless, although I do enough of that in one of my other “jobs”.
  9. So I guess we should use the term aural sensations then? OK.
  10. Watching Spurs losing to Palace. Time to move on.
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