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  1. My favorite studio by Hamilton is one that's a little harder to find, entitled Radio City.
  2. Mine consists of a pair of Harbeth C7ES3 speakers on Sound Anchor stands and a JL Audio D-108 Dominion sub driven by a McIntosh MA252 integrated amp, a Lumin D2 streamer, a Rega Apollo R CD player. The speaker cables and interconnects are by Analysis Plus and it's all plugged into a PS Audio Dectet Power Center. -Steve
  3. No it's not, but it's close enough. Thanks!
  4. That's a very strong statement and an assumption.
  5. At long last I can rest easy because this mystery has finally been solved for me! Thank you so much Sutherla and I wish I could somehow shake you hand. ?
  6. It's always gratifying when a fellow audiophile finds his holy grail. Take if form me, I've found mine countless times in the last 40+ years of being involved in this hobby! ?
  7. Bump, in the hopes that someone can solve this mystery for me and I'll be able to sleep again. ?
  8. Mac OS 10.13.6 and counting.
  9. Your logic makes perfect sense to me and nudges me that much closer to opting for the lifetime membership.
  10. I've been using Roon for just over a month now and I really like it. I stream Tidal and they integrate so well together that I frequently find myself doing a search for one artist and ending up listening to an artist that I wasn't even aware of before. I'm wondering if maybe one of these days another service that's currently waiting in the wings will be introduced that is even better than Roon. On the other hand, will Roon's prices be raised, lowered or could the company cease to exist completely. I'm now trying to decide if I should actually spring for the lifetime membership which is (to me) a pretty steep $499 vs. the also expensive yearly price of $119. Either way, it's not cheap. I know I'm not the first to be weighing these options and I was hoping to hear from some of you who have already had to deal with this dilemma and were able to come to a decision.
  11. I remember when Hendrix, Jethro Tull and others played at Devonshire Downs in Northridge in June of '69. My parents wouldn't let me go to see them because there were "too many hippies." ?
  12. I can see why you might think that because they are somewhat similar, but Stardust begins with the first first few notes ascending, but the first few notes of the song I'm taking about are descending.
  13. If only it were that simple. ?
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