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  1. Yes, indeed! I had four drives supporting the lab. Stacks of RL02's everywhere...fun waiting for them to spin up and down for exchanges. First we ran RT11 and then shifted to the original BSD with real-time capability built into the kernel.
  2. I don’t think there is any cause for concern here. The principal power source for the control is the speaker, but when the speakers are disconnected or power removed, the usb connection provides some power. Your usb probe will verify this. The control is alerting you that the speakers are powered down/not connected.
  3. Great music to study Ancient Greek by ... hope it helps those forms stick! Enjoyable.
  4. I’m usually in that range as well when I’m streaming from Qobuz. Your power consumption meshes with my experience. I sit about 2.5 m from the Kiis.
  5. Similar here; usually about 0.7 amps at normal listening (70-75 dBA).
  6. I think I’ve heard this as well. It’s generally minor and a random occurrence and likely due to thermal expansion. No worries I expect.
  7. I was told by Kii that the rubber strips were added in later versions of the stands to minimize abrasion of the speakers when mounting or removal them from the stands. I gathered there had been some complaints. Like @firedog I do not expect any thermal issues.
  8. +1! Very clear if you’ve any experience with a ‘scope, even analog models.
  9. I have it in vinyl. Most cartridges could not track the cannon fire sequence. Telarc included a warning regarding potential damage to speakers if playing back at high volume. Fun demo record.
  10. The National snack! Best before a nice jonge Jenever.
  11. One word: haring.
  12. Also quite straightforward with Dirac Live implemented with MiniDSP DDRC22.
  13. Looks like Ekornes Stressless. Nice Norwegian wood (and leather). My favorite listening chair.
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