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  1. With sorrow and fond memories for Notre-Dame de Paris: https://open.qobuz.com/album/0822189023263
  2. The PSI5 is a line-interactive UPS which also provides auto voltage regulation capability without involving the battery/inverter. This unit only brings the fan online when running off the battery in contrast to dual conversion UPS's which run the fan continuously. Hence it is suitable for my office/music room. I have indeed listened to the Kiis w/wo AC mains (via UPS) and without the power filtering/regulation (direct to mains). Given the somewhat mature state of these ears, I cannot note any negatives of having the UPS inline. Although Thomas of Kii informed me that the Kiis did not require any special treatment of the AC supply, I resorted to using the UPS because of sporadic power outages and transients. One such episode crashed the Kii master during its reboot. Better safe than....
  3. The AHB2 is a wonderful partner for vintage Martin Logan Requests which are not the easiest speakers to drive. They are dead quiet and run cool even at high volumes.
  4. I’m using a Vertiv PSI5-1500 for each Kii. This provides true sine wave power as well as filtered output for anomalous power events. I do not hear any deterioration in the sound and no humming at high volume with no input.
  5. I’ve noticed that there is a lag in updating playback info in the remote, for example the progress bar and file audio parameters. This is in beta 17 and 18.
  6. Thanks, Damien! My question was preliminary prior to installation in a folder outside the Applications directory. All went well; both Tidal and Qobuz were loaded.
  7. Does one need to re-enter one's credentials for streaming services and audio settings etc. after installation of the 3.5 beta?
  8. More of the Priory catalog would be appreciated as it contains a wealth of organ recordings.
  9. Often using ultrasonics to drive chemical reactions and was popular in the 90's if I remember correctly. A lab at Illinois Urbana-champaign beat the publicity drum.
  10. Yes, and I see this often on Tidal as well. Wishing that we had a universal licensing scheme...there's a whole world of music waiting to be discovered.
  11. Currently playing Gens' Chausson in 24/96. When Qobuz window is primary, MacOS Activity monitor indicates that Qobuz and Qobuz Helper occupy ~60% of CPU activity. When secondary (for example, partially covered by Safari), the two Qobuz processes require about 28% of CPU activity. Perhaps graphics processing is not very efficiently handled here.
  12. Audirvana+ and Mac indicate 24/192 stream. Unfortunately the Kii Three doesn’t report stream data.
  13. Thanks, David. I’ll try that, but I did try clearing the entire cache. I appreciate your help and the prompt attention you folks have given to us on AS.
  14. Track 4 played for about 16 minutes and track 5 about 5 minutes. It’s a streamable album. @Goon525 Ivan and the Budapest Festival Orchestra on Channel Classics.
  15. MacOS Qobuz app sometimes will not play complete tracks. I had this issue today with Fischer’s Mahler 7 Fourth and Fifth movements. I’ve tried restarting the app and clearing the cache to no avail. This with the 24/192 stream. No known internet problems locally.
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