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  1. Indeed! It’s been an interesting trip, but it is time to bid Tot Ziens! Chris, you can remove me from the forum as well. Best wishes to all.
  2. Similar approach but with Dirac Live and the MiniDSP DDRC22D with AES input to the Kii.
  3. Your previous offerings were excellent; include me as well.
  4. I just updated to 2.3 and also can’t hear any difference between the two versions. My comments earlier were in reference to the pre 1.0 early release. My impression is that the later versions have reduced distortion in the sub 50 Hz region, but I haven’t verified this. Regardless there has been no decrease in SQ, as the previous posts have noted. Indeed the addition of advanced filters is appreciated.
  5. I’ve only installed the previous update, so no experience with the 2.3 version. But gain seemed to be increased about 12 dB and I noticed that the Control display seemed to be slow in activating after a lengthy period of sleep and a couple of times the slave speaker did not come out of stand by. I have the impression (just a subjective feeling :-)) that there was some change in the dsp, but I haven’t remeasured the frequency response.
  6. She is a favorite of mine, also Karen Matheson of Capercaillie.
  7. I’ve used Markertek canare starquad in the past for 30’ runs and terminated with Neutrik connectors. Not expensive and well made.
  8. And this version IS functional updating KC from 0.2 to 2.0. Thanks to the folks at Kii for finally providing this update. BTW it would be nice if the KC showed the bit depth and rate for data streamed to the kii.
  9. Makes no difference here as I was logged in as root and the app still crashed with a segmentation fault due to an invalid address (?).
  10. Same here...passed them on to a family member and he is absolutely thrilled with the Requests. They still sound great and Dirac Live takes care of any room issues.
  11. I'm not seeing the upgrade tool on the support pages. Perhaps they have taken it down.
  12. I’ve a number of custom built cables from Markertek with Canare wires. Very reasonable prices as well and manufactured in NY.
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