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  1. +1! Very clear if you’ve any experience with a ‘scope, even analog models.
  2. I have it in vinyl. Most cartridges could not track the cannon fire sequence. Telarc included a warning regarding potential damage to speakers if playing back at high volume. Fun demo record.
  3. The National snack! Best before a nice jonge Jenever.
  4. One word: haring.
  5. Also quite straightforward with Dirac Live implemented with MiniDSP DDRC22.
  6. Looks like Ekornes Stressless. Nice Norwegian wood (and leather). My favorite listening chair.
  7. I lived in Leiden for a year. Wonderful country and people. Music opportunities everywhere. Were it not for aging parents, we would have stayed. Fond memories. Album for the evening...Frans Bruggen: 17 Blockfloeten.
  8. According to Kii Audio: "The rubber pads have more of a practical use to protect the bottom panels from scratching etc.The Kii itself doesn´t really need specifically good coupling, as the forces of both sidewoofers (which fire in direction of the short footplate distance) cancel each other out. The rear woofers fire alongside the 40cm distance of the bottom panel, this should provide ample friction to keep them firmly in place, with our without rubber pads." I raised this question with Tom Jansen since I received a version of the stands lacking the rubber pad. My Kiis are firmly coupled to the stands.
  9. No issues here. I've used this approach for a number of years. Felt doesn't discolor your flooring, whereas sorbothane can depending on formulation.
  10. I use felt pads under the stands. They are stable and decouple the stands from the floor without adding height.
  11. On the other hand, compare the entries for Heinrich Schütz between Tidal and Qobuz. Database indexing issues aside, my experience is for Classical music, Qobuz reigns. And then there is the occurrence of AAC coded files that are not of CD quality that you encounter on Tidal.
  12. I believe David Deamer co-developed a music generation program based on DNA sequences in the late ‘70’s. I heard him give a demo at one of the annual Biophysical Society meetings. Music is in our genes.
  13. No worries; no offense taken. I understand the frustration.
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