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  1. gldgate

    Harlan Ellison

    A long time ago when I was an impressionable teen I read Deathbird stories. One of those books that made an indelible impact at the right time in my life. Read many other of his works since then both fiction and essays. Like him or not he had a definite point of view and the best of his work would could both entertain and "wake you up". Will miss the curmudgeon.
  2. Several wow moments. Most involved my first visits to a true "hi fi" store in the 1980's - Maggie and Quad speakers - first time listening to Reel to Reel - Nakamichi Dragon - SET amps (300B, GM70, 45) - Koetsu cartridge - Shindo gear - First Telarc recordings - SET amp pairing with hi efficiency speakers
  3. One of the reasons I purchased an Yggy 27 months ago was the upgrade path. So my unit is going in for Analog 2 and Gen 5 USB refresh. Very much like this choice rather than having to buy a full "Ygyy 2".
  4. Had mine for about a week in a two channel system (I have but rarely use headphones). Useful tool that may be able to help on non-optimized recordings. My collection leans toward classical/jazz and about 80% of the time the Loki is in bypass mode. However, about 20% of time I've found minor eq adjustments to be helpful. I much prefer Loki over any digital eq sw I've tried. Very transparent. Worth the $150 in my book.
  5. I've been using Dante via RedNet for about a year. Consider me impressed. Initial setup was certainly not "plug n play". However, after that initial hurdle my system has been rock solid. Much more so than when I was using a USB set-up. Glad AOIP is moving to home audio. I think folks here will be pleasantly surprised.
  6. IMO, the Mutec will provide incremental sq improvement but we are talking about law of diminishing returns. Audio is my main hobby so I allocate some discretionary funds each year I can play with. If you are looking for "night and day" differences I think your expectations are probably too high. If you are okay with improvement at the margins than you will probably be satisfied. Most mutec dealers that I am aware of will let you return the product for a restocking fee so you can always spend some time with the product first hand to see if you like it in your system.
  7. I am using a Mutec MC-3+ USB in my chain with Yggy (AES). I have enjoyed using the Mutec and have no regrets.The Mutec is a very nice audio swiss army knife. Another potential item to look at with Yggy is RedNet with Dante AOIP - I'm using a D16 AES. Of the dozen or so Yggy owners I've conversed with I can't think of one that prefers the USB implementation over AES. Not saying USB does not sound good on the Yggy. It does. AES just sounds better to my ears.
  8. gldgate

    HQ Player

    Any thoughts on if HQPlayer would benefit from upcoming AMD Ryzen processors? Did a quick search but did not see anything on topic.
  9. Another possible PCM exception - Schiit Yggy (and perhaps their other multibit offerings). I have tried upsampling in HQP and JRMC but prefer sticking with native file and Schiit's internal filters. Not sure if I am in the majority or not. I have another DAC that does DSD (Eastern Electric Minimax Supreme) and prefer using HQP when using that.
  10. Can't independently verify but saw at another site that Ref 10 now appears to be coming out in Q1'17 for estimated $5000.
  11. Just a quick note that those who purchase a Cybershaft clock will receive a certificate of calibration with measurements that show unit purchased meets or exceeds published specs. In my case (OCXO Premium), the phase noise was measured at -111.8 dBc/Hz @ 1Hz (vs spec of -110) and -132.98 dBc/Hz @ 10Hz (vs spec of -130). Phase noise was measured on a Symmetricom TSC5115A. Values other than phase noise that were also measured and certified are Frequency value, Allan Deviation, Output Level and Harmonic Distortion. Phase Noise and Allan Deviation graphs are also provided.
  12. As I get older I find I appreciate the older recordings even more. Give me Walter, Klemperer, Furtwangler, Mengelberg, Mravisnky, Ancerl and Toscanini in less than perfect sound any day. I went through a phase where I collected the "audiophile" labels (you know the ones) but found in many cases the impact was skin deep. I often enjoyed the first couple of plays but over time went back to those recordings with less technical and sonic merit but more character. Was it a case of imprinting on these older versions? Not necessarily. I started collecting recordings in the early 1980's in college and
  13. It's two separate clocks. You get the OCXO Premium and Rubidum in one chassis. The one person I know who has this unit greatly prefers the OCXO Premium over the Rubidium and uses it the vast majority of the time.
  14. Post #884 of this post has a pix of how my settings look. External and Reclock. While I go Cyberclock>Antelope Liveclock>Mutec instead of direct to Mutec, the settings looked the same when I tried Cyberclock>Mutec. As far as jumper settings, I would give it a shot and see if it helps. I was able to get a signal lock without needing to adjust the default jumper setting.
  15. As poster one and a half asked, are you using the top wclk connector (labeled 10 in Mutec manual)? Are you using a 50-ohm cable? While my set up is different than yours I have gone Cybershaft>Mutec without issue so it should work.
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