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  1. I started with iTunes/Amarra years ago because it was virtually free ($50 for Amarra on any Mac). Then (of course) I "needed" a USB decrapifier, then another, then another....Also (of course) I needed to upgrade to an SSD, and performer other tweaks. And the whole thing was never really stable. So I dropped $3K on a Naim after "investing" hundreds or a thou in the Mac. Pretty much as soon as I knew I loved computer audio, the Mac was no longer a bargain. If I was just starting today, I would buy a Bluesound Node for $500 or so. If you already know you're in for a longer haul,
  2. Whoa! I'm almost certain the receiver pictured is my first! Parents let me buy it with money from my bar mitzvah. The Realistic receiver had 16 wpc, and cost $149 (marked down from $249). EPI 100 speakers from Tech Hifi in Cambridge were $200 with all the lamp cord I could want. Dual 1225 with a Shure cartridge was $125. I loved it😊
  3. He's kind of touchy, but he's a terrific reviewer and a good writer. Glad to have him back
  4. Hi Steven, Since you write "Dear audiophiles", I'm guessing you are not one yourself. I'm also going to guess that your idea of a subwoofer is for special effects in movies on your TV. I think it could be awesome for this. But for music, this would be deeply compromised over the ideal of a specially designed housing placed in a specified spot relative to walls, main speakers, and listeners. As research, you should go to a hifi dealer and buy a stereo with a sub.
  5. Robbbby's recent thread on hearing loss due to trauma reminded me of a pet theory I've been nursing for a while. Perhaps age-related hearing loss actually makes us appreciate audiophile systems even more than we did before age crept up on us? This is in direct opposition to the frequent critique that audiophiles are a bunch of old guys whose age related hearing loss makes it impossible to hear the nuances they claim their systems reveal. Highly resolving speakers/systems--let's say those that others might describe as too analytical--are those that do the best job of separation, o
  6. Hi Joe, I drive a Tesla, so they were the first folks I called about solar a couple of years ago. I love the company and can't imagine driving anything else, but their solar team is terrible--almost completely incompetent. Obviously, I do not know your particular house, but in general, solar economics are extremely attractive with annual returns (IRR) of 15-20%. To anyone who has a reasonably sunny roof in the summertime, I recommend calling 2-3 local installers and asking them to let you know what your economics would be. They can run the numbers on their computer just using y
  7. Interesting. So I googled it, but can't find anything. Say more! It's hard for me to imagine a CD transport being able to exceed a lossless rip onto an excellent server. Shouldn't the rip eliminate timing issues and a whole bunch of noise with no tradeoff in the other direction? Plus, no comparison on the convenience factor.
  8. My Naim Uniti Core server and Yggdrasil are good competition for a turntable. So yes, I think you should try a Yggy. One other important issue is source material. If you have not done so already, you should check out the dynamic range database. That may be part of your problem.
  9. PeterG


    I own the Nordost QKore grounding system. I don't know if you count plugging into the wall outlet as connection to ground, or if you are referring only to an independent connection to ground. There is no independent connection to ground. The QKore does work with their QBase power strip, but I'm pretty sure the Kore is grounding the Base, not vice versa; and that the Kore does not require any grounding at all. In any event the Nordost QKore and Qbase made an excellent and pronounced improvement in my system compared to relying only on stock power cables. The noise floor dropped; detail, im
  10. PeterG


    I don't know Entreq, but I don't think you would have heard this said from a person who has tried an audiophile grounding box or other power conditioning from a good manufacturer. OTOH, you may have heard this from a bitter armchair quarterback with suppositions from their engineering class 30 years ago and no actual knowledge of the product in question. Do you really think the engineers at Nordost, Shunyata, Audioquest, et al have not considered all the issues that might occur to a hobbyist sitting at home? Like all things in high end audio, you should try them in a risk-free wa
  11. PeterG


    No worries--QBase is plugged into the wall with a 3 prong plug. QKore is not plugged in at all. As I understand it in my "Dummies" way, the QKore pulls noise from your electronics via the grounding wires from Nordost, and separately pulls noise from your home electrical system via the QBase. I'm pretty sure that these are independent, and that only the second one of these tasks requires the third prong. As to Speedskater's quip--Green Eggs and Ham was formative for me, so I have little sympathy for folks who sit in an armchair and declare that something does nothing before the
  12. PeterG


    Correct, but I'm not a technical person, so just to be clear: The QKore is a box with grounding material in it. It's kind of like Grounding fo Dummies. Each of my components and the QBase power strip are connected by ground wire to the QKore. QBase is plugged into standard wall outlet via an upgraded power cord. Just plug all this stuff together, and listen.
  13. PeterG


    I love my Nordost QKore/QBase setup--it's basically grounding in a box. In addition to the components themselves, I use a Frey 2 power cord from the Base into the wall, standard power cords into the Base. There are dedicated grounding cables from each component into the Kore The difference before and after with my system was dramatic--much better detail and imaging. My understanding is that this is due to a sharp improvement in signal/noise. This was apparent immediately, and then repeated with everything I played thereafter. It took my system to a different level.
  14. Nordost QKore/QBase grounding system with single Frey 2 power cable to wall
  15. Very excited to hear how the MC1502 will compare to the MC275. The MC2152 was gorgeous but it's footprint (28" deep!) a nonstarter. This is much more doable at a slim 21" 😊
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