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  1. I am considering a DigiOne Player to use as a Roon endpoint. The product page lists RPi version B+. Is this a 3+ Pi?
  2. Thanks Guido. So to be sure, you're using this with an Aries and plugging it into the ethernet port?
  3. I'm looking for any feedback on using a wifi range extender with the Aries. Specifically, I'm thinking about a TP-Link E500 with ethernet jack to hardwire the Aries to solve problems I have running it wireless in my setup. When I run it direct to my router it works fine but I can't leave it this because the cable is strewn through the house.
  4. "Ever try switching from a life (TV, laptop, phone, tablet) weaved into Apple's ecosystem to using an Android phone?" Ever try to use an Lightning DS with a non-Apple product? It doesn't work since Android 5 and they don;t support it. The latest promise many months back is a web version but it never appears. And why do they keep the latest firmware at beta?
  5. I received a notice from Auralic and a form to fill out. Here's the full text: Dear AURALiC Customer, [if you do not decide to accept the VEGA DSD256 upgrade service anymore, please disregard this Email.] According to our record, you have applied free VEGA DSD256 service through [email protected] We deeply appreciate your patience with us so far and we would love to offer our best service for you. Please fill in all the blanks in the attached table and email the finished document back to me within this email chain if you still want to accept the VEGA DSD256 upgrade. As long as we receive your table application, we will give you further instructions of shipping address. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. [important] Due to necessary hardware upgrade for DSD256 playback, please be informed that the VEGA upgrade will be processed in Mainland China. Both hardware and software upgrade will be free of charge. *Important: Do NOT ship the VEGA remote or power cable back. Please use original package for the shipping. Upgrade Option 1 (Default): Standard Upgrade Estimated fulfillment time will be 2 months after ship-out. Units have to be sent to our Deleware office. *Upgrade Option 2: Express Upgrade Estimated fulfillment time will be 3-4 weeks after ship-out. Units will be collected directly by Mainland China Factory. An additional cost of $100 for UPS international shipping will be applied.
  6. I àuditioned the Benchmark with the Auralic Vega. I found the Benchmark rather flat and veiled. The Vega was more open, more dynamic and gave a more realistic presentation. I ended up going with Auralic. Of course it's a step increase in price but I only wanted to do it once. And I wasn't needing a headphone amp. I've been running the Vega for 5 months and am most pleased. Only two peeves. It's so revealing some vocals come across dull and recessed. I've coming around that they're badly recorded and the DAC is just showing the source for what it is. I'm now fine tuning other elements in my system to improve the SQ best I can. The other thing are the output levels. I can play music at a setting of 1 (out of 100 steps - 0.5 dB/step) and here it load enough. I think they could back the output down 3-4 dB.
  7. Looking like it may be network related, thinking about a workaround. Doesn't happen when I stream from USB. But as for DAC delay, from Auralic support: "Dac delay is there in case your DAC has a relay that makes the speakers click when it gets a signal for the first time. The delay function will keep you from hearing that. "
  8. Looking back in this thread, from Wang Xianquian: "Based on my personal experience, if you are working with volume above 60, it is almost as perfect as 100." http://www.computeraudiophile.com/f6-dac-digital-analog-conversion/auralic-vega-my-review-16756/#post239360
  9. ...or ideally Auralic would crank down the output. When I run the Vega direct into my amp I can set the volume all the way to "1" and it's still loud enough to listen at a low level. Direct into my amp like this, a setting of 40-50 is about all the loudness I can bear.
  10. I've been curious what the best setting may be. I initially ran my Vega at 100 into my preamp but found backing it down a bit gave quote an improvement on SQ. I went into my dealer's store to listen to some speakers. They had their Vega set at 100 and I was hearing some distortion. I backed it down and adjusted the preamp volume up to make up for it and all was well.
  11. Don't know if it's obvious yet but as hinted at in the article, and more blatantly on Audiostream, it's become somewhat of a package deal: Auralic Aries Mini: The (Streaming) Star of The Show? | AudioStream
  12. Thanks Jimmypowder but it didn't work. It really blew the Aries mind. When I turned on the delay the sound cut out and the display went black. Couldn't do anything with the unit with LDS or the remote, had to remove the power to get it working again.
  13. I have noticed the first tune I play after waking up my Aries is clipped at the very beginning, maybe the first half second. All subsequent tracks play in full, even if I change albums. Any ideas? My setup is: Qnap TS-210 running Minimserver 8.3 >> 5 GHz wifi >> Aries (FW 2.8) >> AES/EBU >> Vega (Auto clock)
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