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  1. I'm kind of surprised there's two audio dealers in Omaha? I couldn't name two audio dealers in Boston area.
  2. I was at a flea market several years ago and I heard Johnny Cash music playing at a table about 50 feet away and it sounded pretty good. I walked over to see that it was a record playing on a 70's Soundesign all-in-one stereo. You know, the kind that has an 8-track player built in. Listening to recorded music isn't always about the ultimate resolving system. Especially the way multi-track recordings are made. Vinyl sounded pretty good for what it was. And better than CD's or anything digital until recently.
  3. The cassette probably sounded better than the Born To Run remaster.
  4. If possible, I think Roon needs to be proactive for their own survival.
  5. Trolling? It's not like he went to your forum. And you could have chosen to assert your Fifth Amendment privilege.
  6. I was going by what I see in Jriver when a 192k file is playing.
  7. "...up to 192 kHz, and an average bitrate of 3730 kbps." 3730 kbps seems low? Shouldn't it be like 5,400 for 192khz sample rate
  8. How long before someone writes two lines of code which enables downloading of the files?
  9. I see it as Amazon vs the entire streaming market. Amazon is diversified. The other players aren't and will likely lose because they can't survive on the tidbits that will be left when most people chose Amazon.
  10. I didn't know the company that does the streaming would decide what the artists is going to be paid?
  11. I would think every competitor is worried because the Hi-res market is pretty small and Amazon has deep pockets. They can hold out until the competitors starve to death. I mean Pono didn't last and Onkyo is going out but Amazon is getting in? I wonder if Bob Stuart is on the phone with his attorneys?
  12. I don't shop at Walmart unless there is no alternative. But I go to Dollar Tree and Dollar General! They're even cheaper!
  13. Maybe for some people. But in my experience most people will go with the cheapest alternative. I know people who post on Facebook about how Amazon is an irresponsible company and are killing jobs. At the same time they subscribe and shop constantly. One of these same people complains about how expensive healthcare is but she's an RN earning $80 an hour. People are funny.
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