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  1. I'm not familiar with that but I can tell you that TIDAL is gradually adding 24/96 tracks to its library. Most tracks are still FLAC 44.1/16 but they are adding more and more 24/96.
  2. Kef tech support is useless. I have spoken to them various times about different products they sell. They are useless. I had my Q300's "repaired" when the tweeters blew (I got carried away jamming out) and the repair guy scratched the living crap out of the speakers. My first set of X300A's were killed by an audioquest jitterbug (unbelievable, I know). KEF didn't believe me, nor did they know what a jitterbug was. They are useless.
  3. I've had the speakers playing for 2 hours straight today at high volume with no sound quality fade out occurring. Analog 3.5mm from iMac to left speaker, usb to right speaker. I appear to have found the problem. Now, the problem is either that the DAC in the left speaker doesn't want to cooperate, or that the cables included with the speakers are somehow faulty. They are very thin crappy printer cable type cables. Should I stick to analog to the left speaker (this takes up my headphone jack so I can't use my headphones ) or should I throw $99 at
  4. If the analog connection I'm using now holds up and the sound doesn't fade do you suggest that I just stick with that rather than plunk $100 down on Audioquest USB cables?
  5. So it could actually be a USB problem? They also have an aux in and I'm testing that out right now we'll see if the sound fades out. I have tried these via USB with 3 computers (2 PCs one Mac) and the USB problem follows them around. Is there any terminal commands or anything I can do in OSX to shut off USB power saving and the like? Thank you EDIT: 20 minutes later: I'm hearing detail I've never heard before using a 3.5mm aux cable from my mac's headphone port to the X300A. That shouldn't be the case. I should hear more detail via USB. Cables definite
  6. Because the USB cables may be the issue seeing as they are cheap crap. You're really not getting the jist of this thread bro. Maybe not the thread for you.
  7. Yes, obviously. That doesn't answer my question.
  8. My X300A's (not the wireless version, purchased Dec 2015) have this issue where after awhile the sound starts to fade out and get less punchy and full sounding. This happens if I listen to music for awhile or if I walk away from the computer and come back after awhile. Unplugging the USB cable from the computer then plugging it back in resolves the issue for awhile but then it comes back. I am using the included USB cables. Would upgrading the usb cables to say Audioquest Forest solve my problem? That's all KEF tech support could think of. Is there a firmware upgrade fo
  9. How do I do EQ settings system wide in MacOS High Sierra? Can't figure it out. Thanks!
  10. They're not going to stay on your head, the sweat will ruin them, and if you do find a pair that will stay on your head while you work out, the pressure they exert on your head to be that well fixed to your noggin is going to give you a headache and make you feel like your brain is in a vice. Not a good idea. People don't wear earbuds to work out just 'coz. It's because that's your only real option.
  11. So Tidal has 24/96 MQA tracks now, but I'm having trouble finding much that I like from their limited catalog. Can anybody suggest some punchy happy pop/techno/electronic type tracks that they know are on there in MQA that I could listen to? Tidal's search function always has, and continues to, suck terribly. Cheers
  12. Forgive me for necroing my own 2 yr old thread. I am having an issue with the X300As where the sound starts to fade out in terms of volume and dynamics after listening for a few minutes. Unplugging the speakers from the computer, turning them off, and reconnecting and powering them back up fixes this--- for awhile. Will swapping to decent USB cables (I'm on the stock junk cables) make a difference or fix my problem? This is what was suggested by KEF tech support. Best cables I can really afford would be the Audioquest Forest USB cables in 1.5m length x2. Thought
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