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  1. Could you give us some more details on what Audiolinux 2.0 actually is? At the moment my audiolinux is running OK, can I continue to use it as is? I understand that after Oct 30 there will be no more updates. But what will upgrading to 2.0 bring us?
  2. On my system with 8GB, when I don't activate ramroot, I think 2 GB could even be enough. When you check RAM usage in the menu, it's incredibly low, especially when used as endpoint (airplay/squeezelite/Roon bridge). Mostly there is something like 400MB in use. Also LMS is not very big. It's mostly Roon server that uses a lot of resourses.
  3. You mean something like the Naim hydra, that is only available as UK mains plug, or the Current Spyder. Find these interesting too. Never bought one, nor made one in a DIY way.
  4. It was also once stated that the prime reason for using Optane was that the latency was comparable with RAM (and the noise comparable with USB).
  5. Thank you very much! This was what I needed. I've added the folders, and can now access them over the network. Great support, thanks Piero!
  6. I'm trying to figure out how I can mount a USB stick on AL, and then share it to the network. I want to try using my NUC as a single box solution, with AL on an octane drive, running Roon, and having all music on a USB drive/stick. I managed to mount the USB stick, it needs to be formatted in NTFS, or in EXT4, and I can access it in the terminal. There is also a network drive showing up, named "audiolinux", with the folders "audiolinux" and "Downloads". In "audiolinux" are the subfolders "Downloads" and "Music". So I can drag and drop music from my computer into the Music folder for instance, but the space on the optane drive is limited off course. How can I share a mounted USB drive with the network? I tried mounting it at /media/samba, but that does not seem to work.
  7. Not sure about the trial version, but there are some other distributions that are 'similar', that you can try and that are free. Volumio and Daphile for instance, both for UEFI, or for pc with BIOS you can try Dietpi or Snakeoil OS. For Euphony OS there is a trial available, and that is also based on Archlinux.
  8. As far as I know, the mini doesn't have an LPS (Linear power suply), it comes with a standard smps. (Switch Mode PS)
  9. What about simply the Remote app for iTunes??
  10. That is pretty far off from what a similarly priced high end server looks like, for instance the internals of a Melco, Pink Faun or Innuos look much better.
  11. Again the product (etherregen) already turn legendary before the first ones are actually sold. I quit well remember the first usb regen, which would clean up a usb signal so good, that everything upstream would not matter anymore.....
  12. Reminds me of the album "Hail to the thief". It was introduced in a similar situation.
  13. Uhm, check out paid services like Spotify, Qobuz and Tidal? All 3 play well with Daphile.
  14. Obsolete? How is that? Because the new Intel chips go back to the 15W TPD from the 7th generation, (idea is that lower is better) and have maybe more cores than previous generations (idea is that more is better). How are these small improvements so earth shattering making other platforms 'obsolete'?
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