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  1. Hi @flak, I am noticing "No Signal" sign flickering in the DLP UI. (see pic below) Should I be concerned?
  2. Impression: Dirac Live v3.0 + Dirac Live Processor v1.3.2 Very nice. Indeed, more forward placement of instruments like michael123's comment above. I can almost reach out and touch someone (or thing). Like in your lap kinda palpability. Some people might prefer larger sound stage with more laid back sound (please see my settings below). I used to prefer the flat target curve more than the auto curve. For about 70% of the music I listen to, I used the flat curve generated filter. With the new version, I probably can live with just the flat curve only. Tone is fuller sounding and hig
  3. Tiger is Coming by LeeNalchi - Korean folk song you can relate to [modern style] * Sorry no English subtitle. ** can be found on Tidal
  4. Hi @flak, Is there a separate load for the Dirac 3 (aka. Bass Control) or will it become a part of the Dirac 2? If separate, will there be another beta run?
  5. Hi @flak, Would the bass management software work with minidsp DDRC-24? I wish to run 2 front channels w/ 2 sub-woofers.
  6. After a bit of acrobatic Internet shopping, I got my 40 CD set and they are sounding mighty good. Thanks for pointing to the 40, Chris. This I found to be the most doable approach: https://buyee.jp/ Register as a member then put the following 40 CDs (all or some of it) into your shopping basket (I am sharing my shopping basket). Follow the instruction rest of the way. This service involves a proxy in Japan so once your goods are ready to be shipped (in about 1~2 weeks), you will be asked for your shipping choice/charge. It took me around 3 weeks total. Good luck. H
  7. Yes, foo_vst v0.9.0.3. I wonder if anyone has done a comparison SQ-wise between jriver and foobar (as far as DLP is concerned). I kinda thought foobar is a lighter engine, hence better sound (wild guess).
  8. I tried the v1.2.0 DLP for the past few days and found it to be the most stable version yet. I have not seen a crash nor the attenuation issue I experienced with v1.1.0. BTW I am using Foobar2000 v1.4.3 as its hosting program. Nice job. Thanks.
  9. After upgrading to DLP v1.1.0, hires files are reproduced at much reduced volume (90% of the time). It is especially true right after playing 44.1khz files. I am running DLP(vst2) hosted by Foobar2000 v1.4.3. Does anyone have similar issues?
  10. Yes, I am on 1.0.2. I still need to turn off the "Delay compensation" setting. Only then, the centering issue is gone. Do you not have that issue even if the "Delay compensation" setting is on? I still do not know what exactly the setting does, though.
  11. Home Audio Fidelity uses "two microphones in your ears (a.k.a. HRTF)" way to find sweet spot. Different algorithm. But you have to pay per measurement + turnaround time. In those regards, I prefer Dirac.
  12. I asked the same question to flak and only explanation give to me was that they affect the 1st measurement position (the critical one) only in the set of 9(chair) or 17(sofa). Therefore, make sure the 1st measurement position is exactly in the sweet spot.
  13. Turning off the delay compensation setting fixed the issue.
  14. @michelangelo, Thanks for your reply. Flak (Flavio) just informed me of a fix. I turned off both compensation check marks off in the DLP panel and all is well. Does anyone know what these settings do?
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