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  1. There's another unicorn recording out there I'm dying to hear again. There is an unreleased multichannel version of Michael Jackson's "Thriller". I got a chance to sample it briefly when on a tour of one of Nashville's pre-eminent recording studios. Sadly, i don't have my own copy.
  2. I chose to look at this as "glass half full". The fact that we have lossless and hires lossless at all is a huge win, even though that we don't have things like rate switching on MacOS or the holy grail of bit perfect communication. We have been waiting for this for many years. Auto rate switching has worked on iOS for many years now....it's just not been a priority on the Mac. I'm sure if this group is politely loud enough that we might get that feature. But there also has to be a legacy reason as to why CoreAudio on the Mac with the Audio Mini app works the way it does. There are still a fai
  3. Ever since this was turned on for me late last night, I've been trying to do some listening, first with my iPhone and portable DAC and now I'm in my office/home theater space listening to some of the Dolby Atmos content. Most people will be getting their Atmos content through earbuds but I wanted to hear this through my Apple TV (2021 model) and my 7.1.2 system (Marantz 7703 pre pro) and so far, it seems nice. Not any discernible different than the presentation from the Tidal app which introduced this last year. But with Apple in the mix, there will be a lot more content. Lossless
  4. Listening on iOS right now through my old Oppo HA-2 portable DAC. So far, so good although there are a few bugs. Biggest one is that when a lossless or hires song is being played, a button is supposed to show up which you can click to determine the bit depth/sampling rate. Sometimes that button doesn’t show up so I’m chalking that up to a UI bug. There are a fair amount of lossless ALAC available now, less so with hires and most of that was 24/96. Took awhile to find something in 24/192 but “Coltrane Plays the Blues” is in 24/192 if anyone needs an album to try.
  5. Sevenfeet

    HQ Player

    Take the plunge. HQP3 and HQP4 are different apps anyway so you can A/B compare them at your leisure.
  6. Sevenfeet

    HQ Player

    Wow that was fast. Didn't Jussi just get his Mac Mini a few days ago?
  7. Sevenfeet

    HQ Player

    I was curious as to whether that some of the features of CoreML could be used to tap into the machine learning cores for HQPlayer, assuming that was even feasible based upon its computational needs (since HQPlayer can do CUDA on PCs). But this is just me hypothesizing.....I have no idea if this is even possible.
  8. Sevenfeet

    HQ Player

    Interesting. I also run HQPlayer (and Roon) on an ancient Mac Pro server (2008, 8 core). I want to replace it with the new M1 Mac Mini but I was curious as to what the real world performance was for something as CPU demanding as HQPlayer. Considering this is under Rosetta 2, this isn't bad. It will be interesting to see what happens when there is an eventual native ARM version, and maybe a future Mac Mini with a stronger processor rather than the M1s 4 performance and 4 efficiency cores. Apple's architecture only gets better from here and a non-battery Mac really could use all performance and
  9. I have a DNA 0.5 that I got second hand from a friend years ago. It was doing duty in my home theater driving my fronts when it gave out a year ago and it's still sitting on the floor near me. It's nice to know I can still get service on it. Thanks for this article.
  10. Sevenfeet

    HQ Player

    Upgraded to 4.3.0 on my Mac Pro. So far, no worries. I also upgraded NAA to 4.0 and that is working well too. I appreciate the extra information the new version provides. @Miska, one question for you. I have two Oppo DACs, a UDP-205 and a portable HA-2. Since the HA-2 is getting older and the battery is worn, I use it now exclusively as a stand alone DAC that doesn't travel with me anymore. The original specifications of both Oppo DACs were that they could do DSD256 in "native" mode. The 205 broadcasts this ability correctly and both Roon and HQPlayer/NAA see this and respon
  11. I wouldn’t think so. The whole point of the NAA software is to make HQPlayer available to a device that isn’t close to the DAC physically. If the DAC is directly connected to the HQPlayer machine, then NAA is superfluous.
  12. Never mind. I figured out what I was doing wrong. DSD256 works on the HA-2 via the NAA.
  13. I'm going to try to do this for you. I have two Oppo DACs....the Oppo 205 and the HA-2 portable model. The 205 seems to work across all DSD modes with the NAA just fine. But the HA-2 doesn't seem to recognize it's capability to do DSD256 via native mode. I've tried everything and the best it can do is DSD128.
  14. Very interesting turn of events... I for one am very happy that Amazon has decided to go this route since it will likely push the bigger services (Spotify and Apple) to follow suit. It's an open secret that Spotify has been testing this for some time. Apple has been asking for hi-res recordings from content providers for some time but as it stands, has only been offering 256 kbit "Mastered for Apple Music" recordings. Yes, the advent of cheaper, wider bandwidth is a motivating factor but disk space in data centers is a lot cheaper too and frankly is a fraction of the
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