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  1. Thanks, will check that when I have time tomorrow, why did I not think of that!!! Much appreciated.
  2. Yes, The old MacBook Pro 2009 model had 2 ports, one sounding much better that the other, just wondering if the ports on the Mac Mini are different sounding or the all are the same.
  3. Hi guys, I asked this in an other forum, but thought that this forum would be more appropriate. Got me a late 2012 Mac mini with 16GB of ram, a 500GB ssd and a 1TB normal HD. I am running the OS and Roon from the ssd, my music library is on a 2TB ext HD connected to the mini with FireWire 800.My question is this, when connecting my dac to the mini, is there, between the 3 USB port, one that is better sounding ? Like it used to be on the old Mac Book Pro ?Thanks.
  4. I use my 2009 MacBook Pro with usb, can not say that the sound is in any way unlistenable, I listen for many hours at a time, often with Tidal, and it is not fatigueing in any way, but I have not tried in other way, maybe I would gain some by using the Ethernet instead of usb output! By the way when I use my MacBook Pro in my living room playing music, I quite often hear the fans go on, even if I only have Roon running, I sit about 3 meters away from the laptop.
  5. I totally understand your way of rational, I may go that road myself eventually, but maybe a better offering will be on the market in future.
  6. Biosailor-Thanks for your input, I was thinking about the Nucleus also, just think it is too expensive for what it does ! And I need to update my iMac in not too far future also.
  7. Plan is to have the iMac on my office desk 1 meter behind my listening sofa, therefore the Ethernet cable idea
  8. Thanks Ralf, I have always bought the highest spec Mac I can afford, so as to make it last a long time, as my iMac is 10 years now, having put a aftermarket ssd in the dvd slot 4 years ago, the machine has given me a long service without any problems, it is time to replace it and therefore have been thinking about a machine that would be very usable for Roon too. Any opinions about the difference between usb out to dac or using the Ethernet out to a bridge into dac, would I hear a difference?
  9. Lol, maybe, have just read on a lot of forums that the i7 can be a bit noisy, but the i5 is much quieter, but nice to hear differently, you guys use it with Roon ?
  10. I heard that the i7 iMac is quite noisy, that’s why I am more interested in the i5, the Pro is a bit too expensive and more than I would need. I am just a amateur photographer 😉
  11. Nice to know, my old iMac sounds more like a boiler that a fan blowing, but one can hear it easily!
  12. No one using a iMac i5 for Roon streaming?
  13. Hi guys, first here is my stereo. MacBook Pro 2008 + ext hd + Roon Intona usb isolator Primare Dac30 DK Design VS.1 Reference MK2 Hybrid integrated amp with Nos Mullard’s in pre section Graham Audio LS 5/9 speakers. I would like to buy a iMac i5 to use as a photo editor and install Roon on it, so combining it with my stereo in the same room, plan is to use the Ethernet connection to a Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra, then usb into my dac 30, my question is, is the iMac totally quiet running Roon ? my 2009 IMac is quite noisy and the computer will probably be situated a meter behind me! hope for some input.
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