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  1. The quintessential time song, complete with clock sound effects in the intro:
  2. The response from Innuos: Tidal will work exactly as it works today under innuOS v1.x and still use the same process through mysqueezebox.com. That will change soon (it’s one of our priorities) and it will become directly integrated on future innuOS 2.x updates (not requiring myqueezebox.com at that time).
  3. Thanks, that was quite comprehensive. Please excuse the panic attack, but after having gone through a bunch of audio software over the course of my computer audiophile sojourn, each with its own library management techniques and each with its pros and cons or just plain old quirks at that, I feel I just need something to call "home"...🙂
  4. Tidal seem to have a lot more "underground" or obscure bands in their catalogue that Qobuz seems to be missing, so despite the former's MQA leanings (not something I'm really comfortable with), I am stuck with them, if I want access to that particular material, which in my case is quite a lot. As I see it, the problem with large libraries that are composed of different source material, like for example any combination of local and streamed over the net files, maybe even by multiple streaming services, is what I call "intuitive management": one has to be able to wade through their collect
  5. I am reading that Tidal integration will come some time after the initial 2.0 release. My question might be stupid but here goes: Does this mean we won't be able to listen to Tidal at all upon the initial 2.0 release or is it just a limited functionality thing? Currently, ipeng/LMS has a limit of 1000 albums in Tidal, sorted only by album name. This is a severe limitation, which makes it awkward for people like me with over 4000 titles in their Tidal library. Usually such libraries can only practically be accessed by artist name or better still by genre and assigning your
  6. Excellent and detailed write-up. Thank you for this!
  7. Lampizator have been using this board in select products since their 10th Anniversary last year. I believe it's pretty much standardised by now and it's in all their DACs. It uses XMOS, opto-isolators, re-clocking and very ultra low phase noise oscillators. It does PCM 768 and DSD 512 (natively). In my DAC (Lampizator Amber 3) it was a night and day difference over the Amanero, that was installed before. So much that I'm no longer finding a use for the tx-USBUltra. I believe this looks close enough: http://www.jlsounds.com/i2soverusb.html I've been actually prompted to mention this
  8. Or you can replace the Amanero interface with the new Lampizator/JL Sounds USB board, which also has integrated opto-isolators...
  9. I'm sure you haven't seen this...😁😂😇 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEv_nmkD9UV1GhomDE5TV8w
  10. Innuos are certainly keeping their promises, despite the adversities of the times. You've got to give them some credit! This update sounds wonderful and the weekly updates of their version 2.0 O.S. (https://innuos.com/inn-sights/) point to a software that's very promising.
  11. View Classified Farad Super 3 9V 220-240V The power supply is in absolutely mint condition with only one month of use. It comes with the standard cable and fuse and all original packaging & manual. 450 ‎€, shipped in Europe, PayPal included Seller tedwoods Date 04/16/21 Price 540.00 USD Category Power Supplies / Power Products
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