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  1. The fact that he remains blissfully agnostic to HQP really ruins it for me...
  2. Excellent write-up! I recently got the Z10 integrated and I'm head over heels with its balanced and wholesome presentation of practically any composition you throw at it. This is no ordinary tube amp and the way it combines speed, detail and timbre is unique and engaging. Needless to say, I consider it an "endgame" piece!
  3. tedwoods

    HQ Player

    Could an NAA endpoint with a USB input for an external drive, like the SOtM sMS-200 for example (after getting the new NAA update), send data from the disc to the server and then receive the data again up-sampled?
  4. http://docs.sotm-audio.com/doku.php?id=en:eunhasu:burn_sdcard_image
  5. Recently (after desktop 4.2.1. ?), HQPD does not hold the HQP settings. I have to set it to SDM manually, everytime I switch the app on. I unistalled and re-installed the app but the problem persists. Has anybody else had this behaviour, or am I doing something wrong?
  6. Hi Jay, It's the 4.7 version. You can access it via Eunhasu page on your machine. Also, see here: https://www.sotm-audio.com/sotmwp/english/eunhasu4-7/ The sound is really good, more natural instrument timbres and smoother note decay.
  7. New firmware is out! New version of NAA is stable and sounds fine!
  8. I'm not knocking down the Soekris or smps as a rule. It's the bang for the buck ratio that puzzles me and some of the literature. For comparative purposes, the similarly priced full blown (balanced-ladder volume control, etc.) Lampizator Baltic looks like that :
  9. I had their speakers. Very well built, balanced and a bargain for the asking price. The DAC uses the Soekris module, also used by Lampizator in the older version of the Atlantic DAC, but the power supply uses DC to DC converters, not linear power. At the DAC's asking price though, there is some serious competition out there...
  10. The DAC is in mint condition and will ship in its original double box. It sounds absolutely wonderful as I have written about it here: https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/26182-in-a-state-of-euforia/?tab=comments#comment-486790 I have upgraded the tubes to NOS types and it now sports the following: Valvo ECC88, Philips JAN 5963 (ECC82/12AU7) and an RCA black plate 6X5GT rectifier. 1200 € with free shipping in Europe.
  11. DSD5EC & ext2 filter: None of the calories, all of the taste!😁
  12. I have to have CUDA offload checked for it to work properly, but multi-core greyed and not checked for the CPU to work below 30%. I don't know if that's how it's supposed to behave though...
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