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  1. Hi all, Are downloaded music files from the Apple Music subscription service stored at the same folder/directory as the items I have bought? Want to send all my music to an external NAS (Synology DS216J). I should think it's not a problem, but I see Apple Music files as temporary-ish (subscription dependent) and I wouldn't want new music to be stored in a different place than the stuff I bought before. Want to setup a media server on a Mac Mini with 256 SSD and only have the OS installed; have everything else on my 8TB NAS, including Apple Music downloads. Is this as easy as it sounds?
  2. Here's a link that The Computer Audiophile Chris and fellow PJ fan will no doubt appreciate. The podcast do an in depth analysis on PJ's career through their albums. Here's TEN: The Celebration Rock Podcast: How Pearl Jam Survived ‘Ten’ Best regards to all
  3. Thanks guys, HRT has the LineStreamer and is not too expensive. And Sony's Sound Forge I can get cheap enough I guess. Or I can just use Audacity. Any thoughts about the LineStreamer?
  4. Hello guys, Does anybody know of some digitizing services available in SoCal? I live in Irvine, but assume I have a better chance of finding good quality output in LA. I have some Vinyl and cassette only recordings that I would like to preserve. Just that I don't have enough to justify buying and learning software and a high end converter and all. Found one in San Diego but service was clearly amateurish and CD sounded awful. Didn't even know what I was talking about when looking into resolution options.
  5. Pearl Jam New York May 5th Maybe Pearl Jam again Ride Festival in July 9th Bob Dylan in Santa Barbara June 11th
  6. Update! While looking for good live music I think I stumbled upon a pattern, so here it goes: What do artists such as Bruce Springsteeen, Metalllica, Pearl Jam, Greatful Dead and others who release bootlegs have in common? VARYING SETLISTS! This past year I have seen acts like Tool, U2, Muse, Rolling Stones, Motley Crue, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, etc etc etc... And, with the exception of Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters, all have had virtually the same setlist throughout the tour. Maybe they spend much energy designing the show to specific songs that they leave little room for improvisation. Sure, as a Pearl Jam fan I can always expect songs like Alive and Evolution are most likely going to be played, but other than that their setlists are full of surprises.
  7. Yeah, it comes at the album's 10 year anniversary. Never get over how awesome Come Back and Comatose sound live.
  8. I only got tix to NY MSG day 2... If history is any indicator, I think there's a chance they'll play the whole avocado album that night!
  9. WOW thanks! Maybe the one in Virginia Beach or Atlanta; the setlists are great and they are played on an amphitheater, which i believe sound better.
  10. hope the Metallica link worked Chris. You probably have a more fine tuned ear than I do, so let me know what you think of the SQ of the Metallica boots.
  11. was there too! I always imagined those shows to be released as blu rays of the whole PJ20 festival. I guess it would be a lot of red tape to get through from other artists that participated.
  12. LiveMetallica.com | Download Metallica August 1, 2015, Lollapalooza at Grant Park, Chicago, IL MP3 FLAC My 2008 and 2010 shows sounded as awful as Death Magnetic, but Lolla sounded surprisingly great.
  13. Yeah, they messed up Thin Air. And I haven't forgiven them yet for not releasing Alpine Valley and Wrigley Field. BTW, downloaded the 24/48 version of the Metallica Llolapalooza 2015 show and it sounds awesome; better than the Pearl Jam HD boots. Funny, the guys that made Death Magnetic would release great sounding bootlegs in a few years!
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