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  1. The epicenter of The Summer of Love (whether in '66 or '67) was a street named Haight.
  2. I've always considered Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" to be an example of Rap. Didn't chu?
  3. Appledave, Thank you for your input. And DSD Master is on my shopping list as I realized that it's prescan analysis is great for these kinds of conversions. Yet, for the few DSF files in my collection I'm not yet sure the investment would be useful. If you're interested, I ran MusicScope (ver 1.8.2) on both the original and the resultant files from the conversion. Admittedly, I don't know what many of the terms mean but I was pleased that the conversion's values were very close to the original. Here's a MusicScope plot of the original DSF: Here's a MusicScope plot of the file converted to 16 bit / 44.1 resolution: The value seem very close and it doesn't appear that clipping will be an issue - even with the +6dB gain boost. Any insights you may be willing to share would be greatly appreciated. The original DSF is a track from an album downloaded from a reputable website. It is unavailable on CD here in the USA so the only version I could find to purchase was a DSD download. Jazz piano and drummer. Plenty of brushed cymbals. A Bill Evans type of performance.
  4. This turned out okay although I can't explain why. After I considered the "whys?" of XLD adjusting the gain +5dB I tried the conversion one last time at +6dB and it worked! I don't have an explanation for this other than the iMac got rebooted a few times between the earlier failed conversions and the penultimate +5dB conversion. I read someplace that XLD can behave inconsistently so I guess I can blame that (although I know there's a logical explanation that rests with my setup.) Thanks to everyone who made suggestions and offered encouragement.
  5. Well, I think I sort of figured this out. For some reason when I set the XLD DSD import setting Gain Adjustment to 5dB instead of 6dB, the conversion from DSD64 to 24/88 worked with no perceptible decrease in loudness. This is confirmed by listening in Roon and running the MusicScope analysis. Why the 5dB Gain Adjustment worked and the 6dB didn't is the question I have now. I think I attempted to convert the album and run MusicScope on the conversion at least 20 times before success. Thanks for reading, if not replying. T.
  6. I'm converting a DSD 64 album download. I'm using XLD and even though I've set the gain adjustment to 6dB, the resultant files are much lower in volume than the originals. I'm using Roon to play back the tracks. Even in Roon the dynamic range graph for the converted tracks is much smaller. When I analyze the converted tracks using Xivero's MusicScope program the loudness measures 6dB less than the original tracks. Is there an XLD plugin I'm missing? Is there a setting I should be using? Whether the conversion is a 8:1 decimation or a converted to a 88 or 176 sample rate (at 24 bits) it doesn't make a difference. Any suggestions?
  7. Hi, How many albums do you have in My Music? Maybe try deselecting a few in the F - G range and see if something there is hanging the populate process. Weird. No issues here in USA with the latest Tidal update - but - I only have a couple dozen albums in My Music and barebones with Playlists, Videos, etc. I usually listen to Tidal via Roon but on new music Fridays I run Tidal directly. Good luck eyeball, Tom
  8. To draw an early conclusion... Some of us here in US using the Tidal Mac app are able to access this function. But others are not. Hmmmm. Please keep posting your results folks. Tom
  9. If you're in the US submit a question to: https://support.tidal.com/hc/en-us/requests/new It's accessed on the Login page. They will get back to you. May take a few days but I've always got a response. Enjoy.
  10. Hey Crackerbuzz, I reposted your original post on the Roonlabs.com Community Forum because there are Tidal users there talking about the same issues. (There's probably some 21st century Forum etiquette that I violated doing that without crediting you but I was on my iPad at the time and, well, my grammar, typing, and formatting on an iPad isn't the same as on my Mac.) Anyway... I haven't seen any posts on the Roon forum showing any positive results from changing the DNS. Nevertheless, I think it's very good tech advice. Time will tell. Since my Tidal streaming has been very good for me at home for several months, I don't have a need to change the DNS. Yet. I've bookmarked the page and will certainly try it if I'm in a location where the streaming goes to s***. Thanks again for the great tech info. Tom
  11. Thank you for sharing that. Could be big. Tom
  12. As far as I know, downloading for playback when offline is only available for phone/tablet devices.
  13. Dang microwaves. Ruin dinner prep music every time. I need to fire up that 5ghz only on my wifi router. T.
  14. Funny thing: It was the first time since my subscription started in April that Tidal advised me - in app - that a new version was available. I was getting a little annoyed at how Mark Ronson's Uptown Funk has been the song of the month since then. Since I access Tidal mostly through Roon it wasn't a big deal. When I wanted to watch videos or check out a connection speed I ran the Chrome webplayer. Well, the app is new to me lol. T.
  15. Mac OSX: My Tidal app version is: (W:1.11.2--P) (NP:NA)