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  1. Thank you for an enjoyable and articulate review.

    This company is simply superb; they have blown the value/performance quotient out of the water.

    I use the Loki tone control with my Gilmore Lite Mk 2 and it is fabulous. I do not know how I managed without it previously.

    Long may good Schiit sit on the shelves of retailers everywhere...

  2. 7 hours ago, mitchco said:


    Hi @Graham Luke are you referring to TruePlay? "Trueplay then applies a combination of equalizer and filtering techniques to correct these frequencies so your music sounds the way the artist intended it to." 


    This is similar to eq room correction, and very cool! But I see no mention of removing room resonances (i.e. shortening the rooms decay time)...


    I was indeed referring to Trueplay. I'm sure you are quite correct about what Trueplay does and doesn't do but I must admit my old ears ain't what they used to be, so this is all something of a moot point.

    There was also a rather feeble attempt at 'click bait' with my comment as Sonos tends to 'trigger' the audiophiles...

    For the record, I love my Sonos system; it's great with the telly and for quiet tinkling jazz in the evening but all my critical listening is done with a humble little headphone set up.

    Thanks for your response, Mitchco.


  3. On 10/11/2019 at 11:59 AM, JoshM said:


    In general, I’m leery of that phrase. In terms of headphones that are all-around excellent cans that perform well above their price, I think the HD6XX definitely qualifies, as does the Focal Elex. 

    Quite. And I would add Shure's SRH 1540 and 1840 models to that list; these are seriously underrated and appreciated 'phones. What HiFi nailed it in their reviews of Shure's over-ears.

  4. On 8/31/2019 at 3:52 AM, esldude said:

    Excellent review. 


    Makes me think this isn't better than many phone outputs, not much better than many onboard soundcards, and too expensive for the performance on offer. 


    My favorite graph is the MQA sine wave.  :)

    Then, I think you would be mistaken. The Black is significantly better than my PC sound-card; indeed to describe the difference as 'night and day' would be understatement.

    Further, placing a Red between my iPhone and my desktop headphone amp produces a considerable increase in resolution, transparency, soundstage and PRAT. 

    These inexpensive products render exponential improvements to SQ.


  5. It's interesting to find that many reviewers who are not so hung up on the objective side of testing are thoroughly recommending the Cobalt. And they're not all Audioquest 'shills' either....


    Having said that, I've little desire to 'upgrade' from my Black and Red. The Black does service round the back of the PC whilst the Red feeds a Gilmore Lite or various IEM's. I love 'em!

  6. Great review and all the more pertinent as it has been written after the initial dust has settled. I have been looking at the Ether 2s for a while now but was a little underwhelmed at the first audition. I think this was partly down to the fact that my current cans, Shure SRH 1840's, are so good. I too found that the earcups were just a little small but that problem has been solved. Dekoni has brought out earcups for the Shures and I'm going to try these before committing to new headphones. Thanks.

  7. I have always considered that the Golden Rule for quality reviewing is NOT to trash other products, no matter how subtly, to promote your own argument.

    How disappointing then to find that the reviewer has chosen to casually traduce the excellent Sonos system not once but twice in his opening paragraph.

    The niggly disparagement then continues throughout the article.

    Sonos is deservedly the market leader in multi-room wireless hi-fi. When fed quality files, the SQ is excellent. The set-up and app are without peer. The experience is marvellous.

    I have no doubt this Bluesound system is also very good; Sonos has created such a good product that the bar has been set very, very high.

    Further, the debate about so-called high-resolution files will rage a lot longer. However, if recording and mastering are of an equal quality, then 16/44.1 is going to be good enough for almost everyone bar ten year olds and dogs.

    I have had the good fortune to experience my youngest brother's in-built digital Linn system in his substantial London town house. The system consists of speakers built into the ceilings and stand-mounters throughout. My brother is a classical pianist and frequently cranks up the Chopin and Ravel; it sounds much like the Fazioli in his drawing-room.

    When I play the same music in my home, it also sounds fantastic. On a Sonos system.

    Okay, I am in my late 50's and life has no doubt taken a toll on my hearing and I am more susceptible to fatigue from poor music files than younger people but I do not accept your opinion on Bluesound on the grounds that your overt antipathy to Sonos has muddied and prejudiced your judgement.

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