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  1. Thank you for an enjoyable and articulate review. This company is simply superb; they have blown the value/performance quotient out of the water. I use the Loki tone control with my Gilmore Lite Mk 2 and it is fabulous. I do not know how I managed without it previously. Long may good Schiit sit on the shelves of retailers everywhere...
  2. I was indeed referring to Trueplay. I'm sure you are quite correct about what Trueplay does and doesn't do but I must admit my old ears ain't what they used to be, so this is all something of a moot point. There was also a rather feeble attempt at 'click bait' with my comment as Sonos tends to 'trigger' the audiophiles... For the record, I love my Sonos system; it's great with the telly and for quiet tinkling jazz in the evening but all my critical listening is done with a humble little headphone set up. Thanks for your response, Mitchco.
  3. Phew! I think my Sonos does all that for me...
  4. Here's a big shout out to Inger Marie Gunderson; a woefully underrated jazz singer. Her album 'For You' is a cracker.
  5. Quite. And I would add Shure's SRH 1540 and 1840 models to that list; these are seriously underrated and appreciated 'phones. What HiFi nailed it in their reviews of Shure's over-ears.
  6. Folks shouldn't get upset over 16 bit as opposed to 24; there's nothing extra there that you can hear anyhoo...
  7. Then, I think you would be mistaken. The Black is significantly better than my PC sound-card; indeed to describe the difference as 'night and day' would be understatement. Further, placing a Red between my iPhone and my desktop headphone amp produces a considerable increase in resolution, transparency, soundstage and PRAT. These inexpensive products render exponential improvements to SQ.
  8. Indeed. I'm more than happy with Apple's player and store.
  9. ....or you could ignore all these graphs and learned pronouncements and try one for yourself. Loads of people have and they love them.
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